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Gomez: 'I just sat at the back of the room and got on with my work.'

Selena Gomez reveals that her school days weren’t her best days.

The former Wizards of Waverly Place actress admits that before all the fame and success, she wasn’t as confident at school and she wasn't one of the popular girls.

“I was never the popular kid at school. I had two friends, but I just sat at the back of the room and got on with my work,” she said, according to The Daily Mail. “School is such an awkward time in your life. I was never confident in school.”

She says since she didn’t have a lot of confidence,...
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Taking a break from the studio to spend time with his gal, Justin Bieber treated Selena Gomez to a romantic afternoon in Los Angeles on Saturday (February 25).

The "Never Say Never" hitmaker and his "Who Says" pag-awit girlfriend were joined sa pamamagitan ng a group of mga kaibigan as they made their way over to Sushi Dan a some tasty Japanese lunch.

Once filled up, the young couple continued along with their Oscar weekend petsa sa pamamagitan ng heading to the Sherman Oaks galleria for a matinee movie.

Justin and Selena looked casually chic on Saturday afternoon when they stepped out for a meal at L.A.'s Sushi Dan. The Biebs sported a red and white jacket, black pants, and a white tee.Selena looked beautiful as always in a grey knit mini dress, and wedge-heeled fringed suede ankle boots.
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 My paborito song!!
My favorite song!!
Selena is one of my paborito celebrities. She is an AMAZING singer and actress. I like almost everyone of her songs. She is also the most gorgeous and most beautiful girl i have ever seen. Most guys think she is hot and sexy as well, but as a girl, i cant take sides on that one, but my brother is completely in pag-ibig with her. She is also very nice and actually quite normal. Unlike other celebrities, she does not spend her time trying to ipakita off her body, but rather spends it having a good time! This i think is one the reason that i like her so much. She does not believe that she has to dress and scantily as possible and then ipakita it off to everyone like some celebrities do. pag-ibig Selena Gomez!!!
 Incredibly beautiful!!!
Incredibly beautiful!!!
posted by Selena_01
Selena Gomez & the Scene (aka Selena & the Scene) is an American pop rock band that formed in 2009. The band consists of Selena Gomez on lead vocals, Ethan Roberts on guitar, Joey Clement on bass, Greg Garman on drums, and Dane Forrest on keyboards.

During an interview with Jocelyn Vena, of MTV in August 2008, Selena Gomez sinabi of her future music career that: "I'm going to be in a band — no 'Selena Gomez' stuff. I'm not going to be a solo artist. I think that I don't want my name attached to it. I will be singing, and I'm learning drums and playing electric guitar."[5]...
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okay so the episode in hannah montana when Mikayla (selena gomez) stars in a movie with jake ryan (cody linley) and miley gets jealous well there have been some rumours about...............CELENA!!!!!??? weird huh? well we found out on E! news that it is not true they asked selena gomez 'so selena tell us are you and cody linley offically dating' and selena sinabi 'of course not we are not a couple' so later on in the week i was watching the news and it was ipinapakita selena gomez and the jonas brothers at the fox8 2009 awards and we spotted selena gomez hugging nick jonas and nick jonas winked at selena ooooooooooooo la la
1 Selena Gomez silver dress in celebrates opening night of her Revival Tour. Plunging and side slit sexy silver celebrity prom dress.
2 Selena Gomez in a casual red satin dress when out in NYC celebrating National Donut Day. Selena Gomez red silky satin long dress featuring column silhouette, spaghetti straps and v-neckline.
3 Selena Gomez in a sexy black long prom dress when performing SNL Night Live. Sleeveless plunging neckline with cutouts design, Selena Gomez black dress flashed most of her midriff and her entire left leg with its thigh-high slit.
4 Selena Gomez in a elegant burgundy evening...
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"Naturally" is a song sa pamamagitan ng American band Selena Gomez & the Scene from their 2009 debut album, halik & Tell. It was written sa pamamagitan ng Antonina Armato, Tim James, and Devrim Karaoglu. It serves as the album's segundo single in the United States and Canada, and the lead single in international markets. The song is an up-tempo electropop song in which the lead singer sings about someone who is her perfect fit.[2] The song officially impacted U.S. mainstream radio on January 19, 2010.[3]

