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kasanayan ng tagahanga
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This sonic bases kasanayan ng tagahanga contains anime, comic book, manga, and cartoon.

added by Evolia-Wulf
Source: Base used sa pamamagitan ng SexyLuna, Art and effects sa pamamagitan ng meh." -w-
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Source: me and DaisyFlower46 for base
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Source: kissjelly on DA
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Source: Me :P
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Source: Simplate, Blazesopurple on youtube
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Source: Danniwolf09
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Source: idk
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Source: Base made sa pamamagitan ng HannahStickles8
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Source: SEGA
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Source: sunnythewolf
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Source: me
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Source: SoniGirl of Chickensmoothie, credit to whomever made this base, and me.
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Source: Simplate
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Source: meee
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Source: SEGA
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Source: Drawn: Me~ Character Slick(shadowxcreamftw)