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posted by Lela48
AN: This chapter is shorter but I hope you like it!
PS.: The medical stuff are just pure invention! I don't know anything about medicine! sorry

“Soo… in the same minuto that we found out that Chase has a little sister we found out that she is dying…. Jeez, I hope someday I’ll get his luck” House sinabi sarcastically while Pagsulat on his white board. He was on his office thinking about his discovery when Cameron and Foreman rushed to him.

He then turned around and took a glance on the conference room. Thirteen and Taub were examining Claire’s file and Kutner was looking at the board, thinking. Cameron was sitting sa pamamagitan ng the mesa with her head on her hands, taking deep breaths and Foreman was also examining the board, where now read:

‘Muscle pain, dizziness, hemorrhage’

“So, people, differential diagnostic?” House asked

“Could be leukemia” Kutner said, sitting sa pamamagitan ng the table.

“White-blood cells count is normal” Thirteen sinabi pagbaba the file.

“Diabetes?” Kutner sinabi again.

“Blood work came back normal” Taub answered.

“Uhmm, if her immune system is compromised it could be lystiria” Thirteen offered.

House thought about it, the symptoms could fit… but it was a long shot.

“Go test her for it” He sinabi to Kutner, Taub and Thirteen. They got up and rushed to the door.

After the three of them got out, House turned to Foreman and Cameron

“So… I think we got a situation here” He sinabi walking closer to them and putting his cane over the desk.

“You THINK?” Foreman shouted ironically “What are we going to do, I mean, we know that she is Chase’s sister, we know she is sick, we know is serious but we don’t know what it is!” he continued sounding a bit desperate.

House looked at him and then lowered his head “I see that! So who is going to tell Chase the great news??”

Foreman looked at Cameron, she hadn’t sinabi a word after they ran to House’s office to tell him what happened, they had controlled the bleed and Claire was now sedated, they just needed to find out what’s wrong with her, but Cameron’s mind seemed to be thinking on everything that girl represented and what she would bring along with her. Foreman waited to see if she was going to say anything, but after realizing that she wasn’t he decides to say for her.

“No one, we shouldn’t tell him anything right now” Foreman sinabi to House’s surprise, Cameron didn’t even stirred “I mean, that girl is the daughter of the man that abandoned him, he didn’t even know about her, now, she gets without a family and comes looking for her unknown brother, looking to have a family again, but you know things got trickier when we found out that she is dying” he added “Imagine, if we tell Chase, he gets attached with her, and them she dies and he goes back to the pain of losing family all over again! His parents are dead and now his sister too?!”

House looked at him and realized that he was right, it was a very difficult decision, if this girl really dies it would be too hard on Chase, but just not telling him was… a very very bad idea.

“So, what do you suggest? That we don’t tell him? What if he finds out on his own? And the girl already knows that we know him… for now she is sedated but when she wakes up she’ll ask questions!” He sinabi looking Foreman intensely in the eyes, hoping he’ll have a good answer.

“I don’t say we never tell him, I say we postpone the telling part, and keep him away from the case so he won’t find out on his own!” Foreman said, like if he was putting an end to the matter.

“Well I guess we could try that and….” House started but was interrupted sa pamamagitan ng Cameron, which was finally was able to say something.

“NO! We are not sticking to that plan” she sinabi now getting up “I’m going to go tell him!”

“Cameron, I really don’t think this is a good idea…” Foreman started

“No, I don’t care, I just... don’t!” she looked determined and a bit scary in House’s opinion, she was shaking a little and was getting quite angry with them “So what if she’s dying?! He has the right to know, we can’t just hide this from him, sneak around on his back, this is his business, not yours!” She continued.

“But Cameron, this is big! It’s not just a little secret that we’re keeping from him! This is HUGE!” Foreman said, determined to change her mind

“Don’t you think I know this is HUGE?!” She shouted at him, now looking very irritated, Foreman took some steps back “I know this madami than you do, actually, that is exactly why I am going to tell him, it will be a shock, a BIG one, but he needs to know, he just does, besides, she’ll look for him, and he has got to be prepared for that”

Looking at the thinking faces of the two men, she signed, hoping that she convinced them.

