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This ang winx klub litrato contains anime, comic book, manga, and cartoon. There might also be venn diagram and diagram ni venn.

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Source: from divantart the person who posted it on tumblr didn't say who's it was.
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 Skimpy! Too skimpy too soon! Also too skinny!
Skimpy! Too skimpy too soon! Also too skinny!
is winxclub a bad influence?
That's our question, so lets start, shall we? :)

Winxclub has alot of magic, and adventure. But the big message is sended to almost all kids. Here's my questions-
are the winx too skinny?
are the Winx too skimpy?

Now, im not saying its like disney, with one-million subliminal messages. And things that send out bad messages.
1-are the winx too skinny?
Yes. They are. To be honest, they look like stick figures. And I mean, beyond anorexia nervosa. The message? Skinny girls can be super heros! Thats sad. I mean, why? Not even real anime has them that skinny. Can they make...
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I am not sure if this 100% correct because I did find it on the sirenix Winx Club Wiki page and I have only seen the episodes up to 21, but I do know Bloom's is correct since we have seen Daphne in human form.
Tecna: wished that all of the people of her tahanan world would become madami open and connected to all of the thousands of people of the entire magical universe.

Stella wished that her parents-King Radius and reyna Luna- would listen to their hearts more.

Flora: wished that all people respect nature.

Aisha: wished for Nereus to be...
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