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posted by sowem
Skipper woke up and saw how Lucile was making everyone’s breakfast.
Skipper: You're up early, I'm usually the first one.
Lucile: Yes, I thought I'd make everyone's breakfast before they woke up. Here's your breakfast sa pamamagitan ng the way.
Skipper: Thanks, smells delicious.
Lucile: You’re welcome. Now I'll have to make Private, Gallis and Chad's breakfasts, they'll be waking up in an hour.

At 10:00 everyone was sitting around the pond, enjoying their meal, giving Lucile lots of compliments on her cooking skills.
Lucile: Thank you. Got them from my mother.
Private: sa pamamagitan ng the way, when did you have your breakfast?...
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posted by 67Dodge
Damion found his way into a small hatch outside Hannah's office, locking it tightly and entering a musty crawlspace, where he got on all fours and did a belly slide to the other end. There, he saw a rusted grate, which he kicked open and plopped out into the snow. It wasn't long before he had started putting on a plush winter amerikana made of black leather. Sirens were blaring throughout the city, muffling the normally loud traffic of the streets of Augusta. Damion had to get away from the office complex NOW. 

"Ah, Hannah's got this, if I can get far away enough from detection, the authorities...
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posted by 67Dodge
Damion knew he had to do it. For so long he had neglected to commit the action he had so longed for, it had bounced in his brain, fermenting, marinating beautifully in his mind. Finally, he was with his mate once more, and now it seemed mandatory, so he sat on his newly-purchased mesa in an office Hannah had left open for him, topped with a dwindling candle, pulled out a thin ballpoint pen of ebony ink, and reached down below his seat.

With a shrill, squeak of age, the small door in Damion's cabinet opened up, a segundo compartment being unlocked sa pamamagitan ng the sound of his voice.

"Whyte," he uttered...
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posted by 67Dodge
The former office building had been quiet lately, no mob duties were called, in fact, The Kid had called for a "staff meeting" in one of the building's enormous dining halls. Thoroughly checked sa pamamagitan ng many untrusting mobsters, the venue was genuine, not a complex trap The Kid set to kill every last mobster. Even then, many remained dubious when their superior claimed he would visit unarmed so long as they visited unarmed as well. Upon Al's insistence, and the threatening glare Red gave to any doubters, most members arrived armed only with a plastic bat, enough to get points across without dealing...
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posted by sowem
Gallis walked around Nawawala in a semi-dark hallway all sa pamamagitan ng himself, separated from the rest of the team.
He entered a room and gasped.
He saw his family trapped in a cage above a lava pool.
Blowhole: Hi, Gally. Look familiar?

Gallis awoke in fright.
He looked at the clock, it was only 4:30.

He decided to go for a swim, for this was his way of relaxing.
When he climbed out of the pool, the sun was rising.
Gallis: I think I'll go check up on Laura.
He went in and saw that every one was still asleep.
He went into Laura's habitat to check up on her.
Gallis(caringly): Sleeping as peaceful as ever.

He went for...
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posted by 67Dodge
Hannah finally slumped down, yesterday was a nightmare with a quiet blessing, the preceding two weeks of this investigation had been dragging her sa pamamagitan ng the neck so far, and in all of her experiences, nothing prepared her for such sheer brutality and torment. She just wanted to take the araw easy and rest, let her mga kaibigan unwind. 

Then the doorbell rang. 

Hannah grunted bitterly, slamming her flippers down and stomping her way to the door. Gun in flipper in case it was a "surprise guest". She opened the door to see a handsomely dressed ibong dagat at her door. 

"Is this the address of Hannah Freeze?"...
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posted by 67Dodge
"Boss, we just brought her in," Al sinabi bluntly. 

"Oh, her? Why good god, I know you guys are pathetically weak, but Lune got mugged sa pamamagitan ng a girl? Haha! Aren't you all such good bitches~" The Kid softly purred, sitting back in his office. 

The door opened, two mobsters, armed to the beak with knives, dragged along a short female penguin, slightly thin with curled hairs as a result of being beat with fists, she didn't speak, not even evoking a feeling of anger, if anything, she almost looked glad that she was here. 

"Excuse us for a moment Al, she looks like she'll make a perfect victim.." The...
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posted by 67Dodge
"Don't you EVER scare me like that again sweetheart, I understand you want to help other people, but the fact you're always endangered sa pamamagitan ng your job is making me feel cautious," stated a voice. 

Hannah looked at the thin plexiglass screen dividing her from her love, peering at it longingly. 

"Damion, you don't need to worry about me all the time, okay? The fact that you're here concerns me more!" Hannah shouted, crossing her flippers gently. 

"I've been convicted of murdering millions just because they didn't have an IQ level of 110 or above, and decided to take on the planet. If there was a...
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posted by 67Dodge
The party was every definition of the word enormous. From the portion sizes of the pagkain there, to the building housing the party itself. The building itself was a castellated Casino, with perfectly straight hallways that stretched into nearly infinity both upward and forward. Through the lone gate in the front of the casino sat the first room, a parlor where guests were accommodated and accounted for, lounge seats and ottomans strewn about the area, with the rusted glow of the setting sun through blue slanted windows of ivory slats, and a chandelier of deep sapphire illuminating the interior,...
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posted by 67Dodge
"Lemme make this simple bub, where's the girl?" asked The Kid, holding a crowbar. 

"Hannah?" asked Kowalski, bound to the floor with cuffs. 

"No, the Kaiser's wife, who the fuck else?" chuckled The Kid, twirling the crowbar in his flippers. 

"Why do you need her? She already has a mate, and that mate is in jail for crimes madami lenient than yours, I doubt that you'd spare anyone..." spat Kowalski with malice. 

