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posted by bendaimmortal
Types of Characters/Creatures Allowed: Almost any species native to Kenya, Africa are allowed. Humans don't exist. Both canons and OCs are warmly welcome. TLK2 characters are allowed but you need to adapt it to fit this RP's alternate universe setting. Thir RPG bases on the first movie only, with AU storyline

RPG Type: Play-by-post pagtitip. rpg, storytelling/creative writing.


The kingdom of Pride Lands is reeling from the scandalous fact that the king's brother attempted to murder him and their prince with the help of hyenas, and has now been exiled under bane of death. Only one positive...
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Ok, when I found out that Kiara is a cub in The Lion Guard I didn't like it. Don't get me wrong. I am trying to make myself get used to the idea that Kion is a cub, not to mention the same age as Kiara according to what Disney just said. Yes, he is the segundo born but maybe he was from the same litter (making kiara and kion twins). So yeah.. he was born after Kiara and as it turns out he is the same age as her (not a big tagahanga of that either).
By the way yes he is the segundo born because -for the last time- there is no Kopa! :P
However! It makes scenes from the segundo movie not make any sense!...
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posted by glelsey
An archetype is a model device commonly used in media, and there are quite a few of them present in The Lion King. Sometimes archetypes are used to allow the viewer to make a better connection with a character or narrative, sometimes they are used to symbolise something important, and sometimes they are used simply because it makes sense to do so. Here are just some of the archetypes used in the 1994 animated movie...

Reluctant Hero
This is, of course, Simba. The Reluctant Hero is a common archetype used in a lot of movies, and is normally the protagonist. Simba is the good guy and the rightful...
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