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// The susunod Morning //

Knock knock knock
Me: I'm coming shoot people need to calm they nerves
*opens door*
Me: t'f what is this a DVD wait lemme play it first

On the DVD
T: Jennifer are you watching porn
Me: No ain't nobody got time for dat *sweet brown voice*
T: lemme see
Me: why you so hyped you watch porn
T: No I don't
-gives him the laptop-
T eyes all like: 0.0
Dayumm that girl gotta big asno b-(gco)
Me: give me my laptop!!
T: wait w-w-wait
Me: Fine
-walks upstairs-
5 minutos later
I go back downstairs
Me: o. O T what .. are you masturbating
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Just to let u all no I haven't forgot about y'all I just had a Lil problem. So I will be coming back but first I just wanted to let y'all no that I did foget about u. But plz don't be mad at me for not writing. Oh if u don't remember wat happened check out my last article.

Y'all already no so leggo

Nicki: oh I think I do( pulls down his pants and sees his 18in)
Ray: ( turns around ) I new it u don't wanna see me any madami do u???
Nicki: turn around
Ray:( turns around all sad like )
Nicki: ( looks into his eyes and kisses him passionately) I would never leave for some thing like this
Ray: I love...
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 Mindless Behavior's Outfit
Mindless Behavior's Outfit
Dating a nigga with power can be the most comfortable feeling in the world,Even though the thug life ain't always good ligtas or shit when he wraps his arms around you he makes you feel safe.The relationships ain't never easy cause with every thug there's a rude asno attidue awaiting.The aggression is natural.All that shit pays off dough...In the bedroom:D

California Compton...7:00am(Monday Morning)

Chresanto August...
Wassup i'm Chresanto August i also go sa pamamagitan ng Roc i'm 18 years old i mean what can i say b*tches pag-ibig me sh*t i f*cked half the school honestly i can't help that i got a big d*ck.On...
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