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Riku114 sinabi tungkol sa Riku114
Off camping for a while. Prolly wont be on mich for the susunod few days Posted 14 hours ago
TheLefteris24 nagkomento…
Have fun, Riku. Get the most out of it !!!! 14 hours ago
JetBlack_ nagkomento…
Have fun :D be ligtas 🏕 13 hours ago
SilentForce nagkomento…
Hope you have a great time 12 hours ago
BlindBandit92 nagkomento…
seeya then ^^ 11 hours ago
Riku114 sinabi tungkol sa Riku114
I relate to Nagito drooling over Izuru Kamukura there. Like wowza.

I think Nagito and Munakata summarize my personality pretty well. Then you could put either Toko or Izuru in to add extra touches. Or both. Posted 1 day ago
TheLefteris24 nagkomento…
Same for me with the last two although a little bit madami than extra touches. Anyway, both it is. They synchronize pretty well XD !!!! 24 hours ago
Riku114 sinabi tungkol sa Riku114
[forgot she had like four hours of on and off panic attacks today until Zeppie asked her about it cos she saw the post]

"The Glory of My Memory" XD Posted 1 day ago