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 Josh Randall as Nathan in 'The Other 48 Days'
Josh Randall as Nathan in 'The Other 48 Days'
For some time now, we've just accepted that Nathan (season 2, episode 7 Tailie from 'The Other 48 Days') is Canadian and that Ana Lucia merely had 'the wrong guy'.
I'm asking the question... Who is Nathan really?
On several re-watches of the episode, I started to realize there was a lot madami going on than I originally thought.

One thing that's important to remember is LOST's Canada deception!

It's well known that EVERY other reference to Canada or being Canadian on Nawawala (and there are many), is indicative of deception.

It stands to reason that Nathan may not actually be Canadian at all, or if he...
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I just discovered that six years after ABC’s "LOST" left the air, many fans are still harboring illusions about the Kate Austen character. Why? Because she was portrayed sa pamamagitan ng Evangeline Lilly, the show’s leading lady? Did Kate being the leading female character was a reason why so many made excuses for her mistakes and crimes? What exactly did Kate do? Well . . . let’s see:

*Murdered her stepfather Wayne Jensen, when she discovered that he was her real father. Apparently, she could not deal with the reality that she shared blood with him.

*In order...
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"LOST" RETROSPECT: (2.09) "What Kate Did"

Kate Austen has to be one of the most divisive characters on the ABC series, "LOST". The character has generated some very extreme reactions from the show's fans. The latter have either loved her or hated her. I had harbored a good deal of dislike toward Kate, myself for a long period. However, my dislike stemmed from the writers' handling of her character and a good number of the fans' attitude toward the mistakes and crimes she had committed. A good example of this attitude could be found in the general reaction to the Season Two episode called (2.09)...
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