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I looked at Maria. "Three days?" She whispered, angrily. "Its better than nothing!" I exclaimed as we ran through the forest. We found an abandoned campsite nearby. "Victoria would have killed us if we had stayed with her." I continued, remembering the harsh training she had forced us into. "She made us have this life. The Cullens obliterated her. We have rights to be thankful for them." I said. "I know...I just...It was years ago...and I still miss my old life- as a human!" Maria whispered. I nodded. She was my friend back when we were...normal. She was the kindest person I knew. She had a...
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Chapter 5: Everything is in black and gray.
Renesmee’s family were scattered around the room, looking at ease. Her parent’s faces brightened as soon as she walked in and her mum rose out of her father’s arm and danced towards her to give Renesmee a hug. She saw her wrinkle her nose as she pulled away.
“Not my fault,” Renesmee muttered to herself. They all laughed and Alice danced towards her, pulling on her hand. She sat Renesmee down on the couch, curling her legs under her. Her mum fell back into her father’s lap on the floor and he kissed her cheek.
“So you probably are wondering...
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Hey! Sorry I have not writtin for awhile. I have been so busy. Thank you for pagbaba let me know if its bad or good.
Chapter 10

The dream…

I was running fast. Running from something I didn’t know what. I did know that it could kill me whatever it was. The woods were still slightly dark like dawn was coming. The woods looked blue instead of the usual dark green. The air was cold and crisp. I stumbled and fell I quickly looked back they were gaining I could sense it. I stood and tried to run again, but my foot I was caught. I couldn’t get free. Two figures walked toward me. I let out a scream…...
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A few days later…

“Are you sure you’re okay?” Alice asked me. Her golden eyes narrowed as she read my face.
I forced a nod and a smile while I waited for the pain to subside after another kick from the baby. Her nudges had now turned into kicks and they were becoming madami painful. Each little movement from her resulted in one of my internal organs getting a beating.
I was sat in the living room of the Cullen household, with Alice, Rosalie and Esme. They were ibingiay guard duty sa pamamagitan ng Edward who had gone hunting with his brothers. Alice glanced at Rosalie who glanced at Esme who watched me...
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Hope you enjoy it

I found the things to draw the dress with in the cabinet like she said. I set everything up and started to draw the outline. Everyone liked short here and the man had asked for summery type dress. I drew a short strapless dress with a ribbon round the tuktok and round the bottom and then in strips going diagonally across. The dress its self was white and the ribbon was mint green. I looked at my drawing wondering if the man would approve. I decided he would and went out to ipakita it to him. I would in to the reception again were the man was sat. “Well don’t you look...
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ZC30 published
We don't want to start a fight! Carisle said. Your protecing a crimial. Aro said. Why on earth did they keep calling me a crimal? My anger was at it's highest, so I thought that it was best to fight. The fight started but no one moved, we out numbered the Violturi sa pamamagitan ng 1 but they had a vampire with 3 special power that was with them. My family was really good at fightig since we had Jasper but the Volturi we trained to fight. No one on my side of the family wanted to mMs the first move, if we did we could be killed fir attept to kill the Volturi. Jane was trying her best to get...
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posted by Hellohoudini
Now Official: Xavier Samuel is Riley
sa pamamagitan ng Twilight_News | July 17, 2009
The Hollywood Reporter first broke the news about the rumor of Xavier Samuel being cast as Riley a couple of days nakaraan along with a Aussie paper.
Xavier has finally confirmed it in person and Summit has verified as well. It is official he is Riley. There is no other info on other hot roles such as Leah at this time.
Xavier’s reaction, “”I’m in a bit of a daze but it’s a wonderful bit of news.” Boy is that an understatement! Welcome to Twilight, Xavier!

    Chapter 8 - Complicated
    That night, after Stefan drove me home, I felt extremely alone and afraid. I decided to call him. He picked up on the first ring and when I told him a was afraid, he sinabi he would be right there. It was only two minutos before I heard a knock on my window and I ran to open it. He stepped in, threw his arms around my waist and leapt out the third story window.
    He ran and ran, much faster than your average car, until we came to a large lake that I had never known was...
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This is quite a long one...
He took a deep breath and started speaking slowly at first but then after a while with madami confidence, “ My name is Kaleb, and my mother died saving my life as well, when my mother was pregnant with me she was ill and nearly died, she was left in the woods to die sa pamamagitan ng her village, while she was in the woods, a vampire and a werewolf who were hunting found her and they fought over who would get her, during the fight they both came into contact with her and caused me. Because of what I am my mother healed quickly and survived, the werewolf and vampire had killed each...
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breaking dawn 2
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One araw he says goodbye and disappears. Bella don't know what to do and become depressed, the only thing she can think about is Edward. One araw she realises he won't come back and she commits suiside.
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