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Credit for this artikulo goes to link

Nina Dobrev from "The Vampire Diaries" plays Elena Gilbert on The CW's drama. Elena is a beautiful young girl caught between two vampire brothers—one good, one evil. Previously, Nina Dobrev starred as Mia Jones on "Degrassi: The susunod Generation" and as Ally in MTV's movie, "The American Mall."

Nina Dobrev recently wrapped production on Montecito Pictures' "Chloe," with Julianne Moore, Amanda Seyfried and Liam Neeson. Past film credits for Nina Dobrev include "Fugitive Pieces," with Ayelet Zurer and Rosamund Pike, "Away From Her," with Julie Christie, "The...
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I found this artikulo link and so now I thought I'd post it here and share it with you Nina fans!

25.She doesn't take anything for granted.
Nina knows just what a lucky lady she is and isn’t taking any of her success and good fortune for granted!

"Every morning, I think to myself, 'This is so cool. I’m so lucky.' I realise it, and I don’t want to let it slip away. I went to London for the first time, and I got to go to Elton John’s charity event. I got to go to the premiere of Sherlock Holmes. I met Guy Ritchie and Robert Downey Jr – idols of mine. I’m in such a great position. I...
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Nina:(if ibingiay a chance at immortality) I don't know if I'd want it. I live a pretty cool life, so I'm happy where I am.

Nina: I think everyone's dream is to be an actress, but I never really thought it was going to happen. Now that it's happening, it's incredible. I do a lot of other things, too. I'm not stuck in this little world. I'm aware that we're in the middle of an economic crisis in the U.S. There's a lot going on in the world, and I'm really happy and excited about what I have and I don't take it for granted. I'm pretty lucky.

Nina:(in a 2009 interview) I came to L.A. for the first...
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