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My little parang buriko was my childhood movie, so I stayed as a tagahanga of it.. I should say I quite like the most of the characters, villains, settings and the plot but I pag-ibig only grown-up characters.

I can explain this as having "empathy" for them. Grown up ponies deal with problems while the little ponies just are mad at each other, and make up strange problems such as the ipakita or even their dreams. I just hate to see their little, minion problems to be exaggerated and take over the quarter in the series...

Little ponies never learn lessons, and their stories usually end unfair. As I told, I never like...
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I just wanted to write down the lyrics to all the songs in MLP: FiM, so here they are!

Theme Song

My Little Pony, My Little Pony
My Little Pony
I used to wonder what friendship could be
Until you all shared its magic with me!
Big adventure!
Tons of fun!
A beautiful heart
Faithful and strong
Sharing kindness
It's an easy feat
And magic makes it all complete!
My Little Pony
Did you know, you are my very best friends

Season 1~

Giggle at the Ghostie

When I was a little filly and the sun was going down
The darkness and the shadows, they would always make me frown
I'd hide under my unan from what I...
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