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In June 2006, Henry woods the youngest of three children from the woods family. Henry just turned 7 years old before they ilipat to the new house when he was at Billy’s birthday party. he saw Jeff fight off the bullies and saw his own brother In flames Henry yelled “get a motherfucking apoy extinguisher my big brother is on fire, you assholes!’’ and when he saw his big brother in the hospital he was crying because he had to see his brother in huge pain and the police released liu after they found out randy did pull out the knives and tried stabbing Henry, liu and Jeff.    ...
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It was just a normal day, just me sitting at my computer, madami bored than I ever would be. I would always go on YouTube and watch Minecraft videos; so today, I decided to get it myself. My parents would always complain about me being on the computer all the time, so I knew that any attempts to get Minecraft through them would be in vain. Not knowing of any mga kaibigan who played it, I had only one plausible method of obtaining the game—the Internet. So I opened up Chrome and searched for it. There were a ton of iugnay to pretty legit websites on the first couple of pages, but they always led to...
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I've always loved anime, ever since I was little. One of my favorites in particular is Code Geass, I watched this anime nonstop, I would often get so Nawawala in the story I would forget reality for a moment. That is, till I found out the dark truth behind Lelouch and the Rebellion.

The story revolves around Lelouch, and at the beginning he was a normal, happy little prince, till his mother was killed and his little sister, Nunnally, was left blind and paralyzed.

In reality, Nunnally was killed along with Marianne, and Charles sent Lelouch away to a mental institution in Japan. Even then, little...
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PL: lord Zalgo Demands we strike the proxys on the run... We ilipat once the purge starts

Purger: yes sir!


Masky: man... I'm running out of pills

Hoody: we will get you some bro

EJ: the Purge will start in a few Hours... What should we do?

Jeff: they have no business with us

Johnny: they work for Zalgo...

Jeff: Fuc*

Masky: ... Aha!

All: what?

Masky: the abandoned SCP building!

EJ: it's stupid and crazy but what other choice do we have

Johnny: being killed?

Jeff: worst choice ever
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Sonic 2 8 bit beta creepy pasta:
2 Things come to mind when I hear the infamous name of Sonic: beta content and that character tails. Ever noticed when you enter debug mode in most of the first few sonic games, with sonic 3D blast and sonic spin ball being an obvious exception, scrolling through the various game sprites proves the existence of items that cannot be found on the average game maps without hacks or cheats? Such items along with the existence of demo cartridges is sure apoy proof of the existence of a unfinished version of the game also known as the beta version of the game, which...
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*portal opens*

Masky: ok everyone! Let's go!


PL: It feels like this has been going on for days...

Purger: yea

PL: like almost a month...



Zalgo: sorry, trying out a new grand entrance

PL: what is it?

Zalgo: I'm calling it off


Zalgo: I realized I'm sending people with no power or strength to fight people that have been trained sa pamamagitan ng slenderman, which was trained sa pamamagitan ng mother.

PL: so it's of?

Zalgo: yep

PL: bob, I'm sorry that I have to tell you this... You won't be able to use that gun-sword that you got for Christmas

Bob: aww
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Porter: all this is just because you could not get along with Zalgo!

Slender: its not that!

Porter: then tell us what was the reason?

Slender: *sigh* as you most all of you know before the treaty broke, me and Skully went to silent burol for a meeting. during are stay Zalgos army came... they killed everyone...

Jeff: including Skully?

Slender: yes, I did not tell you due to you guys having some mga kaibigan there...

LJ: shi* just got real!

Slender: we have to save them!

Masky: its to dangerous!

Lucius: screw dangerous! we're already on death row!

Slender: I'm going to save them! I don't care if its dangerous!

Lucius: me and LJ are going with him!

LJ: wai-

Lucius: you owe me! You have no Idea how many times I have answered the door!

LJ: ok... let me get my vodka!
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Lucius: ok, who are you?

Clockwork: my name is Clockwork

Lucius: oh, your that girl that Ticci Toby says is cute

Clockwork: what? he sinabi that about me?

Lucius: *pulls out DiPhone* uy Masky, you owe me 20 bucks

Maksy: FU-

Lucius: *hangs up* so... who do you work for? SCP? SOK?

Clockwork: Zalgo

Lucius: oh... umm... SLEEP GAS!


Clockwork: wai- *flop*

Lucius: ok... how the hell am I supposed to get her to the house?

Me: sa pamamagitan ng THE POWER OF PLOTHOLES!

Lucius: lets just say I have a car...

Me: fine...