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As many people here know, Sirius Black is my paborito character. He has always been and always will be. Some people, along with me, pag-ibig him. Some hate him. Some don't have much of an opinion on him. I've decided that I want to explain why I like Sirius, and how I came to like him.

I saw HP 1-6 pelikula before pagbaba any of the books. I remember loving Sirius, even before I read the books. I believe the reason I liked him at the time was the relationship he had with Harry. Harry never really had a father figure, and Sirius was the first family he had. I must have thought the relationship they...
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Was Sirius really a player?

Everyone seems to think he was. In almost every fanfiction I've read about Sirius in his school days, he is portrayed as a player. But was he really? Why do people think he was a player?

- Because he was handsome
- He was popular with the girls
- He was James friend, who seemed to be a player

Those are all reasons I've seen, but none of them mean that he was a player. Being handsome does not mean that a boy will take advantage of girls. Sure, some do. It's stereotypical to say that just because Sirius was handsome meant that he was a player. Also, James seemed to...
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1. In St. Mungo’s, when they are going to visit Mr. Weasley- 'They climbed a flight of stairs and entered the "Creature-Induced Injuries" corridor, where the segundo door on the right bore the words 'DANGEROUS' DAI LLEWELLYN WARD: SERIOUS BITES.' If you put these words on a sign, they would read:

Creature-Induced Injuries
Dai Llewellyn Ward
Serious Bites

Take the first word of each of these and what do you get get? Creature Dangerous Dai Serious? No - Kreacher dangerous, Die Sirius...

2. On page 60 of the American edition of OOTP, just as they enter number twelve Grimmauld Place, it says...
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