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Reason she became a medicat because of matey issues!
Knew Firepaw for like four months
Really liked him even though he barely spoke to her!
Really visited him from Starclan every time he dreamed , probably trying to make him realize he wanted her!
Was too young to be dead!
Left all worlds being a mary sue and saving Sandstorm out of misplaced 'selflessness'
More like Saltstorm!
When Firepaw came into Clan:
Mocked him as a 'kittypet'
Sided with Dustpaw, who obviously likes her way madami than Firepaw
When Fireheart became a warrior before her, she was jealous and resentful.
When he...
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"Good luck!" that was the last words Cloudheart heard as she shoved her way into the tunneling darkness of the Rymestone Cave. Her balahibo tingled with excitement, and also fear. What would happen? Would it be painful? Will she get all her nine lives? madami and madami tanong buzzed into Cloudheart's head as she layed down and dipped her muzzle gently into the Starlight Pool. A flash of bright white light blinded her and then she found herself in a beautiful moor, just like where SkyClan lives. Suddenly a bituin seemed to fall out of the sky and a dozen or madami Pusa filled the clearing. Cloudheart...
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I mean seriously. People think Cinderpelt was Fireheart's mate or crush at one point. Fireheart was Cinderpelt's mentor before she hurt her leg. They did not like each other in that way. I am going to listahan a few reasons why they could not be together.
1. Fireheart was and is to old for her.
2. Fireheart liked Sandstorm.
3. Cinderpelt became a medicine cat.
So yes, those are some reasons. I hope I did not offend anyone. This is just my opinion.

Please comment if you agree with me:)

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