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I absolutely pag-ibig Ferb Fletcheer on this show. He is my paborito character and every time he opens his mouth, I pag-ibig hearing what he was to say. Here are all of the Ferb mga panipi that have been in every episode that has so far aired of "Phineas and Ferb".

Bold - The Ferb quote
(Italic) - An action during the scene
N/A - Ferb did not speak during episode

Isabella: Maybe you can teach Perry some tricks.
Phineas: Well, he is a platypus. They don’t do much.
Ferb: They’re the only mammals to lay eggs.
Phineas: Maybe he’ll lay an egg.

Lawn Gnome tabing-dagat Party of Terror
DJ: Slather on your...
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 P&F build a Rollercoaster again but this time it's a musical! :D
P&F build a Rollercoaster again but this time it's a musical! :D
The "Too Young" Line
Linda: Candace, seriously, isn't Phineas a little young to be a rollercoaster engineer?
Candace: Well, yes. Yes he is.

Ferb: Or you could say "seize the day" was English for "carpe diem."
Phineas: Yes. Yes you could.

Ferb's Line
Ferb: Hmm, what assurance would we had that everyone else will also break into the song and do the same thing?

Phineas: I don't know. I think they probably will.
Ferb: Fair enough, I'm in.

Isabella: That was great, Phineas! So, what are you gonna do tomorrow?

Phineas: Well, you know what they say- carpe diem.
Isabella: Excuse me?
Phineas: Carpe diem. It's...
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