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This Michael Jackson litrato might contain vaulter, poste vaulter, and poste jumper.

"Hey Jenna!" Alicia exclaimed as she caught up with her. "What the hell do you want?" Jenna sinabi angerily as she put her hands on her hips. "When are you going to fucking leave michael alone?!Why cant you get over yourself, michael is married and is happy, why cant you just accept it?" Alicia sinabi trying to be nice, why she was being nice, she didnt know. "Well if he's happy...its my job to take away that happniess, if im not happy and i cant have michael, no one can." Jenna sinabi coldly with a evil grin on her face. Alicia balled up her fists. "Now if you'll excuse me i have some shopping to...
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As they spent the rest of the afternoon skinny dipping in the Olympic-size swimming pool, Michael and Maris flirted with each other sa pamamagitan ng way of swimming around and exchanging passionate kisses underwater. "Marco Polo", Michael replied, "I see you", Maris replies, as she swam swam towards Michael, and kissed him once more. No one around to disturb their time together, Michael and Maris had the rest of the romantic evening all to themselves; in addition, to the few stolen moments they've shared in the past.

"Oh, Michael, you have no idea just how much I pag-ibig you, and how you've made me happy these...
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It's out there somewhere. Let's hope we will get to see the whole thing one araw
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This is the live studio performance of MJ performing human nature live w/o the crowd noises and all that
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