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posted by yoyojackson
 pic says it all
pic says it all
I figured out Steven was gone for a week to help his grandma with lung cancer. So it'll be just be me, Michael, and Oliva. I ordered KFC, I cleanned the house, and I got Oliva in a nice dress.

At dinner
When i was done with the dishes, I turnned around and I saw Michael. "What an unexpected surprise." I said. "Unexpected surprise?" He said. "Yup." I sinabi and lead him to the dinning room. "Tada." I said. He sat down like he was rich. (Wait, he's a singer so he is rich.)"KFC,mmmm, you read my mind." He said. hapunan was so silnet. But Michael broke the silnce.

"Oliva, how old are you?"
"I'm 4." She said. "You look like 7." He said. "Oliva, after your done with the chicken, you get ready for bed." I sinabi to Oliva.

After dinner. "Well I'll be here for a month, so call me about things. Ok?" He said. Then he left. Then I went to call Steven. "Hi Steven." I said. "Hi Kaykay." He said. "Wait Wendy, I'm talking to my sister." He said. "Who's Wendy? I thought we were married not silbings. Steven, are you cheating on me?" I said.

"Wendy is my boss." He said.
"Why did you lie to your boss?" I asked.
"About what?"
"I'm talking to my sister."
"Ummm, fine, you caught me. So what do you want now?"
"A divorse!" I yelled and hanged up. I cryed for hours. Then I walked to my living room, Michael was there. "I forget my jacket." He said. "Why are you crying?" He asked. "None of your buissness!" I said. "Well, sorry for caring ." He said. "Fine, you wanna know? Steven is cheating on me!" I yelled. There was 1 oras of silnce. "I got it!" Michael said.
"Huh?" I said.
"I have a diabolical master plan."
"What is it?"
"Well if I told you, it wouldn't be very diabolical, now would it?"
"You're gonna pull a prank?" I asked. "You can say that." He said.
susunod week, I was watching the news. (Nothing else was on tv) and it said.
Steven Johnson goes to jail for raping a child. Plus, I heard he cheated on 6 his wifes, Wendy, Carly, Jacie, Oriana, Rose, and Kaylynn. The childs name is Iris, this had been told sa pamamagitan ng the king of pop. Iris would like to say-
I turned off the tv.
I called Michael. "That's your master plan?" I asked. "It's actully my diabolical master plan." He said. " Mike, it's not diabolical, it's a amazing! You could be known as a hero." I said. "But sending your husband to jail is evil." He said. "Not my husband no more." I said.

Then me and Mike dated for 6 years intill...
I was watching the news AGAIN! And they said.
Breaking news, Michael Jackson is dead. He died from Cardiac Arrest. RIP, the king of pop. Then it went to commerical. Oliva was watching with me. She cried. Then she went to the kitchen. I didn't care cause I had thunder down under. But when I was done using the restroom, I went to check on Oliva. In the kitchen, She was laying on the floor, with a kutsilyo in her stomach. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" I yelled. June 25th 2009, I Nawawala 2 people that were important.
To be countied. (Yes, ther IS madami to this sad story.)
michael jackson
king of pop
Who did you think was the fool, I let you treat me so cruel, this is the moment of truth for you.. <3
michael jackson
what goes around comes around
michael jackson
girl you're so together
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posted by KikiKool1983
 Fancy's Mother
Fancy's Mother
I called my nurse to let me go home. She told me to put my clothes on and wait downstairs for someone to pick me up. I hung up and put on my best outfit. I go downstairs to wait for somebody to come. Two minutos later, my mother arrives.

" Mama?" I sinabi surprised, but happy.
" Hi Fancy." She sinabi hugging me. Michael's mother told me what happened.

I gasped. " Do I go back home?"

Mama shook her head. " No! You are going to the Jacksons' House."

I tuck a strand of hair behind my ear. " Ok. Where's Dad?"

" He's currently in custody." My mother said, saying it like she didn't want to be bothered...
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So The susunod morning Michael is all panicing just because he doesn't want to die then he sitting down on a chair hes call janet so maybe she could help him out so Michael say" J J Janet um I am so scared I need help help!!! please help me Janet i am talking serious talk i am not joking I don't want die and I.. " Janet cutts him off and Janet say " Michael please calm down and tell me what happen?" Michael say " Listen usher call me and says we have a job tonight so he says you in and I am like no I am not and Usher was like um What!! and i say No and I call him asong babae and he was like when he...
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posted by realwriter002
we rid another plane to los angles, we reached to our home, all i did was empting my stuff ,then i got tired ,but i couldn't sleep tightly ,i remebered his soft voice was like paruparo ,i missed his touch , i didn't even shake his hand i was shit stupid,I mean it was my chance ,then i decided to listen to radio there,suddenly the cut it off and the interviewer sinabi "there's someone special ,we make this intewrview with It's who?" "Michael jackson" "oh god " I jumped up down a lot and a lot ," hello ,mike!" "hello" "how are you man?" "i'm fine and you ,how are you?" "ahem ,I'm fine thanks"...
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