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I jumped up and gasped. I was in my bed. It was a dream. "Freaky dream," I sinabi to myself. it was only 10:58 AM, and I was sleeping. I jumped out of my tree.
I wondered if that masked man with the honey pagmalupitan face had been doing anything crazy or senseless. Of course, I couldn't assume that he actually had a honey pagmalupitan face, because that was a dream. I flew over a cemetery, then stopped. I flew down.
In front of one of a tomb stone that said, "Chris the Mechahog 2011-2011", There was a big hole in the ground. I had not the slightest idea of wh0 he was. I then saw a rustle in a bush. I ran...
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"This is were I found the blanket Emily." AJ sinabi to Emily. "Ok thank you AJ."Emily sinabi to AJ only to find out that she was gone."She left me! But why?" Emily was mad now, she then heard something."Foot steps, must be Jisseca!""EMILY HELP!" Jisseca sinabi yelling out.""It is Jisseca! I need to save her!" Emily almost yelled out, but did it some thing was blocking her mouth."Shhh.... Don't make a sound." Some one sinabi in a whisper voice. Then she was sleeping, but thinking:"Who was it? Was it AJ? No. Was it Sonic? No but it was some thing blue! Sonic, AJ who else? Star, no she's yellow. But who...
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posted by shadowknuxgirl
Shion opened a door and ran inside a dark room. He bumped into someone. a voice in the dark sinabi "AHH! G-SIL!!!!!!" another voice sinabi "WAIT?!?! G-Sil is in here?!?!?" all different voices started panicking. Finally, Shion found the light switch and turned in on. All the guests had hid in this one room (which is a supply closet) they looked at one another, and screamed, surprised to see they weren't the only ones hiding in this closet. Everyone started panicking again. "What are we gonna do?" "I'm too young to die!!!" Dark Drum then shouted "SHUT UP!!!!!!!" Kiseki sinabi "Dark Drum is right,...
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[i]Thank you,
For filling that empty part,
Of my little fragile heart,
I understand I must've been a bother,
A nuisance,
A cry baby,
So I thank you for putting up with me,
Letting me smile,
Knowing I had somebody that cared for me.

I understand why you did it,
I really don't hate you,
Unlike other relationships,
That ended like this,
Maybe it was meant to be like this,
And I will leave quietly,
Letting you live happily with that girl,
That girl that you truly love.

I-i really hope we can s-still be friends,
I-i understand if you don't want too...
Well it's been fun,
H-hasn't it?
But now we have to close the book,
As the tale of us two finishes,
And I whisper this last few words to you.

[b]'Thank you for pretending you cared...
posted by thetacoman
Time for Adventures in kendi Land with Thetacoman!
My name is Maccabre de Angelo, the Angel of Horror. I am a black soro with yellow eyes.
I'm traveling with Merci de Angelo, the Angel of Mercy. He's a white lobo with black eyes.
He saved me from the slavemaster my parents sold me to so they could buy things.
And we're about to deleiver some horror.
I feel the child on my back.
I feel the wisps of his breath quietly parting my fur.
Most of all, I feel companionship. For the first time since I was born, I feel happiness.
And I also feel anticipation.
We are about to take vengence on the people who...
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posted by darkkhorn19
I need to let this shit off...I just need to. This is also for the motherfuckers that don't know where I'm coming from with this. I am NOT a rich kid that gets whatever he wants whenever he wants. I'm almost the exact opposite of that crap. I need to explain how I got to the way I am...It won't be a very good autobiography, I'll keep it pretty short and sweet. This is all I know from vague or not memories and other sources...

I was born in Chicago, Illinois. My mother was a teenage prostitute...and my father was a foreign exchange student from some fucking place in the U.K. Fuck if I know exactly...
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posted by MephilesTheDark
The car spluttered and gave out, heaving to a shuddering halt.

"No, no, no!" The green hedgehog in the driver's upuan slapped the steering wheel repeatedly and urgently, looking fearfully between the instrument panel and the blacktop stretched out before the stalled vehicle. Whimpering, she attempted cranking the white Impala several times, all of which resulting in only gagging from the engine.

"…What's wrong?" I turned my gaze from the darkness outside to her quizzically, barely stopping the bemused smirk from appearing.

"The car's dead!" She answered, punching the steering wheel again and...
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"Why don't you mind your own... BUISNESS!!!" Yelled Xiz as he sticked his hand out,engulfing Typhoon in flames.

"Heh heh heh." Chuckled Xiz.

"Really? Is that all you got?" sinabi the hedgehog from inside the inferno,the flames cleared around him,and showed a spiral of wind around Typhoon,sheilding him from the blast.

"What?! Why you little!" Suddenly a slash went across his chest,then Typhoon jumped,and then slammed his foot in Xiz's stomach. Typhoon then,uppercutted Xiz,foot still in stomach. Xiz went back alittle,rubbing his face.

"Impressive,you seem to be madami tougher then I first suspected......
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"RUN,RUN!!!!" Yelled a soilder in panic,he instantly and literlly,exploded. The other Soilders fired,bullets hitting the Demon Dahlaz,putting holes in him,but they quicklt dissappeared.

