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 Pokemon Live! Album
Pokemon Live! Album
(Giovanni appears on the screen)
Giovanni: Attention, Pokemon Trainers. We announce the Diamond Badge. The diamonds are the most valuable things in the world. And the Diamond Badge it's the hardest to get in the world, and there is only one. There is only one way to win it. There is only one way to get it. You have to defeat me and my Pokemon in a Pokemon Battle, if you can. Visit the website www.DiamondBadge.com and download the map to the gym. The Diamond Badge, it's waiting for you. (Laughs evilly)

Ash's room
(Ash is in bed, sleeping)

Delia: (Offstage) Ash, hurry up! Professor Oak is waiting!...
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1. Ash's Snorlax

True to his species, Snorlax eats lots of pagkain and then falls asleep, and as a result of this, Ash has difficulty with Snorlax and getting him to wake up and battle.

2. Ash's Oshawott

He is very gluttonous and most of the time takes pagkain from other Pokemon and doesn't ipakita any regret unless he gets caught. He mostly did this to Ash's Pignite, resulting in a fight between the two of them. This has caused trouble for the gang or a member of the gang. An example of Oshawott stealing Pignite's pagkain that caused trouble for the whole gang was in "Baffling the Boufflant" which took place...
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posted by AninditaS
Number Name Type
001      Bulbasaur      Grass/Poison
002     Ivysaur     Grass/Poison
003      Venusaur      Grass/Poison
004     Charmander     Fire
005     Charmeleon     Fire
006     Charizard     Fire
007     Squirtle     Water
008     Wartortle     Water
009     Blastoise...
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(add your own)

1. she is afraid of bugs and hurt caterpies feelings (tomboys like bugs)
2. she says Pokemon are cute every segundo (what tomboy would do that?)
3. She wants to tindahan everytime there is a store (tomboys don't care about shopping)
4. She wears dresses sometimes (tomboys never wear dresses)
5. She gets the cutie eyes everytime she see water or cute Pokemon (what tomboy would do what?)

No main girl on Pokemon are tomboys. Misty, May, Jessie, and Dawn are NOT tomboys. The only ones that are tomboys are Zoey and Iris (A little)
Ash, Brock, and Misty were walking along the road to the susunod town when they saw someone riding past them on a Rapidash. Outta my way! sinabi the mysterious figure Who do you think that was? asked Misty Beats me. sinabi Ash Whoever it was, we should go find out who it was. sinabi Brock When everyone arrived to where they saw the mystery person go, they were surprised to find out it was Lara Laramie. Lara Laramie! sinabi Brock, Misty, and Ash at the same time How'd you three know it was me!? sinabi Lara Laramie I'm just messing with you. I had this disguise on so no one would know it's me. sinabi Lara Laramie,...
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posted by Renegade1765
 Gotts catch 'em all!
Gotts catch 'em all!
I personally wanted to do this listahan but I wasn't in the mood for it,but now that I am,let's start.
A lot of you know that my paborito franchise of all time is Pokemon,a series dearly beloved sa pamamagitan ng many.Few games claim to isingkaw it's gravitational pull.This golden gansa has soled millions upon millions of copies,spawned countless varieties of merchandise and touched the hearts of multiple kids and adults alike.How many franchises do you know the bridged the generational gap?
The creatures in the game are huge part why I pag-ibig it.There have been hundreds of Pokemon introduced over the years and...
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I got all the information from Bulbapedia. If you see some of the same names it's because the Pokémon has the same name in English as they do in Japanese.

