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zanhar1 sinabi …
I just saw a post where someone sinabi that they hated Bellatrix because of something she did in a FANFICTION that they read! Lol what? There are other perfectly valid reasons to hate my husband, and that's what you're going with? I cannot lol. Posted 13 hours ago
zanhar1 nagkomento…
Worst part; they confessed to liking her before the fic. I weep. 13 hours ago
candylover246 nagkomento…
.. Ok wow I don't even have a response for that 12 hours ago
Sparklefairy375 nagkomento…
Hate a character because of a fanfiction? Lol this is the dumbest thing I've ever heard!! Fanfiction isn't official, stupid -_- 3 hours ago
EgoMouse sinabi …
Today's my birthday. Gonna try be productive. Already drawn something for an art trade so off to a great start. Posted 1 day ago
Lelouchx nagkomento…
link 1 day ago
Zeppie nagkomento…
Happiest of Birthdays Ego! :D link 11 hours ago
EgoMouse nagkomento…
All these wonderful mice :') 10 hours ago
CielXlizzy19 sinabi …
Going through all my old posts, comments and antics.... God, I was extremely annoying. I don't know when the "le" and "ermedgahd" fazes died down, but I'm glad they did. Don't get me started on the "xD" and "=3=" faces, and ending every sentence with "//shot". You lifers are war bayani for putting up with that mess. Posted 1 day ago
zanhar1 nagkomento…
Same tho but I'm sure there are new phrases that have come to replace 'epic fail' at least in my comments. 1 day ago
CielXlizzy19 nagkomento…
In a few years, we're all probably gonna regret "lit" and "wavy" and "sauce". I can't wait. 1 day ago
PureHeroine nagkomento…
I still write xD Lol 1 day ago