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posted by koalagirl9
Ok so this idea came to me in a dream.It was ironicly about me Pagsulat this fic.I couldnt let the good idea go to waste just because i drempt it!
Noah:thanks for bringing me to prom
Cody:no prob.You know i never thought i'd go to prom with a dude but ...after i turned 17 i decided no girls ever like me exept for Sierra.
Noah:Shes a CREEPO
Cody:yeah she is
Noah:want some punch
Noah:ok let me go get some
As he left Cody saw somthing...GWEN the true pag-ibig of is life he ran over.
Cody:Hey Gwen You and me tonight
Gwen:Sure Duncan Ditched me
At that moment...
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posted by mehparty3
Cody: *sitting in woods, crying*
Duncan: *hears crying* Hello? Who's there?
Cody: *sniffle* D-Duncan?
Duncan: *sees Cody* Sup, little dude? *sits susunod to Cody* Why ya crying?
Cody: I-Iv'e made a t-terrible..... mistake.... *buries face into own knees*
Duncan: Woah... *slowly pats Cody's back* Calm down, little dude......... what happened?
Cody: I can't tell you.
Duncan: Aw, come on, you can tell ol' D your problems.
Cody:..... Promise you won't tell?
Duncan *raises hand as in a pledge* Promise.
Cody: *buries face into knees again* Mh hmn nhmmh...fhmnh... mmmnh.
Duncan: Uh, little dude.... can't here you....
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posted by NoCoOrCoNo
Ever since the Awake-a-thon and Noah getting voted off Cody been trying to find a way to tell noah he likes him

Cody: well Once I get voted off I'll see Noah. but how will I say that I like him especially afte-

Gwen: Talking to yourself again?

Cody: Uh Did you hear that?!

Gwen: No.Why?

Cody:No Reason!

Gwen: Bye

Cody: Oh Darn It! Gwen Distracted me!

The susunod Day..

Cody: New araw New Plan! Maybe once I get voted out, Wait a few days,ask him what happened after awake-a-thon, if he doesn't know, wait a few minutes,tell him!
Perfect! Now I wait
Noah and Cody from Total Drama gettin' frisky...or something like that.
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Noah's POV

Noah had wondered when he'd see Cody. He'd been watching Total Drama Island every week and tonight Cody had been voted off.

Cody arrived at the Playa de Losers, and Noah had stood there like an idiot trying to get up the nerve to go talk to him. During the dodgeball game, back on the island, Noah had sort of developed a crush on the other boy when Cody threw that ball at the other team.

Noah had wanted to talk to him more, but then Noah had been voted off that night. He'd been furious at his teammates for voting him off and he was upset that he didn't get a chance to talk to Cody....
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because everyone know that Noah only did that for jealousy and we pag-ibig it!!! here it is, just for you, so please enjoy it friend ;D
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