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Who is your paborito disney villian?

24 answers | my answer: Idk why,but Yzma XD
Harry Potter

How can ppl like Twilight madami than Harry Potter???

19 answers | my answer: Idk why,but really,the real quetion is,...
Harry Potter

whose hands are those?

8 answers | my answer: o_o.....Um.....Ron?
Harry Potter

Guess My Fave HP Girl And Win A pagpaparangal Of Your Choice!

16 answers | my answer: Hermione....?

THIS IS SPARTA!!!!!!!!!!!

6 answers | my answer: CUTEEE :3 sparta looks so adorable

don't u pag-ibig when ur cat turns into hovercat?

4 answers | my answer: [b]Yeah.It's so adorable!XDD[/b]

What is name of your cat? :)

184 answers | my answer: [b]Jordan Nickname:Jojo and Midus Nickname:Momo...

あなたは 家で 日本語 を 話します か。

17 answers | my answer: [b]さて、私のコールの人の雌犬および...

Help! I looking characters...

6 answers | my answer: Renji Abarai from Bleach

Do you ever wish that some characters where real?

37 answers | my answer: YES!i wish most anime people are real,especially Bl...