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 We’re madami alike than you think
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Many people (including the writers) seem to overlook the Blue Fairy but the truth is that she is one of the three most powerful people in Storybrook both because of her magic and because of the persuasive power she has over people. This artikulo is meant to take a closer look at her involvement in the story and the effect her actions and prejudice has had on the lives of the main characters.

So there is no confusion the regular font is fact (taken mostly from OUATwiki) and italicized is my opinion.

The Blue Fairy and her dealings with Rumplestiltskin

"The Return"

Baelfire in an attempt to save...
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Warning: this artikulo is basically me venting, because I had to get this out of my system.

I dont understand why some people seem to find the show, specifically the timelines, so confusing. This is not directed at the people here on fanpop, especially since most of us seem to understand it.

It is natural to have questions, since this ipakita is written as a sort of puzzle, where we are ibingiay new pieces of the past each episode.However, I have heard tanong online that make me think that some people are misunderstanding the entire premise of the show. They seem to think that the fairytaleland stuff...
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Season 7 premieres October 6 on ABC.
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