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rzenteno sinabi …
Letting you know that i haven't watch the new season or the new episodes of OUAT. But i'm waiting for the new seasons to be on Netflix Posted 12 days ago
FlightofFantasy sinabi …
Just posted Hook's song from the musical episode! Posted 26 days ago
lilyZ nagkomento…
I have an addiction "revenge, revenge, revenge is gonna be mine" ;) 22 days ago
AaronHaley4ever nagkomento…
^ Same. It's been stuck in my head for days! xD 17 days ago
KataraLover sinabi …
I did used to think that they couldn't balutin the ipakita up in season 6 but after watching this episode, I think maybe this would be the right season to do so. Sure, we still haven't gotten the whole Lily's father thing (Let's face it, we know it's gonna be The Dragon) and the whole what happened to Anastasia/The Red reyna but they're really not important to the major plot. I mean, they're facing the greatest evil of all! That's an epic way to end the show! How will they follow up on that? Posted 1 month ago
FlightofFantasy nagkomento…
I have to agree. At least if they renew the show, I think they should balutin up the main characters storylines (as they seem to be doing in the season six finale), and the seventh season (if there is one) should just be about the recurring characters whose storylines got left unfinished, e.g. Ruby and Dorothy, Mulan, Lily and Maleficent, Will and Anastasia, Kathryn, etc. 26 days ago