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 Staraptor and Trainer
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I make Pac-hirisu, released at January 2, 2012.
This is the game with arrow.

How to Play
Control palaso with up, down, left and right button. Avoid shiny palaso or it's magenta at center of Pachirisu and lose a life.

640 x 480 (VGA, 4:3 aspect ratio)

Pac-hirisu is Pac-man based game.
Pachirisu don't ilipat in that game, so it only appears in downright position.

Version (it using the format: Generation debut.Sinnoh Pokédex number.Decimeter.Hectogram)
"Ah, that guy, Tobias, hes all I can think about!" Aurora squeals. Rosalie nods, they were both heading back to Aurora's house after their long training session. "I hope you two keep actually seeing each other. I really do. *Sigh* Too bad Volkner and Tobias like, knew each other or something.." Rosalie mutters. "That'd be sweet.." And therefore, she was exactly right.
When they arrive at Aurora's house, they enter and saw something they could not believe. There, Tobias and Volkner were sitting susunod to each other on Aurora's fine leather couch. "R-R-Ro-Rosalie... Its a miracle..." She whispered....
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