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posted by simrananime
Please don’t say you are "lazy"
Because you're actually crazy.
Just like how the swans
Kick their legs out of sight.
Faithfully obeying my instincts, I accept being tossed around.
My future is promising,
That's why I take rests sometimes.

With these eyes I'll confirm
My destination and mark it on the map.
If there's a shortcut, that's the best route.
If I had wings to skip over things, that would also be great.

Crap, I broke a nail! I fixed it with glue.
Somehow, that's enough to give me a sense of achievement.
The most important thing is to pag-ibig yourself.
If you don't pag-ibig yourself, then you can't love...
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76 keys nanajuurokunin no yousei
watashi no omoi o tsutaete

onna no ko nara
daredemo kitto tsukaeru
orijinaru no mahou
watashi ni totte sore wa kenban

akogaretachi wa tooku ni
namida wa nazeka soba ni
dakara kokoro wa yureru
sono subete o ima, kanademashou

dear my mga kaibigan
76 keys nanajuurokunin no yousei
watashi no omoi o tsutaete
kotoba ni naranai kimochi mo
sunao na merodi de
kikoeta hito no mimi ni
todoita hito no mune ni
atataka na nanika nokosu mahou de

onna no ko wa ne
yokubari watashi mo sou
koi toka yume ya
yuujou ni mo itsumo shinken

toki ni kokoro...
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K-On! is a ipakita that may lack a real plot, but the ipakita is saved sa pamamagitan ng its' cuteness which is brought to us sa pamamagitan ng the main characters. This listahan ranks the 5 members of anime's best band. I hope you enjoy the list.

5. Ritsu

Ritsu is the leader of the band, but she appeals to me the least out of the band members. She's not as nice and charming as the other band members. She can be hard to stand when she gives Mio a hard time, but other than that she's a okay character. She's a tolerable character when she's not being disrespectful.

4. Yui

Yui is the closest thing the ipakita has to a protagonist. She's...
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posted by Yui--Chan
When I look at your smile,

I can feel my puso goes up and down
Feeling giddy like a white marshmallow;
my puso feels soft and fluffy
Busy in your reality,
and yet you never notice me
It is quite embarrassing,
since I always have my eyes on you
When I met you in my dream,
I have never felt so-
surreal how I feel, so close to you...
Oh god please help me,
let me have a dream
Where it’s just me and him.
Where it’s just the
two of us in my dream.
But then I woke up,
holding my doll tight,
without him in my arm
So I guess now, I bit you good night
Fluffy time (Fluffy time)
Fluffy time (Fluffy time)
Fluffy time...
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Hey, if we could put our names
On a piece of our memories and preserve it
Wouldn't that be the perfect "treasure"?

Right, These excitement-colored days
That have passed have filled our hearts
To their full capacity

The familiar uniforms and indoor shoes
The doodles on our whiteboard
I guess we have to leave them behind
At the entrance to tomorrow

But hey, we met one! A wonderful angel
Graduation isn't the end
We're buddies from here on out!
Pictures of us together
Our matching keychains
Will shine on forever
And always, we thank you for your smile

Hey, the seresa trees
Seem like they've grown a bit too
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posted by almira98
ok.for refresh it? did you remember K-ON!! Album Season 2? (Except Character Song)now i can review it

3.GO! GO! MANIAC (Instrumental)
4.Genius...!? (Instrumental)

3.Listen!! (Instrumental)
4.Our MAGIC (Instrumental)

K-ON!! Official Band Yarou yo!! ~LET'S MUSIC!!1~
1.GO! GO! MANIAC (Instrumental)
2.GO! GO! MANIAC (Instrumental -Guitar 1)
3.GO! GO! MANIAC (Instrumental -Guitar 2)
4.GO! GO! MANIAC (Instrumental -Keyboard)
5.GO! GO! MANIAC (Instrumental -Bass)
6.GO! GO! MANIAC (Instrumental -Drums)
7.Listen!! (Instrumental)
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posted by princess989898
Ritsu and Mio are childhood mga kaibigan going back to kindergarten and they crack jokes with each other all the time.
Ritsu always messes with Mio,but while she may say all sorts of things,she really cares about Mio.
Her room is a mess to the point that there's no place to stand(according to Mio).
She has an unusual talent for imitating other people's voices and pretending to be their inner voice.
Ritsu's figure is slender and her bust is small.

