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Penbrook "Brooke" Abel: December 10th (Sagittarius)

Nylee Anderson: August 31st (Virgo)

Crindoela "Crinpy" Wood: August 11th (Leo)

Pandora "Pastel" Wood: June 1st (Gemini)

Reagen Smith: July 20th (Cancer)

Peace Garrett: February 2nd (Aquarius)

LaToya Smith: April 18th (Aries)

Dakota "Dak" Anderson: August 31st (Virgo)

Hydra "Gummi" Bare: February 27th (Pisces)

Estelle "Eskimo" Collins: November 30th (Sagittarius)

Benyetta "Benny" Knight: June 21st (Cancer)

Taytum Scott: February 13th (Aquarius)
Chris: Last time on Total Drama Stranded! We met some nakaraan contestants. But instead of doing their hellos and hate you’s and stuff we made them run from the Final 6. They had to shoot the ex-contestants with a tranquilizer. Ace barely managed to hit someone even with the help of his madala friend. But some like EC and Zoey managed to hit a few people earning them invincibility. The only options remaining were Ace, Jinx, Sayu and Riley. Riley and Sayu voted for Ace and Jinx ran away and didn’t vote. Even with two mga boto for him Ace managed to survive and Sayu was eliminated. Now only 5...
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Enjoy! :)
"We've passed that puno fives times already", sinabi a weary LeShawna. "Do you even know where we're going?"

"Of course I do!"

They passed the same puno once more.

"Harold, we're lost!"

"I know that, gosh."

"Did you just 'gosh' me? I know you didn't just 'gosh' me!"

"Do you here that?"

"Here what?"

"A plane engine!" Harold ran in the direction of the plane engine. LeShawna followed him.

They arrived at the Total Drama Turbo Jet.

Harold said, "Sweet! It's the turbo jet."

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Name: Travis Hunter Carter

Nickname: Travis, Trav, Hunter, He'll answer to pretty much anything.

Age: 17

Height: 5ft 9in

Stereotype: The goofball

Personality: Travis is a very outgoing person. He will talk to ANYONE. It doesn't matter who they are. He is loud and can be very obnoxious. He lacks all common sense. He jokes around a lot and is hardly ever serious, even in tough situations he still has something funny to say. He isn't the smartest person in the world but ibingiay enough time he can figure out just about anything. He doesn't like conflict or violence and tries to avoid it. But he is very...
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