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 shadow trying to read
shadow trying to read
Shadow is a lion headed bunny
(with quite the growl). He likes to hide in shadows of things (hence the name),
and chew on cords...-_-...
and get into trouble...

I rescued him from a pet tindahan
that did not care for the animals.
If they would run out of pagkain for
the animal (such as snakes)
they would feed them things
like bunnys, mice and
occasionally birds.

He was keep in a small area
shared with 1 genie pig, and
1 large rat. He was only 6
weeks old, and as small as
my fist (witch is very small)
he was under fed and dehydrated.
They would never let him out to
play and run around.

(Time to end this sob story)
I took him tahanan and tended to
his wounds, fed him and gave
him lots of water. and now he
is a...(looks at shadow)...
(its a good thing he cant read...)
plump little rabbit in a big cage
with lots of pagkain and water,
that gets to come out five
times a day.(and he likes to snuggle :D)
thats the story of shadow my bunny.
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