"Naturally" is the band's highest charting song to date, charting in the tuktok twenty in multiple countries, and at...
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Tell em that it's my birthday
Tell em that it's my birthday
Tell em that it's my birthday when I party like that
Every night's my birthday
They don't know so it's ok
Tell em that it's my birthday when I party like that

Jazz it up, jazz it up

Happy as can be
Falling into you, falling into me
How do you do calling me, the reyna
Cake and cream

Blow your dreams, blow your dreams
Blow your dreams away with me
Blow your dreams, blow your dreams
Blow your dreams away with me

Tell em that it's my birthday
Tell em that it's my birthday
Tell em that it's my birthday when I party like that
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Selena Marie Gomez (born July 22, 1992)[1] is an American actress, singer, and UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, best known for portraying Alex Russo in the Emmy Award-winning Disney Channel telebisyon series Wizards of Waverly Place. She subsequently ventured into feature films and has starred in the telebisyon pelikula Another Sinderella Story, Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie, and Princess Protection Program. She made her starring theatrical film debut in Ramona and Beezus.
Enhancing her repertoire into the music industry, Gomez is the lead singer and founder of the pop band Selena Gomez &...
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posted by Greekgirlishere
petsa of Birth
22 July 1992, Grand Prairie, Texas, USA

Birth Name
Selena Marie Gomez


5' 5" (1.65 m)

Mini Biography
Selena Marie Gomez was born to Mandy Cornett and Ricardo Gomez on July 22, 1992. At a young age, she moved from New York to Grand Prairie, Texas. Giving birth to Selena at 16, her mom Mandy recalls living "paycheck-to-paycheck". Selena started out on "Barney" (1992) as "Gianna" in 2001 where she really discovered her talent. Unfortunately, they dropped her from the series after just two years. In 2003, she had a very small role in the movie Spy Kids 3-D: Game...
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Justin Bieber, cool your jets! The 21-year-old singer-actress is only pag-awit about "la-la-la-la-loving you" on Prince Royce's new song "Already Missing You."
The track features lots of techno beats, a fair amount of autotune, and plenty of lusty back-and-forth "missing you's" between Selena and the 24-year-old Latin pop star. (Remember, Jelena fans, it's just a song!)
"Feeling a rush, makes me go wild/ Crazy how you know what I think," Selena sings. "I cannot pretend I won't be lonely every minuto that you're gone."

Prince Royce sings a promising, "Trust me, in the end it will be worth it," before...
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posted by superDivya
You got my eye
And I'm tryin' to holla at ya
You're walking by
And I trip on the furniture
I'm on my ride down
Won't stop movin'
And I don't know exactly what I'm doin'
I see you shake, shake,
And I'm spinnin'
It's like a one win race
Yeah, I'm winnin'
I'm all dizzy when you're here with me
So, let's bring the heat

Cause' there ain't nothin' to it
Just gotta do it
You got to own it,own it
Move to the beat of
Your own drum
When it's hot like that
(Burn it up like that)
Move to the beat of
Your own drum
When you got it like that
(Yeah,it's hot like that)
Eh Eh
Gotta make it say
Eh Ehhh
Bang A Drum
Bang A Drum

You got me...
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All at once

You know inside
Let's ride, across the stars tonight
Love has been so long the way for us
So long you gonna know
And tonight, your soul is scared to ride
So first time saw you
Nothing makes pag-ibig so true

All at once
I needed you madami than you know
all at once
I needed to melt like a snow
All at once
I wanted you in my life
I hope that there's pag-ibig tonight
All at once
I needed you in my dreams
All at once
I needed you to pag-ibig me
All at once
I wanted to fly so high
I hope there's madami pag-ibig tonight

