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I made an account a little while ago. Sorry to say I've Nawawala track of time. It's been a busy few weeks between work and social commitments. But now I've finally got a bit of time to post one of my tagahanga characters.

I have two major tagahanga characters I use between roleplays and fanfiction. You could say they're like two sides of a coin, each reflecting a side of my personality. One of them is serious, and the other one is fun-loving. Giichi is the fun loving one.

If the backstory doesn't make much sense, it's because this version of Giichi is from Sonic Aftermath, an old Sonic roleplaying site I...
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NAME: kahel the Hedgehog
POWERS: He can control fire, he can control ice, he can control electricity, he can control earth, he has super-speed, he can fly, he is super-strong and he is invincible
GIRLFRIENDS: Every girl in the series
LOOKS: An kahel hedgehog with black eyes
BACKSTORY: His hometown was destroyed sa pamamagitan ng Eggman so now he wants revenge on him
SUPER FORM: His super form is darker kahel and he still has black eyes and ALL THE POWERS IN THE WORLD!!!OMG!!
HYPER FORM: His hyper form is exactly like his Super Form except he is neon orange
DARKSPINE FORM: His super form with white stripes and no pupils
DARK FORM: The same as his Darkspine form
WEREHOG FORM: He is exactly like Sonics’ except orange
(It ended up cutting off the post, so I'm just going post it in the form of a article.)

One cold night during the winter, Your FC is traveling across what seems to be a endless road on foot. Your FC feels like He/She has been traveling for days and as a result they feel tired, cold, hungry, and absolutely LOST. When he/she was beginning to give up hope, a strange silhouette shrouded sa pamamagitan ng fog forms in the distance.

He/She ran toward the silhouette and encountered a giant iron gate with a small town behind it. Happy that He/She found a shelter to stay at for the night, Your FC proceeds to try to...
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2 start this thing off I'll say this...I've never...ENJOYED...being human...I never did and never would have. In fact, it was like a dream come tru when a small, fat, bald guy asked me if I wanted 2 b an...animal.
    I have many reasons 4 hating humans...even tho I was formily 1 myself. 1 of the 1st reasons is actually quite simple...humans r filthy, vial creatures. They're greedy, selfish, murderers that think themselves better than anything else alive because they can....paint pictures, make computers, drive cars, control small parts of nature...they have the nerve 2 say...
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Bullet didn't know what to do to cheer Rocket up. Rocket forgot who he was so hugging him, like he usually did when Rocket was upset, would be like hugging a stanger to Rocket. Bullet made a helpless gesture with his hands to Seth. Seth nodded. Rocket began to open his buwan to contiue the story but Seth waved his hand to stop him. "Master... uh ... Rocket?" Seth sinabi looking at Bullet. Bullet nodded. "Master Rocket why don't I contiue the rest of the story for you shall I?" Rocket looked down then back up and nodded. "If you want." He sinabi softly. Seth made a hand gesture for Bullet to confort...
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