Choose drums due to her rough personality and dislike for musical instruments that require minuto movements.Ritsu's personality is very drummer-like.Her...
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 cyan-coated pegasus:Rainbow Dash,Orange-coated earthpony:Apple Jack,Lavender-coated unicorn:Twilight Sparkle,Pink-coated earthpony:Pinkie Pie,White coated unicorn:Rarity and Yellow coated pegasus:Fluttershy
cyan-coated pegasus:Rainbow Dash,Orange-coated earthpony:Apple Jack,Lavender-coated unicorn:Twilight Sparkle,Pink-coated earthpony:Pinkie Pie,White coated unicorn:Rarity and Yellow coated pegasus:Fluttershy
it was a normal araw at Sakuragaoka High,classes were finished,and now 5 certain girls were now headed at their club-The Light Music Club

"Tea Time!" Yui sinabi as she burst in from the door to her seat,happily

"What are we eating today Mugi?" sinabi Ritsu as she went inside and walkd towards her seat

"were having presa Shortcake" Mugi sinabi with a smile on her face,entering,instead of going to her upuan she went to the cupboard to get the platelets and tsaa cups after that getting the cakes and tea

"Sounds,delicious Mugi" Mio sinabi as she took a seat

"But were having practice after this,right?" azusa...
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sumishi aozora aogimite

harukeki risou o musubamu to

kaoreru ouka no saku oka ni

aa hagemishi tomogaki ga tsudou niwa

tsuranaru mine no futokoro ni

jiai no kokoro o hagukumite

akeyuku mirai o ninawamu to

aa tsutomeshi tomogaki ga tsudou niwa

sayakeki minamo ni utsurikoshi

otome no seishin takaki yume

sanjite wasurenu gakusou to

aa chikaishi tomogaki ga tsudou niwa

aa chikaishi tomogaki ga tsudou niwa
posted by Kogami
ima watashi no negaigoto ga
kanau naraba tsubasa ga hoshii
kono senaka ni tori no you ni
shiroi tsubasa tsukete kudasai

kono oozora ni tsubasa wo hiroge
tonde yukitai yo
kanashimi no nai jiyuu na sora e
tsubasa hatamekase yukitai

ima tomi to ka meiyo naraba
iranai kedo tsubasa ga hoshii
kodomo no toki yumemita koto
ima mo onaji yume ni mite iru

kono oozora ni tsubasa wo hiroge
tonde yukitai yo
kanashimi no nai jiyuu na sora e
tsubasa hatamekase yukitai

kono oozora ni tsubasa wo hiroge
tonde yukitai yo
kanashimi no nai jiyuu na sora e
tsubasa hatamekase
kono oozora ni tsubasa wo hiroge
tonde yukitai yo
kanashimi no nai jiyuu na sora e
tsubasa hatamekase yukitai
three days later the hunies were now ready for the cultural festival,Mugi had helped them pick clothes at the mall,but of course they stated that they would pay with the money they've earned since she has done so much for them,the staff had also gotten quite accustomed to them having casual conversations and such,even Mugi's parents were pleased with them helping around,so it made living here easier for the hunies.Mugi had left the mansion earlier so that she could ulat to the other members and practice a bit madami for their performance

"Good morning,girls!" sinabi Mugi,waving at them and putting...
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posted by blackpanther666
Original / Romaji Lyrics:

asahi abite ookiku nobi o shitara 
haato no naka michitekuru tanoshii keikaku
un deux trios... egao de kyou mo "oui!" 
genki yuuki tsumatta aikotoba 
oryouri osouji okatazuke 
nandemo dondon yaritaku naru 
hirusagari ni poketto ni todoku meeru 
"koinu ga kita yo mi ni konai?" totsuzen no osasoi
un deux trios... henji wa sugu ni "oui!" 
ureshii yokan tsumatta aikotoba 
korokoro fuwafuwa shiteru ka na 
mune ga kyunkyun kou naridasu 
deai kotoba
yuugure shiisoo kuramuchaudaa no nioi 
kagefumi shi nagara tadoru juugofun no ieji...
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Mio's P.O.V.

sigh...finally,we only have a short span of time left...we need to hurry!

"alright,guys,pick the wigs that are the same as when our hair mga kulay are normal,and also with the colored lenses...you know what you're supposed to look like,right?"

"superstars?" Ritsu said,wearing a long blond wig and weird bituin shaped shades "-ow! that hurt Mio..."

"no time to fool around...just do what we came here for" i answered back,looking through various shelves,as i caught a glimpse of Ritsu rubbing her head and putting the wig and shades to its proper place...finding the perfect match for my purple...
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posted by almira98
Have you remember the song on K-ON! Season 1?well if you remember.good.But i want too make review about Album On K-On! Season 1

Cagayake! Girls
1. Cagayake! GIRLS
2. Happy!? Sorry!!
3. Cagayake! GIRLS (Instrumental)
4. Happy!? Sorry!! (Instrumental)

Dont say "lazy"
1. Don't say "lazy"
2. Sweet mapait Beauty Song
3. Don't say "lazy" (Instrumental)
4. Sweet mapait Beauty Song (Instrumental)

