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barbieboonchit sinabi …
Barie Dophin Magic will release on Netflix!
So Mattle will release Barbie only on Netflix now? No madami movie no madami DVD to collect?
Oh No! The marketing changes So much! Posted 4 days ago
MelodyLaurel nagkomento…
Calm down. Considering how popular Netflix and VOD are these days, it's not entirely surprising that they would release a movie there. It would have a chance to reach a wider audience. Sad as it is, they can't stick to just DVDs forever. Times are changing. But that doesn't mean they'll never release anything on DVD again, so can we not panic just yet? 4 days ago
nmdis nagkomento…
Isn't it better though? We won't need to buy DVDs 3 days ago
barbieboonchit sinabi …
After saw the teaser
I really wanna cry.
So disaponit! Posted 25 days ago
MelodyLaurel nagkomento…
... Let's at least try to wait until we see the movie, shall we? Or at least get a trailer in English? We've been through this. It's too early to tell how the movie is going to be like. 24 days ago
KylieR12 nagkomento…
I think that this movie is so beautiful! I like it. 22 days ago
Sparklefairy375 nagkomento…
Why it was disappointed? 12 days ago
nmdis nagkomento…
I didn't really liked the animation but I can't really say anything about the plot since I didn't understood a single word. 3 days ago
big smile
Keira17 sinabi …
Barbie dolpin Magic official trailer in german language!!!

LINK: Posted 27 days ago
KylieR12 nagkomento…
OMG!!! I'm so excited for this movie, can't wait to see the movie!!! Thank you Keira17 for share!!! 25 days ago
KylieR12 nagkomento…
Κeep telling us for another news from this movie!!! 25 days ago