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 No Courtney!!NO With Alejandro!!!!=0
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This Duncan and Courtney litrato contains anime, comic book, manga, and cartoon.

Duncan's POV: I layed on my kama listening to my iPod as I saw feet ilipat around outside the door. I heard a lot of yelling through my headphones, so I pulled them out of my ears and rolled out of bed. I opened the door as I saw Gwen and Bridgette yelling at each other.
"Why do you have to be such a hot-head?!" Bridgette yelled to Gwen.
"Um, hello! apoy runs through my veins! Of course I'm hot- headed! All you do is play with fucking water all day! Trust me sweetie, you don't want to mess with fire." Gwen sinabi then stormed outside leaving a trail of smoking footprints.
Bridgette looked down to...
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Gwen's Story:
Before Gwen got here, she worked in a coffe tindahan called, 'Java Lava'. Gwen worked there for about 3 months. All of the employees liked her and she made the best coffee. One day, Gwen was dealing with a picky costumer. The costumer ordered some outrageous coffee and Gwen was getting frustrated. She eventually got mad and her blood started to boil, literally. she gave the costumer black coffee with a black handprint on the side. the lady grew angry and threw the hot coffee onto Gwen as apoy covered Gwen's arms. Gwen screamed in anger and fear as she begged for help. Gwen eventually...
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posted by SkaterGurl13
Courtney's POV: Duncan and I walked for a couple of miles in silence. The only noise was the everyday New York sounds; people yelling, traffic screeching, horns honking. "So, can you tell me where we're going now?" I asked. "Montana." Duncan said. "Montana? But if I go back there, people will know me. And if Malory shows up and asks around, people will give her the information about me and find you." I said. "I didn't say that we were going to your hometown." Duncan sinabi without looking at me. "Are you okay?" I asked. "I'm fine. Why?" Duncan asked. "You look like you're thinking about something."...
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Hiya guys! Sorry that it AGAIN took so long for me to update! Those math classes is KILLING me! Seriously, i ad a BLACKOUT once in my math classes! Relly!

Argh, well, you do'nt wanna hear about my problems you wanna hear the story! So, here we goes. . .



"Knock knock" o shouted trough my little sis' door, hoping she would'nt kill me fo what i did. She could be very stuborn, and when she gets relly angry, she can KILL people! I'm not overeacting, once when a boy called her a bitch, well, let's say the doctors got relly surprised how much...
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posted by dXcFan14
"So, why am I here then?" Courtney asks, growing agitated at Chris' annoying smirk.

"Because, you're the reward" his smile simply gets broader, if it was even possible.

"What? Why me?" the C.I.T throws tanong at the thirty two taon old man who just ignored her.

"You need to brush your teeth with this" he ordered.

"What? But why?" the prep bombardes him with tanong again.

"Ugh, just brush your teeth, it's for the challenge" he tried to reason with her, and for once, she actually complied.

"Fine, but what does brushing my teeth have to do with me being a "prize"? Please enlighten me and the entire...
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posted by tdilovestories
This is a short Duncan and Courtney story. I got the idea from the song: I RUN TO YOU sa pamamagitan ng LADY ANTEBELLUM.


I was lying on my kama listening to my parents have another fight about me and my brothers. I couldn’t take it anymore….I had to get out. I hoped out of my bedroom window and headed across town to her place.


I was all alone in my room. I had gotten a B+ on my last test and was being forced to study in my room for the rest of the night….without dinner. ‘You’re not trying hard enough!’ they had shouted at me. I was trying as hard as I could, but...
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"What are your plans? And what are you doing to the clock?" the hot superhero asked, while placing her hands on her hips.

"Mmm... if I told you then it would ruin the surprise" I smirked.

"Surprise?" she looked very confused.

"Now do me a favour. Vanish" I laughed.

"No. Why don't you burn out?" she laughed at her own joke.

"Enough fooling around, Burn Out. Get on with the plan!" I heard a voice.

Well, go figure, as I can read people's minds...

"Well, i'd better get going, princess" and with that, I jumped speedily away from the tanned beauty.



"But only Duncan...-" I was cut...
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courtney time for your check up sinabi chris and he drove her to dr laroya for her once a taon check up and guess who was the docter duncan! duncan what are you doing here sinabi courtney well he sinabi let me check your blood presure and your pulse and blahbalh and all of that duncan sinabi courtney wheres lesqhna ? at well shes not here ok ? ok sinabi courtney and then he gave courtney a shot she cryed no! please dont do this to me! duncan ! you pag-ibig me! leshawna! come here i need to talk to you sinabi courtney yes dear what is borthing you? sinabi leshawna well sinabi courtney duncan is giving me a shot...
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Beth:Y r u talkin 2 urself?
B:Ugh...*walks out the trailer*
C:Well, that was weird...*2 herself* *2 mins l8r n Duncan walks in*
C:Oh hey. I just had the weirdest dream EVER!
D:Wat was it about?
D:Really?!*smirking* Even wen im not wit u, u still dream bout me
C:Shut up *whines* it started off as a complete nightmare of a dream...*tells him details of dream*
D:Woah! Your right thats a crazy dream alright! Your middle names are crazy!
 Back Together Again???
Back Together Again???
"Well?" i asked interrupting you
"well, you'll probably think this IS a lame asno excuse but, the reason is or was, i didn't wanna ruin your chances for a good career or a great future" you blushed
I was thrown completely off guard, "erm, i dont think it's a lame asno excuse, i guess i was just being..." i began
"just being what?" you asked, smirking. "i guess i was just being stubborn, again, im sorry, ok?" i told you solemly. "So do you forgive me" you asked.
You gave me a hug...
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