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 Gregoire Akcelrod (team RFR)
Gregoire Akcelrod (team RFR)
A l'heure où l'économie mondiale ralentit, il devient de moins en moins évident pour de jeunes talents de se lancer dans le sport automobile, faute à un manque de budget qui touche toutes les catégories, y compris la Formule 1. Pour essayer de comprendre le problème, nous avons rencontré Grégoire Akcelrod, directeur du département marketing et sponsoring de l'équipe Team RFR, qui a accepté d'analyser pour nous la situation.

Pour le spécialiste, deux difficultés majeurs qui rendent difficiles la signature de tagatangkilik pour les jeunes pilotes. « Le problème vient d'une part de la...
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posted by laurabullot
 Greg Akcelrod
Greg Akcelrod
Greg Akcelrod could become the susunod French player to try his luck in Major League Soccer.
The bista sa tagiliran of the domestic game in America has risen since David Beckham's ilipat to Los Angeles Galaxy and a number of tuktok players have expressed an interest in crossing the Atlantic.

The former Paris Saint Germain forrward, now 28, enjoys spending time in America and would like to ilipat to an MLS club in the future.

Akcelrod is considering other options, including staying in Europe, but there has also been interest in the French striker from MLS through Toronto FC and New York Red Bulls.
 Sponsoring director Gregoire Akcelrod talks about Team RFR during the Moscow race.
Sponsoring director Gregoire Akcelrod talks about Team RFR during the Moscow race.
Sponsoring director Gregoire Akcelrod talks about Team RFR during the Moscow race.


Born in Saint Germain en Laye, France, Gregoire Akcelrod has been involved in motor sport since 2011. After a successful career as a putbol player he made his reputation in motor sport management with Team Russia France Racing. Through his achievement in the world of sport he is a role model for many young people. He has been a member of the Livestrong Foundation since 2007.
 Picture I took in an Argentinean putbol game!
Picture I took in an Argentinean Soccer game!
I was looking through the putbol spot, and I read the paglalarawan "one ball to unite the world", so I felt like Pagsulat the first soapbox for the spot...

Here's my "soccer story"...
I am from Argentina, and here putbol is not just a sport, it's a kind of lifestyle. Everyone has their team (many times you "inherit" your team sa pamamagitan ng family, others you just become a tagahanga later) but everyone has a putbol club to support.

I have been to a few putbol games, and seeing my country play is one of the best experiences ever!

My paborito players today are Juan Roman Riquelme *because he's an amazing playmaker*...
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posted by Le-Magnifique
Amidst the many conflicts, animosities, wars, apartheids, and prejudice,
Our world, divided sa pamamagitan ng nations, falls silent and becomes coherent every four years.
It comes together at a nexus to witness a beautiful game.
It is a game that has won the attention of all religions, colors, and ethnicities.
It is a game that is not racist.
It does not see wealth or prestige.
It does not see in black and white, but in the beauty of skill and heart.
It is not forced. Instead, it flows.
It allows seemingly inconsequential nations, unheard of before, to be listened to and become known to the world.
It allots each nation time on the world stage to perform their unique talent in front of the greatest of all audiences.
It is a game that unites.
The world's game.
A language, unique, but spoken sa pamamagitan ng every person.
...It is the beautiful game.

I thought this bumagay the tagline : "One ball to unite the world."
I play in a youth putbol league. Some teams, mostly competitive ones have to travel very far distances. Once my team drove all the way to San Diego. Thats about a seven oras drive! There is madami than one league and a bunch of tournaments. The Biggest League/cup there is, is the State cup. First teams choose if they want to play in it. Then they create the groups. The winners of the groups with the best scores, go into groups with the tuktok teams and have a big competitive battle for the win. The rest of the teams from the other groups play for the winner of the bronze, silver and gold. The 6...
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posted by hellokitty358
Hi, My name is April i pag-ibig soccer.i've been playing putbol since i was 7. I'm 10 now. I'm on a great putbol team. They all worship me. I feel like a bituin when i'm playing like i'm the only one on the field. I was playing a putbol game one araw they put me as ofenses but i usually play defense. a player passed the ball to me. i had the ball under my feet thats how i liked it. i dribbled it across the whole field the players were infront of the goal that i basicly had fight infront of my feet. i kicked it with power. i heard the whistle blow GOAL!!!!!!!! i looked at my coach he had a grin on...
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posted by soccertentworld
Being a part of the 2010 putbol World Cup is now affordable to all! But hurry this is a limited offer and accommodation is running out fast…

