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posted by ProfSnape
    It was a very warm night, and James Potter had decided to enjoy himself, and walked along the Hogwarts fields with his invisibility cloak. The moon was full and bright, illuminating everything to a perfect wonder.
    The mood was ruined when he saw the moon blocked sa pamamagitan ng a human figure, who was hanging to a walis with his robes, bare back and underwear exposed in the process. It was skinny, the hair short and stringy, and the nose unmistakable. Occasionally Snape would reach backward to try to find the pocket, but always failed. But James could see the...
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posted by simpleplan
I so going to start write songs again X3

This is kind of like a song version on Neville's speech in DH part 2. I do not have a clue what I wrote it but I hope you enjoy it.

Hold up your glasses it’s over and done
We fought and we fell but that not good enough
People die every araw but we can’t let them die in vain
We try to keep moving, we try to keep fighting
Just one madami step closer to the ending
If we mess it up give it one madami tries
There just no game over were done
At least not tell we have won
We can lose everything
But that’s not going to stop us now
We can’t just walk away from the crimes that you done
Voldemort you going down
And way you can stop us
You can’t break us down
((When Albus is feeling down on May 2, who would be better to lighten his mood than his family and friends?))
The black lake has always been a feature of the Hogwarts grounds. The giant squid would surface on warm days and allow students to tickle its tentacles. Deepl below the surface were other creatures: merpeople and grindylows especially. But there was one particular feature of the lake that not many students knew of; the dark water was highly reflective, and could ipakita one one's reflection.
It was a warm araw in May. Quite a few students had brought their studying outside. Of course, James...
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The Sorting Hat has placed you in Ravenclaw

New from J.K. Rowling

Congratulations! I’m Prefect Robert Hilliard, and I’m delighted to welcome you to RAVENCLAW HOUSE. Our emblem is the eagle, which soars where others cannot climb; our house mga kulay are blue and bronze, and our common room is found at the tuktok of Ravenclaw Tower, behind a door with an enchanted knocker. The arched windows set into the walls of our circular common room look down at the school grounds: the lake, the Forbidden Forest, the Quidditch pitch and the Herbology gardens. No other house in the school has such stunning views....
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posted by Bluekait
This is my tagahanga fiction of Nightmare Before Christmas. So far, I have 2 chapters to this story and currently working on the 3rd.

If you want the rest, here's the link: link

Kaitlyn is an explorer. She loves to explore the woods behind her home. One day, her parents sinabi they are going out on a two-month vacation and she'll be tahanan alone. Kaitlyn is fine with it. The susunod day, she decided to walk in the woods. She came to a place where she hasn't been before. It was a bilog of trees and each puno has a door with a certain holiday...
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Snape and women! - Or, why you missed prefer celibacy in?

In the universe is a lot of unexplained things. These include Severus Snape's pag-ibig life, because he has not . True X Files! Yet we continually poured ourselves some romantic stories starring him. Here are some of the possible pairing.

I am a Casanova!

In the story, Hermione Granger, is his partner, who was an devious way to lure to drink a pag-ibig potion. Then after he added any mind-altering drug they spend a passionate night together. Of course, as an experienced professor, he used the Exmemoriam on Hermione.

