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Ichigo Is The Main Character In Tokyo Mew Mew. Also Know As Zoey In The American Version, Mew Mew Power. She Was On A petsa With Auyoma-Kun, Also Know As Masaya, An Earthquake Happened. It Went Into A Different Screen Where An Iriomote Cat Went In Her Body And Merged With Her.
She Is Bright,Cheerful, And Courageous- Well Most Of The Time Anyway.
Ichigo: Hey!
Sorry, Back On Subject. She Has A Crush On Masaya.
She Has A Very Busy Live, School, Crush, Cafe Mew Mew, And Saving The Worl From The Aliens!
Ichigo:Thats For Sure! Sometimes I Wish I Could Have A Break!
Yeah. Also, If Ichigo Kisses Somebody...
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1. Call him "Little Baby Taruto"
2. Ask him if he knows how mga sanggol are made, if he says he doesn't know, laugh, if he says he does, but he's wrong, laugh, if he does know, laugh.
3. Take all his kendi away, for a month!
4. Yell "Guess what, Taruto loves Pudding!" really loud to anyone who will listen, make sure Taruto is there at the time.
5. Make him listen to clam, slow music.
6. After a month, when you give him back his candy, make him eat only ice cream, so much that he gets terrible brainfreeze.
7. Lock him in a room full of cicadas, make sure he the room is teleport-proof.
8. Put a kwelyo and...
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