K-ON! Original Sound Track
01-. Have some tea
02-. Morning dew
03-. Isoge Isoge!
04-. Kawaii Inbou
05-. Ni Piki no Koneko
06-. Ii Yume Mite ne
07-. Cotton candy
08-. Virtual love
09-. Tanpopo Takkyubin
10-. Ukkari Kimi no Tame...
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posted by Kogami
kaerimichi kangaeru menyuu kimaranai kara itsumo to chigau michi
magar ikado mittsu bun dake no chippoke na tabi kuchibue fuki nagara

kaze to odoru akatonbo sora oou urokogumo
me wo tojireba todoite kuru dokoka no uchi no yuushoku no nioi

sou da, kyou wa hanbaagu ni shiyou senshuu mo tsukutta kedo
aa aibiki oniku ippai konete ai mo ippai komete
daisuki na hito no tame

toorisugiru basu no teeru ranpu takusan no hito no yume kibou hakobu
"okaeri" wo iu dareka no moto kizuna wo tsunagu mitai ni ne hashitteku

minna yurari yurarete... watashi mo kaeru tochuu
konna attakai mainichi itsumademo tsudzuitara ii...
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 Disc cover
Disc cover
(Mask DuPants's point of view, those who appose or have enquiries plz comment)
Mask DuPants seeks fun out of SEGA's Anime music game, K-ON! Houkago Live!!

SEGA has yet again made a successful music game
After Project Diva 2nd they decided that our beloved K-ON! characters would be susunod to be on the 400x226 screens
Well when you start the game there is an autosave save thing that comes on after that you have Yui saying "SEEGGAA" I have to admit that is cute
Back to the game, when you start after the main menu there is a bit of storyboard to go through, it's like a normal araw in the clubroom but the...
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posted by CheckeredBox
So I've been making K-ON albums just for fun and was wondering what you all think:

Album cover is the image on the side

Song list:
1.Brush and Ballpoint Pen
2. Cagayake Girls!
3.Go Go Maniac!!!
4.Don't say ”lazy”
5.Light and Fluffy Time Yui
6.My pag-ibig is A Stapler Mio
7. No Goodbye!
8.No Thank You!
9.Utauyo Miracle
10.U & I
11.Pure Pure Heart
12.桜が丘女子高等学校校歌 [Rock Ver.]

If anyone is interested to see madami please comment below and if you would like to download these songs as an album....please teach me how to upload it and I would gladly let you!
posted by Kogami
hibi wa takarabako egao no takarabako
achikochi de deaeru KIRA KIRA hikaru DAIYA

noboru ohisama no liyebre ya kasa hodou ni saku karen na hana
maarui tsuki to tomodachi no hoshi zenbu kagayaiteru!

hibi wa takarabako egao no takarabako
kizukeba soba ni aru PIKA PIKA mabushii TOPAAZU

kiseki wo hakobu yasashii kaze daisuki na hito to no yakusoku
himitsu no SUPAISU kiita KAREE zenbu shiawase no moto!

hibi wa takarabako egao no takarabako
mienakute mo aru kakure jouzu ninja ONIKISU

nokisaki nemuru noraneko nakama yobu hachi no DANSU
kouen no ike de haneru koi zenbu kagayaiteru inochi!

watashi mo kagayaku moshikashite...
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dokoka de aesou mada shiranai jibun
sonna koto futo omotta asa kagami no mae
kami tabanetari PIN de tometari toitari
donna katachi wo shitete mo ne watashi wa watashi dakedo

minna ga yorokobu kao miteru to waracchau
ufu hoka ni wa donna koto de watashi warau kana...?

aishiteru oneechan GITAA ni mugamuchuu, isshoukenmei
sugoku ichizu de kakko ii akogarechau Going My Way
sotto sawarasete moratta GITAA asobi de hiita ORUGAN
hibiku neiro ni awasete kasoku suru DOKI DOKI
hajimete no UKI UKI!!

HINTO wa FURAIPAN no naka ni sae aru no
suteki na kidoushuusei shiawase no SUTEPPU
nijinda kimi ni gakkari shichau toki...
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posted by blackpanther666
Original / Romaji Lyrics

kanaetai koto wa arekore  
omoitsuku soredemo 
kataru yori saki ni ryoute ga,  
ryouashi ga ugoku doramaa
hayai mongachi  
kono yo no tsune desho 
jounetsu no sutikku nigirishime
wan tsuu surii zenryoku shissou  
otome wa bousou 
tenshon agete mae no meri de ikou 
namida wa kikku de egao wa kiipu de  
hade ntamu mawashite 
arashi yobe! happii dake yobe!!
hoshii mono datte achikochi  
arisou na soredemo 
ippon suji o tooshite ikitara  
hibi ga kitto hikaru dorama
kakkoii firu  
hiru ni yoru ni kenkyuu ...
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