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Ikuto Tsukiyomi (月詠 イクト Tsukiyomi Ikuto?) is a teenage boy in high school, contracted
by Easter to find the Embryo.
He often helps Amu even
though he works for Easter.
Ikuto actually despises Easter
and tries to wrench himself free from them sa pamamagitan ng trying to
find the Embryo to grant that
wish. He possesses the Dumpty
Key which pairs with Amu's
Humpty Lock which at first did
not fit in the keyhole. Like his father, Ikuto is a skilled
violinist. He is the current
owner of the Dumpty Key,
which originally belonged to
Aruto, his father, although
Tadase's father had it for a little while. His father is
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I pag-ibig this song, it so fits with Amu's Cool and Spicy Character.
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Episode 91
Full Throttle. My Rhythm.

Nagihiko is filling in for some players at a basketbol game. Meanwhile, Amu and Yaya tell try to make Rima feel guilty about dumping Fuyuki Kirishima. During the game, Kukai comes in and blocks Nagihiko's dunk. Later at the Garden, Nagihiko and Kukai have an arm wrestling fight as Amu sees Nagihiko's egg move. Kukai barely wins. Later, Nagihiko asks Kukai his true motive for visiting and Kukai just says if Nagihiko has found an "answer" yet. Also, Easter has created a machine to help lure X Eggs without Ikuto's Death Rebel. Nagihiko, Amu, and Tadase then...
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