#1 Bulbasaur/Fushgidane

#2 Ivysaur/Fushigisou

#3 Venusaur/Fushigibuma

#4 Charmander/Hitokage

#5 Charmeleon/Lizardo

#6 Charizard/Lizardon

#7 Squirtle/Zenigame

#8 Wartortle/Kameil

#9 Blastoise/Kamex

#10 Caterpie/Caterpie

#11 Metapod/Trancell

#12 Butterfree/Butterfree

]#13 Weedle/Beedle

#14 Kakuna/Cocoon

#15 Beedrill/Spear

#16 Pidgey/Poppo

#17 Pidgeotto/Pigeon

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It just doesn't make any sense as to how certain Pokémon, (mainly Misty's Psyduck, Jessie's Wobbuffet, May's Skitty, and Ash's Oshawott), come out of their Pokéballs all on their own. Is there maybe a certain button inside the Pokéball that they can push to let themselves out or is it just a glitch that always makes them come out at walang tiyak na layunin moments? Someone please explain this to me because it's confusing. They always seem to pop out of their Pokéballs at the most odd moments. I know it acts as comedic relief when they do this, but I still don't see just how they manage to do it.
EG360 here! Welcome back to the third artikulo for these exciting polls. I have nothing to say for myself this time, except I hope you enjoy!

 Dawn looks so much like her Adventures manga counterpart sa pamamagitan ng the way she is holding the pokeball. I suppose Dawn has the same elegance as Platina.
Dawn looks so much like her Adventures manga counterpart sa pamamagitan ng the way she is holding the pokeball. I suppose Dawn has the same elegance as Platina.
7th Place:
Dawn (Diamond and Pearl)

About Dawn: There is nothing much to say about Dawn and her fans. She is often judged sa pamamagitan ng her anime counterpart, who is the main girl in the Sinnoh seasons.

Living with her mother who has big dreams for her daughter, Dawn starts off in Twinleaf Town. She and her best...
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 Zekrom (#8, tied with Tepig at 49 current fans each)
Zekrom (#8, tied with Tepig at 49 current fans each)
OK, I did a little research, and I am proud to present the 10 Unova Pokemon characters with the most fans. Here they are:

10. Scraggy

Who doesn't pag-ibig this adorable little Pokemon? #10 with 21 current fans ("current" meaning at the time this was made), Scraggy is one popular cutie!

9. Team Plasma (in general)

The villainous team of Unova, led sa pamamagitan ng N and Ghetsis Harmonia. #9 with 25 current fans, they beat Scraggy sa pamamagitan ng only 4 fans.

8. Tepig and Zekrom

The Fire-type starter and the legendary bituin of Pokemon White. Tied at #8 with 49 current fans each, they beat Team Plasma sa pamamagitan ng 25 fans.

7. Cheren

Your smart,...
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uy guys, just to let you know that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, the first open world mainline Pokemon installments, will be out for Nintendo Switch on November 18. Not only that, Pokemon Scarlet and kulay-lila will mark the return on darker E-rated Nintendo releases. Something that hasn't been since Paper Mario: The Origami King which came out 2 years ago. So without further ado, let's jump right into this article.

So I was thinking, what is darker E-rated titles? I'll be gladly answer that. Darker E-rated games is where E-rated games gets to have a darker and edgier tone and rates not only USK...
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Okay, so to start off; the wendigo is a fictional creature from native American mythology. In the legends, wendigo are created sa pamamagitan ng a human eating the flesh of another human. This act of cannibalism allows evil spirits into the soul of the cannibal in question, turning the human into a blood-crazed monster. This does seem a bit dark for Pokémon, but can we remember banette for a bit? due to the Canadian and Alaskan setting of the myth, a wendigo-like Pokémon could be an ice type. Because of the spiritual origin of the wendigo, I thought about ghost type as well, but I eventually settled on...
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I will listahan the packaging compatibility information for all the main series Pokémon games for GameBoy, GameBoy Color, GameBoy Advance, Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS. Please be note that I do not have any manuals for the GameBoy, GameBoy Color and GameBoy Advance series Pokémon games and I do not have Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon yet. So I will update this from time to time while I can. Also, there are information differences between the edited version of this artikulo parts and the actual versions of the packaging back parts like the Black version of Pokémon and stuff. Anyway, enjoy.

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So we now have 5 new Pokemons confirmed for the Alola region. I think they're pretty interesting.