Soccer Tent Camp World will be situated in Pretoria, Gauteng, offering cheap, comfortable luxury tented accommodation to putbol fans at a location that provides convenient access to the Pretoria, Rustenburg and Johannesburg stadiums

All accommodation at standard rates includes:

•    Comfortable tented accommodation (sharing)
•    Breakfast and hapunan
•    Free shuttle service to and from...
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posted by Peace_Cup
Warm greetings from Spain to all of putbol mga kaibigan in here!!!!!

Have you ever heard about the biggest sport event this summer????


Peace Cup is an international football tournament that gathers some of the best football clubs in the world with the purpose of raising money for projects to help young people throughout the world.These are organised sa pamamagitan ng the Peace Dream Foundation.

Having celebrated the nakaraan three editions (2003, 05, 07) in Korea, this taon Peace Cup is coming to Europe, madami concretely, Spain.

This will surely bring the tournament to a whole new level....
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posted by deonsaunders212
Watch Portugal vs Spain putbol Live with the exclusive software with live support.

HD Video Quality Live streaming is available here. Live sopcast of the European Championship Match online.

Click Here to Watch Live Online

Match detail
Competition: European Championship
Date : Wednesday, 27 June, 2012
Time : 18:45 GMT

The game will start at 2.45 pm New York Time

World’s number one team Spain will play the tournament first semi-final against the attacking Portugal on Thrusday at Donbass Arena, Donetsk - the city of Ukraine. In the major tournament Portugal was undergo a defeat against Spain in World...
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FIFA Women's World Cup 2011

The 2011 FIFA Women's World Cup will be the sixth instance of the FIFA Women's World Cup, the world championship for women's national association football teams. It has been scheduled to take place between 26 June and 17 July 2011 in Germany, which won the right to host the event in October 2007.

Sweden vs France

Match Schedule
Date: 16-07-2011
Time: 15:30 until 17:30 GMT
3rd Place Match :: FIFA Women's World Cup Germany 2011

The matches will be played in nine stadiums in nine host cities around the country, with the final being played at the Commerzbank Arena in...
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Ronaldo de Assis Moreira, born March 21st, 1980 in Porto Alegre, Brazil, has risen to become one of soccer’s greatest players. The 5′11″, 177-lb “Ronaldinho” began wowing spectators back in 1999 with his amazing mastery at the pasulong position. He began his amateur putbol career sa pamamagitan ng following the path of his father Joao. Here he honed his talents sa pamamagitan ng playing tabing-dagat and indoor (”futbal”) soccer.

Ronaldinho’s mother Miguelina had to raise her son afer Joao died when Ronaldinho was only eight years old; she was helped sa pamamagitan ng his brother and sisters. Ronaldinho earned his first takip It was...
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 team RFR's Gregoire Akcelrod
team RFR's Gregoire Akcelrod

Sponsoring director Gregoire Akcelrod talks about Team RFR and Gazprom during the Moscow race.

Team RFR that was previously known as KMP Racing are an auto racing Russian team who made their début in the Formula Renault 3.5 Series in 2010. The team is based at Nogaro, France.

Prior 2012 season the team was re-branded as Team RFR. This abbreviation stands for Russia France Racing or Russian Force Racing. The personnel was almost completely changed. 2010 Formula Renault 3.5 Series champion Mikhail Aleshin and Anton Nebylitskiy was announced as drivers for the 2012 season.
 team RFR's Gregoire Akcelrod
team RFR's Gregoire Akcelrod