“You’re right” House sinabi abruptly “It’s the best, this is too much to hide, I mean it’s not everyday that we have a dying confuse unknown sister ipinapakita up at our door step! He has got to be prepared” he added.

“Well, if I am the only one that thinks this is not a good idea…” Foreman said, giving up “You should tell him” He sinabi now looking at Cameron.

“Okay... thank you, now I got to go find Chase!” She said, and in one minuto the men saw her rushing down the hallways, looking very nervous.

Then House and Foreman looked at each other, the same expression of doubt and fear on their faces.


AN: So? what do you think, Chase will appear on the susunod chapter, I promise! Hope you like it!
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posted by Irene3691
‘And the Oscar goes to...’ Tries to joke House.
She walks nervous across the room. Wilson sighs and looks at the test. ‘Lisa... you are... not pregnant.’
‘Oh God...’ Sighs she relieved, but actually she doesn’t know if that’s what she wanted to hear. Lisa doesn’t know if she has to feel happy or sad, she feels confused, but she guesses that that’s the best way for everybody.
‘False alarm then...’ House sighs and she smiles slightly.
Wilson sees her looking at the floor and touches her shoulder. ‘I’m sorry, Lisa...’
She shakes her head. ‘Sorry? I already...
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posted by Irene3691
In the morning, Lisa can barely sleep and wakes up early. She gets dressed and stays there lying on kama the whole morning until House knocks at her door. ‘Hi...’ Says she opening it.
‘You think it would be very dangerous if we went to have breakfast together? Is my life at risk?’
‘I don’t think so... I’m not very hungry, but I guess we won’t find William at the cafeteria at this time.’
They go together and take a seat. Unfortunately, Will is there with his friends, and when he sees both coming in, he thinks: “Great, finally you fucked him...” He finishes his breakfast,...
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‘Okay, I’ll clean up. It wasn’t your fault. You’re right.’ He’s pagbaba in his dorm when she takes the mop and soaks the entrance to his dorm, then she goes to her dorm to wait.
After a while he has to go to the bathroom and when he’s gonna go out of his dorm, he slips because of the puddle and falls to the ground. ‘Fuck!!! Lisaaaaaaa!! What the hell is this???!!!’
Maybe it’s better for them to be this way than having any kind of personal relationship. She hears him and goes out of her room pretending a surprised face. ‘What’s going on?? Oh are you okay?? I was cleaning,...
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They go to the airport quite nervous. Once there, she looks at the arrivals panel and House starts looking around. ‘Here they are...’
Cuddy’s parents walk towards her to hug her. ‘Hi mum, dad!’ They hug and House approaches but keeps a prudent distance from all of them.
‘Hi my little girl. I've missed you.’
‘Oh dear, it’s so good to see you. We were looking pasulong to coming here!! And who's your escort?’ Her mum looks at House.
‘Oh Greg, come here. This is Gregory House, I have spoken to you of him some times...’
‘Welcome to New Jersey.’ He shakes hands with her parents....
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They remain in silence thinking about this strange situation and how they feel being just a few inches apart. House falls asleep first but she can’t and stays awake for a while more, until House, unconsciously, turns and puts his hand gently on her waist. Then she opens her eyes, but she smiles and finally falls asleep, too.


Step one completed, they’ve spent the night in the same kama and nothing has happened. When House wakes up, he looks at her sleeping and thinks “Ahh... too good...
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"I'm not going insane--again." House uttered at Wilson defensively. After talking to Cameron, he had immediately returned to his office to confront House. He was now arguing with House while making constant hand gestures at his desk, as House tried ignoring him from the couch.
"I didn't say you were. You were probably mistaken on the name." he stated. He shut his eyes and pressed his fist up against his forehead, attempting to rationalize things.
"You're about to imply it."
"Shut up House."
"Why are you stressed?"
"I'm not stressed. I'm thinking."
"You think I'm right."
"No. I think you're seeing...
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A/N:Hey guys...I was thinking about starting up this fic after I read a Cuddy/Thirteen fic and I thought it was really sweet so I decided to do one. It will be really new to me as I am an avid Huddy shipper but I will try and make it as 'realistic' in terms of the relationship. (I am a bi-sexual myself so I can relate). So, read and review please.