Turtonator is...ugly. But it's a cool ugly. It's based on a mata mata pagong (I think), so it's obviously not going to be the prettiest of Pokemons. I like the unique typing, Fire/Dragon. I think it's the third Pokemon to have this typing, but the there ones were a legendary and a mega evolution. Shell Trap is an interesting move. Turtonator looks like a tank Pokemon. I'm debating whenever to put him or Salandit in my Moon team

This is actually a pretty cool design.
It apparently...
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Ash, Brock, and Misty were on their way back to Olivine City when they passed a trainer's school and saw a girl with long dark brown hair. They recognized her as Giselle and she was training with her Graveler and Cubone when Ash, Brock, and Misty entered the trainer's school. Are you going to ask Giselle for a battle, Brock? asked Ash You bet i am. It's time i tested out my skills in battle against her. I'll use Onix for my battle against her. sinabi Brock (Brock and Giselle's battle) Onix! Go! sinabi Brock, sending in Onix An Onix, hmm? In that case i'll go with my strongest Pokemon Graveler!...
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Sorry I'm too lazy to make descriptions for these. :P sa pamamagitan ng the way, these will be a mix of last/first evolutions. I may prefer one of the earlier evolutions over the final one. I may also select two from the same, "evolutionary family" for my favorites.

These are NOT in order, it's just simply my 10 favorites from each Pokemon Generation.

Generation 1:
Mr. Mime

Generation 2:

Generation 3:

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Before I start with this, just wanted to let everyone know that these are just my opinions and you don't always have to respect them :p

Hullo pokefans, I ish Alexis! I'm making this listahan of the tuktok five best legendaries in the Pokeman- I mean Pokemon universe!
This listahan goes from generation to generation mostly, I guess.

5- Zygarde: Even if he's pretty weak, DAT disensyo doe. Frikkin badass disensyo and he has a pretty cool reputation to me.

4- Arceus: FUCK NO NOT ARCEUS. It's Victini godamnit. Victini is a tiny little thing that has wings on its ass, but its Sig ilipat is aweshum and his typing, meh....
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posted by thetankmoment
That araw kendi found herself at a shore. She looked back at her old house. “Well,” She sighed, “I guess this is it.” She leaped in the water and rushed to what looked like an island. “Wow,” She exclaimed, “This is just a meadow?” The island was covered with trees, beaches, and madami Pokémon. When she got closer, she discovered that these Pokémon were not just any Pokémon. They were shinies, just like she was. “So I see you’ve made it,” A voice told her, “Welcome to the dazzling meadow.” kendi turned around to see a shiny Umbreon smiling. “I hope you enjoy your...
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posted by Fefe92
Who's that Pokémon?It flies in all directions with extreme speed.
Who's that Pokémon?It extends his 1000 arms and with it he embraces the world.
Who's that Pokémon?It has a solemn look and scans the world to the highest sky,where stars are sparkling gems and the Earth is an Esmeralda and sapphire sphere.
It is Arceus,the first Pokémon,the ancestor of the other ones and-why not-the eldest brother between the other unfoundable legendary:Darkrai,Celebi,Shaymin,Mew,Jirachi and Deoxys.
He lives in a crystal-and-diamond-made zone,in the highest point of Sinnoh region.
The puwang and Time genius,Palkia...
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 Someone's astonished sa pamamagitan ng Ash's incomplete harem, hehehe...
Someone's astonished by Ash's incomplete harem, hehehe...
The Valentine araw had officially passed, but we are still a couple years away from the end of the Pokemon anime. There will be plenty madami action between now and that magical araw when Ash and everyone else on the ipakita gets paired up with someone canonically. The ongoing XY series will undoubtedly shake things up, but for now, let's take a look the tuktok 10 shippings at the beginning of 2015.

10. IkariShipping (Paul x Dawn)

IkariShipping first started back in the DP era, when Dawn and Paul spent a little time together alone with each other at night before been seen sa pamamagitan ng Ash. Since then, this...
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