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 Aaron Littleton
Aaron Littleton
On February 4, 2009, ”LOST” aired an episode called (5.04) ”The Little Prince”. In this episode, former fugitive Kate Austen discovered that that someone knows the secret of Aaron Littleton’s true parental lineage. When I first learned about this episode, I found myself wondering if the series would finally address the moral consequences of the Oceanic Six’s lie about Aaron. It did . . . on a very limited scale.

As everyone knows, Australian survivor, Claire Littleton had ibingiay birth to an infant son named Aaron on the castaways’ 41st araw on the island. While on the run from the...
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[Sun and Claire on the beach.]

SUN: It's been 4 days.

CLAIRE: You know, that's not that long. They sinabi it could take up to 2 weeks to find a current. I mean, Michael knew what he was doing. I doubt anything...

[Sun notices that her wedding ring is gone. She starts frantically looking around and speaking in Korean.]

CLAIRE: What? What?

[Sun continues looking for her ring and speaking Korean.]

CLAIRE: Sun, what's wrong?

SUN: My wedding ring, it's gone.

[FLASHBACK to Sun putting a hair pin in her hair. Her mother enters.]

MRS. PAIK: [Subtitle: You're not planning on wearing that, are you?]

SUN: [Subtitle:...
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