"Doubt? What about the pregnant women, the babies, eggs, all that? I can't pull myself to do that!" shouted The Kid, dropping the crowbar with sarcastic terror. 

"Oh really?" asked Kowalski...
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posted by DrBsNumber1Fan
 Sherlock examines blue hair left sa pamamagitan ng the thief that kidnapped baby Junior
Sherlock examines blue hair left by the thief that kidnapped baby Junior
Steve (Enters): Ah, what a beautiful araw in the neighborhood! The pinball tournament is tonight and all my mga kaibigan are gonna watch me play!
Mr and Mrs. Travis (enter): Junior! Junior! Where are you! Please come back!!! (Mrs Travis cries)
Steve: Hello Mr. and Mrs. Travis! (Gasp) Why Mrs Travis, what's the matter?
Mrs Travis (crying): Our baby Junior is GONE!!!
Steve: What?! What happened to him?
Mr. Travis: He's been kidnapped! We went to wake him up this morning and he wasn't in his crib.
Mrs Travis (crying): Instead we found this! (Shows baby dummy)
Steve: Oh my gosh! That is strange.
Mrs Travis (crying):...
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Spino: Spinosaurus
Deino: Deinonychus
Compy: Compsognathus

Gallis lied there miserably, not knowing what to do
Gallis: What do I do? The team doesn't know I'm here and they certainly don't know that Luca is alive.
Luca: I'm bored. I think I'll go outside for fresh air, I've been in here ever since you came. You three! Guard him. Make sure he doesn't escape.

Deino: Hey, Gallis.
Gallis: What?
Deino: We don't like Luca either, so we're going to help you get out of here with a simple plan.
Compy: I know how to work the computer that can free you. So as soon as I free you, you can tell your mga kaibigan where...
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posted by starslight101
(This contains strong language, but it's censored. Viewer discretion is still advised. For 13+)

Madi: 14
Cam: 15

Cam's mouth dropped open.

"You have an ex-boyfriend?!" Cam asked, beyond surprised.

"No, I have a pet goldfish calling me. Of course I have an ex-boyfriend!" Madi shouted. "That little mother******."

"Madi! Language!" Cam said. Madi laughed.

"Oh please! You think that's bad, you should have seen our fights!" She said. "He dropped a couple of 'C' bombs. And I dropped a LOT of 'F' bombs as well." She laughed nervously.

"Why did he dump you?" Cam asked. Madi cracked up laughing.

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As the group pursued the thief further into the woods, Emma stared around at the people who remained in the clearing and sighed. Her attention was caught sa pamamagitan ng Kowalski who tapped her on the shoulder.

"Ashley's got a broken flipper and a few crushed ribs, but he should be fine if he doesn't engage in any action, and rests." Kowalski explained. Emma looked at the young penguin, who was now sleeping soundly, and sat down beside him, patting his head gently.

"If I ever see that Derek guy again, I'll snap his neck." She said, a look of anger crossing her face. "Do you think the selyo things hired him?"...
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posted by Random-Partier
It was a brigh and sunny araw at the CPZ, all the zoo residents were still asleep. All except for Team Penguin. Team ibong dagat consists of 4 trained ibong dagat commandos...
Skipper, leader of the group and segundo shortest in height. Description: Flat head, sapphire blue eyes, wide kahel beak, kahel webbed toes, night black back, flippers, tuktok of head and upper tail feathers and white feathers everywhere else. He's stubborn, stern, fierce but is also kind, caring and protective.

Next there's Kowaski, the lieutenant (A/N: Does anyone know how to pronounce lieutenant?)...
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As the group stared at the lasers in despair, Kowalski walked nearby ,looking a little lost. He looked to his left and noticed them.

"Oh there you guys are." He realised, walking over to them.

"Hey Kowalski." Emma greeted, still staring at the lasers. "Now, how are we gonna get past this?" She wondered.

"What if we just jump over all of the red lasers like a pretty little bird-no, wait, a kangaroo, grab the blood stuff, and jump back over -boing! boing! boing!-and get out of here?"Sylvia suggested, a slightly insane look on her face. lake rolled his eyes and put a flipper to his forehead.

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A short way into the group's journey, Emma piped up.

"Where in Alaska is this antidote exactly? And how long will it take to get there?" She asked curiously.

"The antidote could be anywhere, and at Blake's current driving speed, it could take days." Kowalski replied, glancing at Blake. Blake blushed, then began to speed up. "Now it should only a take an oras or so." Kowalski added.

"That's good then." Emma remarked cheerfully. She glanced out of the window, noticing it was getting dark outside.

How strange, it's too early for it to be getting darker. She thought, feeling puzzled. Kowalski noticed...
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(Okay, so this is the fanfic I'm basing on the Alaska adventure RP, I can't remember the exact petsa Kait started it on the fans of Pom wall, so I'm just gonna put the petsa at the 9th of January. :P I am gonna cut out a few things that were at the start, ie Victoria licking the cookie, and the fight between Kait and Catlin, because Catlin and Vic didn't actually go onto the RP on the forum, and because some of it was very confusing. :P I haven't wrote other people's Ocs in stories before, so forgive me if I don't write your Oc entirely in character. D: Oh and there is gonna be a little bit of...
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posted by _Lexii23_
Lexii tumbled head over heels down the shaft which she had fallen into. She flailed her arms frantically trying to grab onto something. The bottom of the hole couldn't be seen.
She whipped her head to the side as she heard a mechanical whir. From above her she saw some type of claw rushing towards her. It looked like the ones in the games that humans play to get the plushies out of the glass box thing. The claw caught up with her and grabbed her around her ankles. It slowed to a stop.
She sighed and smiled. The penguins had rescued her! She didn't even know how they found her but she didnt...
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