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Omg. YAY! <3 :* I need all your attention sempai x3.... Oh nothing much. Kinda pissed. Thanks to that user who asked the women makes women question. Other than that...I had a dopamine fast today. Wbu? Posted 2 hours ago
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Yo hearing your oldest sister be like "Yeah, I didn't really care that you were madami attached to him than me, I was just glad there was someone else helping out because I could barely keep you alive since there is only so much a sister could do."

Well geee.

I mean I remember being bad but not that bad :v Posted 16 hours ago
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But then again I dont really remember XD At least people being really up front with how close I seemed to be to offing myself gives me validation that I really was depressed at some point like my sparknotes of my own life says :v 16 hours ago
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Lowkey kinda wanna go back and experience again just to see how bad I really was but I think Id regret that five segundos in 16 hours ago
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I don't really have a good sense of when Im pushing myself too hard to be entirely honest. Usually I end up pushing myself and pushing myself unaware of the toll its having or only minimal awareness of it to the point I feel like I can do a lot madami then I just suddenly snap / break / crack and am forced to stop

Its something I am working on and I only really stopped studying (out of boredom) cause I took a short rbeak to call my boyfriend and he told me to take a break Posted 16 hours ago
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Turns out Im kinda feeling how exhausted I was after taking about an oras break XD 16 hours ago
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Same kinda goes with most internal feelings, may it be hunger, exhaustion, and sometimes even just flat out pain. Im really bad at recognizing it until Im barely functioning and at that point it tends to be too late :v But Im working on it and try to listen when someone I know that can read me and that I trust tells me to take a break cos I know some people are better at telling when Im worn down than I am XD 16 hours ago