History with Drug

The story isn't...
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posted by ProfSnape
    Wow. I always loved awkward goodbyes.
    I created this account on a rainy day, sitting in the corner of my bedroom, supposed to be doing schoolwork but not being able to log onto my other account. So I made Snape, and I haven’t gone back to check the other one since.
    And I just figured I’d be funny. I’d bring some magic closer to home. And I was really surprised when you guys just kept coming back… and I guess I did something right, because you guys just kept bringing your friends, kept posting madami on the wall. It...
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Author’s note:
There are better stories than Harry Potter, namely the story between ourselves and God, and the battle that Satan has Nawawala when Hesus died on the tumawid for us. It’s truly an epic, amazing, and downright honest tale, it’s truth adding to its awesomeness and glory.
I start off with this statement because when I first created the Snape account, I did not realize this. Harry Potter was—and is, frankly, still—awesome. I pag-ibig Harry Potter. I pag-ibig all the amazing characters, each full of depths, loves, hates, and dreams. I pag-ibig the complexity of Hogwarts, the engrossment we...
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I went to climb stairs to nowhere and to the bedroom to sleep atop trolls who likes to eat purple toes. Sometimes they joke about primates because aliens. And they flew to far Jupiter afraid. Hermione knew that being clever was her best quality. Bellatrix however, killed Sirius and also kicked her own mother of her house while doing very poorly with schoolwork. Potions homework made her sick of the whole thing. Even watching cowboys dance didn't improve her moves at Hogwarts which she pranked Snape for being mean to Harry and planning on killing Wormtail who loved Snape and wanted to slap Kreacher. Many wizards try make mga kuting good fighting because they eat pizza that's rotten. Yesterday Lucius choked Sirius because there was no air-conditioning. Potions for Snap and Slughorn then Minerva transfigurated into the horse.

The End.
posted by romioneisthekey
 Severus reveals he is the Half-Blood prince in front of Harry in HBP
Severus reveals he is the Half-Blood prince in front of Harry in HBP
ProfSnape (known as Snap to some)
Romioneisthekey (Priya)
HPCouples (Giselle)
xHardcoreBunnyx (Laylani)
Laylafly (Maryam)
CharmChaser13 (Chloe)
xMissLestrangex (Bellatrix Lestrange)
Dragonsmemory (Johanna)
Bluekait (Ruby)
HARMONYforever (Sharon)
Keladz (Kelly-Marie)
Thejokersgirl13 (Sierra)
Snape96 (Angéla)
Peppergirl30 (Emma)
xXxDracoxXx (Rebeca)
Lady_NMalfoy (Narcissa Malfoy)
-Harmony- (Lex)
gigibear16 (Claire)
LilyEvans14 (Lily Evans)
ADumbledore (Albus Dumbledore)
AlbusSevPotter (Albus Severus Potter)
KWcat_03x (Katherine)
Lucius_Malfoy (Lucius...
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posted by KitKatLex
>Dear Lockhart,
>I do NOT have latent homosexual feelings for you, no matter how nice your hair is.
>PS: pagbaba he newest Twilight tagahanga fiction. Bella and Edward are so cute together. Have any new recommendations for me?

1. I'm not Lockhart
2. Lol
3. I don't read Twilight fanfiction
4. I prefer Jacob and Bella
5. Don't have any recommendations for you. :P
6. Harmony is so much better.
8. 7 doesn't exist.
9. 42
10. Does Lockhart have feelings for you?
11. Lockhart likes Twilight?
12. You actually read fanfiction?
13. Read Snarry ;)
14. Or Snager :))
15. I'm done here.
posted by simpleplan
"Harry Potter: "Albus Severus, you were named for two headmasters of Hogwarts. One of them was a Slytherin and he was probably the bravest man I ever knew."

Harry Potter calls Severus the bravest man he ever knew. I can understand why he say this but what about the others who fought in the war. Yes Severus went was a double agent, yes he loved Lily and protected her son, and yes he gave his life like many before him. But I think Harry was the bravest and I bet even his children and the wizarding world will agree with me.

Harry spend his whole live battleing Voldemort, his relatives, Snape, bullys,...
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First of this is my opinion and I really do not care if you agree with it or not.

Snape's worst memory: "This will liven you up, Padfoot," sinabi James quietly. "Look who it is..."
"Excellent," he sinabi softly. "Snivellus."
Harry turned to see what Sirius was looking at.
Snape was on his feet again, and was stowing the O.W.L. paper in his bag. As he emerged from the shadows of the bushes and set off across the grass, Sirius and James stood up. Lupin and Wormtail remained sitting: Lupin was still staring down at his book, though his eyes were not moving and a faint frown line had appeared between...
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posted by Bluekait
Apparently, there is suppose to be madami Muggle classes like painting at Hogwarts. But the Ministry refused because our last Muggle Studies professor got killed sa pamamagitan ng Lord Voldemort (sorry) and they think we should learn madami magic than learning what Muggles do.

