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It was a beautiful day,and I was with my mga kaibigan and we were on our way to the mall,and we stopped cuz we saw some cute boys comin' our way.

Me:omg loook they cute
Girls:yea ikr
Me:im gonna talk to the one wit the afro
Girls:awwww,you in love
Me:no im not
Girls:it's pretty obvious u want him
Me:o.k i admit it
Girls:we knew it

I walk towards him to say hello but i loose my balance and fall

????:r u o.k?
Me:yea thanx
????:yea,glad ur o.k u took a pretty hard fall
????:im Jacob,but everyone calls me Princeton or Prince.What's ur name?
Me:Michelle or MeMe

I called my mga kaibigan over because...
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