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ArcticWolf sinabi …
I've just done the stupidest thing ever.

I was going to take out the trash to the dumpster at work and I literally slammed my head into the gate before making sure it was, you know, *open*. Now I've got a gash above my eye that might need stitches. This is what I get for not paying attention to my surroundings. Posted 3 hours ago
BlindBandit92 nagkomento…
Damn man that really sucks 2 hours ago
Mauserfan1910 nagkomento…
Yeah that is pretty stupid 30 minutes ago
BlindBandit92 nagkomento…
@ArcticWolf Also look on the bright side at least you didn't take out your eye doing that. 3 minutes ago
PureHeroine sinabi …
How weird would it be if fanpop will be closed one araw because of lack of people (3 years nakaraan there used to be so many madami than we are now) like where are we supposed to go lol xD Posted 1 day ago
BlindBandit92 nagkomento…
I think many forget there really isn't a lack of people. There's madami people not contributing than anything. They (the fanpop 4) created the ginto system because of that reason. As long as there's still some people at least visiting this site. That also garners revenue because are looking at the ads. It's not as really lacking as one would think. It just seems so. It's just lacking somewhat not as much as people think. 1 day ago
BlindBandit92 nagkomento… long as this site is making money in some form. I doubt it's closing anytime soon. 1 day ago
PureHeroine nagkomento…
^ Same, I only use fanpop, FB and tumblr. I'm not really going on other sites. There was a website which I really loved but it was closed down because not many people were active anymore. That sucked but wcyd. I just hope it won't happen here. 22 hours ago
ShadowFan100 sinabi …
So, who's ready to get their eyes burned off? lol

Seriously, though, I'm sure I'm not the only one eager to see the eclipse. It's gonna be awesome :D Posted 1 day ago
TheLefteris24 nagkomento…
Eclipses are really beautiful. If only they could happen madami frequently and have a longer duration than usual. Though, in the end, I guess, that is what makes them so unique and wonderful. A Fading Beauty !!!! 23 hours ago