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Yes! I loved it!
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Yes, but I also pag- ibig other...
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ang napili ng mga taga-hanga: Ashton Kutcher
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SaraCook sinabi …
Hi Ellen.
I am Pagsulat you in hopes that you can give my stepmother tickets. She is a super fan. She records and watches your ipakita every day. She never really does things for herself. It's always about the family and her grandbabies. Please give us a chance to do something for her that she would actually love. Your great. Be kind to 1 another. Posted 3 days ago
Beccyd35 sinabi …
Hello, Ellen.
I know you get a lot of these, but this is not for me (not really). I work at a small catholic school, that has around 90 students enrolled in the pk4-8th grade. This will be my third taon at this school. Over my career here, I have tried to desperately to be technology savvy for my students. We live in a county where most families make only $44,000 a year. I have asked for donations for a new smart board, but this has not been successful. Technology is so important, please help! Posted 6 days ago
Tarrna sinabi …
uy Ellen, I have a friend that has his own business & is trying to Come up. Him & his wife work very hard. They do outside work all yr long. puno trimming, chopping trees Down, mowing grass. Temps this week w/ heat index was 100/higher/very close. His name is Amos Klutman. He also has a mobile game park. He is a Christain His businesses could use some help for new mowers, chainsaws, upgrade his trailers, his mobile game park AllNall he could use a nice blessing I watch ur ipakita almost everyday. Posted 1 month ago