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This Young Justice OC'S!!! litrato contains business suit. There might also be suit, suit ng mga damit, anime, comic book, manga, and cartoon.

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posted by Kurls_Basd
 I'm so stupid why in the hell did I when into that damn building. My sorry Jaivus. This is all my fault.
I'm so stupid why in the hell did I when into that damn building. My sorry Jaivus. This is all my fault.
Back in the Infirmary
"Here drink this." Devin said, handing Ashley a small glass at which the blue haired collected it.
"Your sister sinabi you need a lot of water if you wanna get back to your full strength." Devin told her, with a smile
"Why aren't you healing Jaivus?" Ashley asked, bluntly.
"Well I do have an explanation for that. You see Ashley when you two were brought Jaivus flat lined your sister and i were focus on getting his puso beating again. When we manage to do that we decided to start healing his burns," She paused, "but then his lungs started to collapsed so we had to focus on...
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posted by Kurls_Basd
 Lelisa the apoy Slayer
Lelisa the Fire Slayer
Aquapoint's eyes widen upon seeing Frostbite she grabbed Koda sa pamamagitan ng this clothes and asked firmly,
"What is going on?"
"Get off of me."
She quickly got off of him and both of them stood up.
"So?" she said, folding her arms.
"After 8 years for not seeing your older brother I'm surprise you can't say a single hello ."
"Call off those brats before my mga kaibigan hard them."
"Kids cool it."
"Artemis, Mafia they work for my sister." she pointed at the girl with the dark blue hair. Artemis and Mafia stopped suddenly saving both there victims from their incoming attacks. Mafia and Whisperer shapeshifted back into...
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posted by Kurls_Basd
 Frostbite aka Kaya Ashley's older sis
Frostbite aka Kaya Ashley's older sis
"Do you have any idea how hard I worked to get it like this." Aquapoint yelled, as Artemis and Mafia hit the ground. Mafia rubbed her head, "She worried about her hair and not her partners."
"At least you know what i have to put up with." Artemis said, as she and Mafia stood on their feet and backed up to Aquapoint.
"I'm going to turn you into a popsicle Sparky!" She yelled. Artemis and Mafia looked down at the protégés both astounded sa pamamagitan ng her words.
"Wow you're pretty ticked off about your hair." Mafia said.
"You're not turning anyone into anything kid." The blue head male sinabi firmly, "Look I...
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posted by Kurls_Basd
 mysterious blue head
mysterious blue head
Aquapoint and Artemis aimed their arrows at the girl.
"We don't wanna hard you." Sparkfire sinabi smirking, as she putted out an unusually spear. The boy slowly crawled down from the pader and stood on the other side of the hallway surrounding the girls.
"Mafia you got your target right?" Artemis asked at which Mafia nodded yes.
"You and Aquapoint?" Mafia asked, sounding if they had already access their situation. Artemis and Aquapoint looked at each other at which Mafia smirked. Artemis switched directions suddenly and simultaneously both archers release their arrows. The two delinquents dodged...
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posted by Kurls_Basd
The zeta tube announced her name she bolt through it and then through the training room Robin, Babylon, Kidflash and Countess dodged as the blue haired raced past them. They watched the archer as she ran through the hallways."I'm going to be late!" Aquapoint's voice echoed from the hallway. They all looked at each other with confusing faces.
Aquapoint continued running, breathing heavily. She checked herself, "Ok 40 arrows, checked. Extra supply of water, checked. Explosives, checked. My bow, checked. Good I have everything, she won't kill me..." Aquapoint looked up, dashing in the the kitchen....
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posted by Kurls_Basd
Akash turned the door knob quietly and slowly. He was exhausted, he's been at work all araw and now, all night. He looked at the clock on pader at the side of the door as he entered the dark house, it was 11:58pm. He rubbed the back of his neck and closed his eye to relieve the sleepy headache. He then threw his amerikana on the amerikana hanger and a few items on the drawer below the clock. He ran his hand turn his crimson hair as the marched to the kitchen. As he walked pass the sitting room, he glanced into the door and noticed a number of human figures. He stops and the light is switch on.

"Good night...
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posted by Kurls_Basd
"Why can't be hitch a ride?" She asks.
"If either of us uses our powers they'll know and they'll find us fasted." he tells her, and she nods.

A few hours later.

The young girl walked behind the young man, she drags her feet, she gasps with every step she takes. She finally gives up and falls to her knees.
"Rohan, I tired please can we stop. Rest a bit please." She tells him. Rohan halts and turn to her, he looks at her with sleepy eyes and then walks up to at her,
"Melody I know your tired so am I, but just a few more...
"You sinabi that already," Melody sinabi interrupted him, "You might be use to...
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posted by Kurls_Basd
((Its long I know but please read to the end and thank you Discord for help with the pamagat I just look for a synonym XD))

It was happening again that memory, that horrible memory, haunting him another night. The heavy breathing, the sudden crashes, and the sound of pain pounding into his head.
Then that scream, that woman's scream, the scream of torture and fright, the one that made every hair on his body stood up. Its high pitch and a hellish bang that came after and synced with it, dampening the air with death and fear. It played out as it did eight and a half years ago. The moments that changed...
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"Put this over your eyes." Akash held up the black ribbon in front of her. Although she was a little confused and curious Kaya took the ribbon and tied it around her eyes. She felt Akash gently grabbed her shoulder and spun her around. After the spin, Kaya tried her best to hold her balance as she held her hands out to feel her way about.

Frowning her lips she reached for the ribbon to peek but was hit on the hand.

"Oww, Akash this isn't funny." She sinabi blunt and gloomy. She felt his hands on her shoulder once more.

He whispered in her ear, "I know, but just trust me." She sighed, relaxing her...
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((this takes places after the incident with Honesty in: The Power of the heksagono series."))
He fell to the floor eyes tightly shut as his back stunk from the impact of the fall. Nate, the purple eye and purple haired boy, sat up clenching his teeth from vexation as the combat panel painted in deep red the fail writing. It was the third time he was staring at that writing, but what arguer him the most was the one that made him face the letters.

He looked up seeing the most, in his opinion, disgusting creature with his death-black hair and blooded-red eyes extending his hand to put him from the...
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Name: Carly

Likes: Sweets

Best Friend: None

Loves: Heat

Dislikes: Cold

Worst Habit: Anti-Social

Personal Secret: I can dance really well

paborito Food: Creamed Spinach

paborito Color: Black

Code Name: Vixen

Mentor/Inspiration: Becca

Relations: None

Base of Operations: Resistance Headquarters

Personal Home: New York

Occupation: Mercenary

Job: Journalist

Team: Resistance

What Symbolizes You: Wind

Biggest Regret: Not falling in love

Dream Career: Travel writer

Most kamakailan Nightmare: Uhh...

Spirit Animal: Fox
babaing mainit ang ulo
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"Now they know what you are."

Not long after, a knock came at the young man's door. Marcus Antoni Rurik set down the jackets he had been trying to decide between to go to the door. He froze at the sight before him. The redhead had been forced to clean up nicely. Her red locks were straightened to a sheen, make-up smoothed over her features, and a well-fitted dress hugged her well-toned body. Aside from the chains around her wrists, Anastasia Romanov looked like she actually belonged in his family's castle.
"Miss Romanov, how can I help you?" Marcus asked, crossing his strong arms over his chest....
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