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okay this is probably not related to the Marvel movie universe but if you seen the cosmic cube in the pelikula you probably thinking who created the cube. well here is a backstory. The Cosmic Cube is actually a containment device created sa pamamagitan ng various civilizations throughout the Marvel Universe at various times, including the Skrulls (creators of the Cube that would eventually evolve into the Shaper of Worlds), and various other, unnamed civilizations (whose Cubes were gathered/stolen sa pamamagitan ng unknown means sa pamamagitan ng The Magus in the Infinity War story arc and The Goddess in the Infinity Crusade story arc)....
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@Marvel Entertainment -Marvel Studios' Eternals hits theaters, Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy hit shelves, and Hawkeye hits his mark!
marvel's guardians of the galaxy
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marvel minuto
@Marvel Entertainment -Chip Zdarsky and Marco Checchetto’s DEVIL’S REIGN, a brand-new Marvel Comics event, kicks off in December! WHO WILL REIGN?
devil’s reign
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