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Hugh finally woke up after two days of coma. He had a bike accident and was rushed to the nearest hospital in Century City. He ran his fingers on his beard, feeling some facial hair and knew he was still alive. He sighed before noticing that he was alone in his hospital room. Does his family know what happened? His co-workers, why aren’t they here? But then he doesn’t want them to know anyway. He tried to got on his feet after knowing he could sit up and he was surprised to know that the nurse behind those glass window doesn’t care but still he tiptoed out of the ICU leaving his IV behind....
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So that is House. The Psych thought as a cripple entered the room.
“I suppose you know who I am already so I’ll do a fast test-“
“Guess what I am thinking now.” The Psych said.
Why don’t they believe her? Is it so weird to have supernatural powers? Ok , yes it is.
“That was predictable.” House said. People are always predictable The Psych had to agree with him. He was indeed predictable. A palm puno how original!
“Palm tree. Gosh why do people always think in palm trees?”
“Were you thinking about a palm tree?” Cameron giggled. Why should House think in a palm tree? That’s...
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posted by zubeerfaan
i was bored and wanted to write something and this is the first thing that came to my mind and so i wrote it
hope you like it and plz comment!!;D

ohh and i am sorry for my typing english is not my first langue i am from sweden and i am only thriteen so i havent been learning for a long time


House,wilson and cuddy are going on a conference in Amsterdam


PATH hallway
,,HOUSE!! We are going to amsterdam tomorrow you can go tahanan and pack,, cuddy sinabi to house Monday morning at PPTH
,,wait?? What?...
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Uploaded sa pamamagitan ng AliwillMD on YouTube // 'Take Me Away' - Lifehouse
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Uploaded sa pamamagitan ng devilsimo on YT // Song: 'Gravity' - Sara Bareilles
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Uploaded sa pamamagitan ng LillyCameron on YT // Song: pag-ibig the Way You Lie - Rihanna
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When Cuddy gets to the residence, she goes to the kusina and takes a small tablet of broth from the cupboard and puts in the in paliguan head, so later, when he has his shower, he’ll be covered of soup. After carrying out her evil plan, she goes to her room.
House gets tahanan and doesn’t try to talk to her. He goes straight to his room and after studying for a while, goes to the bathroom. When he’s about to start, he is covered with sopas and jumps out of the bathtub. ‘What the heck is this?!’ He wraps himself in a towel and goes to her dorm. ‘Is this your way of revenge? Are you gonna...
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After having lunch and flirting for a while more, they go to see the Big Ben and walk around there again. They spent the rest of the afternoon, until it gets darker and they get tired. ‘Oh God... we’ve walked so much today... My heels are killing me...’
‘I just can't understand why women have to wear heels. If you're sightseeing, you're supposed to be walking the whole day...’
‘Yes, look. How tall are you? How tall am I?’
‘So, you just wear them so you can be taller??’
‘That’s what they’re made for... But when you're wearing them for a long time they hurt... a bit. Tomorrow...
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posted by huddysmacked
A/N: Ok so I don’t know about you guys but I’m liking this story =) Hehe I have never been so excited with a fic. Which is good I believe. Well no really a/n today so….Larger than usual but I gues good, enjoy and leave a review. Remember reviews = <3

There was a beep and another one that made Cuddy smiled.

The Psych opened her eyes slowly. She rested her head in the hospital unan and glanced at her eyes.

“What happened?” The Psych asked, her voice being soft as a feather.

“You had a puso failure. When you, little devil, started to laugh, your blood pressure raised and there was...
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