Strange of the eye
SO true

Fairytale so real
When you and I are dancing
You make...
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I feel like i'm walking in the sky
Woah, Woah
Yesterday tears were in my eyes
Woah, Woah

What a bad day
Yeah, i've been there before
But, I keep my head up
So, I don't have those anymore
I made a choice to be the best that I could ever be
Gotta stay positive, Ignore the negativity

Gonna follow my intuition
Tell myself to listen
Everythings gonna be okay
It's gonna be a good day
Oh, oh, oh, uh, oh, oh, ohhh
Uh, oh, ohhh
It's gonna be a good day
Follow my intuition
It's gonna be a good day

I gotta go with what feels right
Woah, Woah
Don't always need a reason why
Woah, Woah

What's the problem?
Compared to the weight...
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posted by dolphin4710
Selena's paborito things

1. paborito song rockstar
2. paborito color green
3. paborito store hollister
4. paborito scent baby powder
5. paborito cereal kakaw pebbles
6. paborito kendi snickers
7. paborito pagkain pickels
8. paborito movie wizard of oz
9. paborito ipakita reportedly
10. paborito holiday halloween
11. paborito buwan july
12. paborito cartoon kim possible
13. paborito sport basketball
14. paborito animal tiger
Selena Gomez and the Scene are set to release a Spanish album of her hit songs later on this year. However, no official release petsa or track listahan have come out as of yet. However, we do have a rumored track listahan that we are going to share with you, but please keep in mind that this track listahan is a rumored one. None of these songs have been confirmed nor denied to be on the album except for the Spanish version of A Without Rain, which will be included.

1.Un Año Sin Ver Llover (Versión en Español de “A taon Without Rain”) Un Año Sin View Llover (Versión en Español “The taon Without...
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posted by almira_1
Selena Gomez is amazing , I think we can all agree on that right? Well , selena is amazing because of her talents, her caring, thoughtful, and all of those. People who are posers and make fake accounts like I didn't once , but it wasn't right so I deleted it. Now I realize that pagganap fake is going to hurt Selena and others who think the real selena is fake. Well yeah this is off topic but selena gomez is truly amazing. She doesn't deserve to be called slut and such . She is amazing. Rumors are telling her off making her look like a bad person... WHICH ISNT TRUE. Selena Marie Gomez is truly...
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Round 1: Selena in a small black dress(done)
Round 2: Selena in a small white dress(done)
Round 3: Selena in a small kulay-rosas dress(done)
Round 4: Selena in a small blue dress(done)
Round 5: Selena in a small yellow dress or yellow T-shirt(done)
Round 6: Selena in a small purple dress or purple T-shirt(done)
Round 7: Selena in a small grey dress or grey T-shirt(done)
Round 8: Selena in a black toga or with bracelets (done)
Round 9: Selena with a hoodie(done)
Round 10: Selena in a bikini(done)
Round 11: Selena with a updo hairstyle(done)
Round 12: Selena in boots(done)
Round 13: Selena in a red gown(done)
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Everyone Knows Selena Gomez:

Shes Loving
Shes Caring
Shes Awsome
Shes Amazing
Shes wonderfu
Shes A Great role model
Shes Good at everything
She has the best songs ever don't you agree?
My paborito song sa pamamagitan ng her would have to be WHO SAYS

And anyone can just know how wonderfull she is sa pamamagitan ng looking at her.



posted by unaiza
uy Guys here are some strange pics of selena Hope u'll like them :P
Please like this artikulo if u think it's good ^^
These r some interesting facts about Selena

1. Selena met Demi Lovato when she starred in Barney and Friends!
2. She was born on the 22nd of July 1992!
3. She was born in Grand Prarie Texas!
4. She grew up with in Grand Prairie, Texas!
5. She is best mga kaibigan with Taylor Swift!
6. She is in Wizards of Waverly Place! Which unfortunately ended...
7. She is going out with Justin Bieber
8. She won a KCA award!
9. She is a brunette!
10. She has five dogs!
11. She is an only child!
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