I want you guys' opinion if you, the students and professors, want madami Muggle classes. madami magic classes. Or both.

In my opinion, we should even out the magic classes and Muggle classes. Either way, we can fit in with Muggles and understand their world. I don't think the Ministry should be keeping us away and marrying Muggles. Without them, our kind would of wiped out like death.
posted by -Harmony-
I realize that we call each other sa pamamagitan ng our username. Well since we are a family, I thought that we should know each others real name.

My name is Alex

The Obvious:
ProfSnape||Call him dad. Or better yet Snap
LilyEvans14|| Lily♥ Our lovable mother
AlbusSevPotter|| Albus. He doesn't want to be called the same name as daddy
Scorpius_Malfoy|| Scorpius, of course!
Lady_NMalfoy|| Narcissa. But call her Mrs. Malfoy.
xMissLestrangex|| Bellatrix! If you don't know that......
Lucius_Malfoy|| Lucy. Wait umm..I mean Lucius, uh oh...
Prof_Minerva|| Minerva McGonagall
ADumbledore|| Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore...
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posted by dragonsmemory
I'm Pagsulat from my own point of view. Just so you know.

Double Potions with the Slytherins is as close to torture as any Gryffindor can imagine. For one thing, Snape hates ever Gryffindor's guts. He favors the Slytherins. Then there's the matter of the Slytherins themselves. Some of the worst ones really take the traditional House rivalry to heart.
Me, I've had all sorts of ingredients thrown at me. The stuff I pick out of my hair at the end of the class could brew a whole potion. Not fun.

So, I'm sitting in Potions one day, around early December. Quidditch season was in full swing. In fact,...
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posted by ProfSnape
Hello guys!! Well, I'll try to keep this listahan short so I don't bore anyone with my nonexistent offline life. You guys can keep calling me Snap since I'm a believer in being anonymous on the Internet (or maybe I'm just super paranoid, lol.)

-I started this when I say Snape on Twitter and thought, "I could do better than that." Whether or not I have is still up for debate, though. Also, I chose FanPop because here I could connect with the fans besides just tweeting walang tiyak na layunin stuff to them...

-I pag-ibig writing. I pag-ibig it. I've been telling stories since I was a tiny kid. I want to get a book published...
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The Weasley Household - 8:00 A.M. {Ginny's POV}

Ginny Weasley woke up to the sound of commotion. She already knew what all the fuss was about: Bill and Fleur's wedding was tonight. Her mum poked her head into Ginny's bedroom, with a prompt message:

''Get up. Quickly! We still have a lot of work to do, and the wedding is tonight.'' She didn't even give her a chance to respond, she walked away to tend to other matters.
Grumbling, Ginny Weasley got out of bed. She was going to put on the dress she was wearing for the wedding later: she might stain it if she worked in it. She walked down the winding...
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uy Lani!
That's Right I'm you're secret Santa!!!
I'm really really really really really sorry I didn't make you a Photoshoped Dramione or Druna pic or a I wrote this Dramione fanfic for you instead!!
I hope you enjoy it just the same!
It's a little sequel to 'A shoulder to cry on' you could say it's a segundo part.
And it's From Draco's PoV.
I just sat there staring at the dark night sky from one of the corridors' windows,when I heard the sound of heels tapping on the stone floor. Their sound getting closer...
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posted by ProfSnape
Dear Honored Headmaster and Professor Snape,
    Hallo! Thank you so much for all your help to our three kids. Sure, James Sirius can be a little rowdy, but you always look to his potential and never gave up… only one madami semester to go until summer! I’ll bet you’ll be sad to see him go!
    I wrote this letter to invite you to the Burrow for a pasko dinner. Of course all the Weasleys will be there—since they’ve been homeschooled, you don’t get to see them much, do you?
    …who am I kidding?
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