A soilder pointed a gun to his head,and fired. Another soilder stabbed himself. Soilders ran,but where sliced in half. The soilders ran to the elevator,Demon Dahlaz slowley following.

"GET US OUTTA HERE!" Yelled a soidlder.

Dahlaz's eye flashed,and the man at the evelvator,suppose to hit the button,instead kept pressing the open doors button. The soilder shot him in the back.

They closed the doors,but where interuppted,when...
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posted by Puppetmaster111
My people will die.... that basterd X is the reson to blame....! He came to my planet to retrive my people's life sorce...! The light stones, they're are five of them:

The stone of light
The stone of shadows
the stone of fate
the stone of time
and the stone of life.

I must retrive them, if I don't... not just mine, but every galaxy will be destroyed when the solar eclipes happens tomarrow.

I'm Eva the purple rose, I am part emotionless seedrian, I can't smile... and I'm princess of my land, but I'd rather not be! I like to take chances and explore, and I hardly ever get scared (knowing I'm part...
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posted by Shadow5772
If you don't know who Bethany the hedgehog is, I suggest you read her profile---->link

These are memories Bethany had with Sonic when she was younger. There might be madami of these getting posted, so keep your eyes out for them! And, before you ask, Sonic is Bethany's adopted father. That's why, in this story, Bethany called Sonic "Dad".

It was late at night. Sonic and Bethany were fast asleep. Sonic then heard glass breaking and a scream come from Bethany's room. Sonic rushed to her room to see what was wrong, only to find a broken window, a note lying on Bethany's bed, and Bethany missing....
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posted by MidnaTikal8223
Name:Salena Raqque Nagato
Physical Apperence:Dark Pink-Red hair, with a light kulay-rosas body
Occupation:The keyboard guitauir(pretty much a guiair in any shape, with buttons) for bituin SOS
Friends:Anna the Hedgehog, Miranda the Echinda, and Kagimi the Cat
Faveriote color:Black
Faveriote Sign:Peace
Outfits:A black tank, and light kulay-rosas skirt
Black dress with red hearts
Parents:Alicia Nagoto(Birth Mother), Veronica and James Calico(Adopted
Height:4 ft.
Backstory:Salena had longer hair, but when she was about 3, her birth mother(Alicia)cut it off.Soon, she was taken from her birth family and put into the Calico family.She vowed to be like the good side of her mother as soon as she got there.She has a very scattered romantic past, and three friends(Anna, Kagimi, and Miranda) who were like her sisters her entire life.
posted by Dethklokrox90
I have a kind of tagahanga problem.
ScrougeHedgehog has picked a fight with me and has called me a name (Even though I have issues with calling people names a lot.

He is a jerk toward me when it was just a opinion, the tanong was Do you like Sky the Hedgehog (Not user).
And he made a big fucking deal about it.

Saying that I should get a life and that it was stupid that I chose that Sky the Hedgehog is stupid (Its true, I don't like her).

I mean its just a tanong that only needs a fucking opinion!!!
People need to stop making a big deal about tanong and other people that say they hate this or that.

Please stop making big deals about things that you hate or whatever, its really wrong and leads to fighting.

"This is great!" Death nagkomento to her friend over the phone.
"Yes, its in the Savannah Musuem." (Sorry 4 spelling) she added hanging up.
"Tiana? Tiana!" Death yelled into the phone but of course, no answer.

"You idoit..." Death sinabi throwing the phone across the room. Death relied on Tiana to tell her information but without it, it was hopeless.
Death thought of her plan to steal the Esmeralda then decided to take her nap till midnight.


At midnight Death got her gear set up and left to the museam.
"I gotta have this emerald." Death told herself as she teleported to the museam.

She climbed into...
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posted by freya-the-cat
This is a video of Team Fraser pag-awit and dancing, dressed as elves for Christmas! I drew Simon and Alice's faces, but MilesProwerfan made Freya's face as part of a pasko art trade. They also sing!

here is the link: link

(If the link don't work, blame Fanpop, because it claims the link is dodgy. If it doesn't work, please comment!)

You can make your own using your characters, photos, drawings etc at link

I hope you enjoy making them!
posted by NickleBackFan
 Sijira and Kat
Sijira and Kat
"So your name is Sijira?" Asked Kat. "Yeah" sinabi sijira. "Well i'm Kat nice to meet cha." "You too." Kat was tring to walk on the brick that rimmed the lake but she took a fasle step and fell in. She bust back to the tuktok laughing. " Good thing this is the sollow end or i would've drowned." Kat laughed. Sijira smiled and reached out her hand. "Need help?" She asked. Kat took hold of the hand and Sijira pulled her out of the water. Sonic ran by. "Hey how are you ladies doin'?" he asked. Kat pulled up her hair and walked over to him. "Oh we are doin' just fine." Kat sinabi as she poured water out...
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 seresa blossom the madala
cherry blossom the bear
ok i can't believe i forgot to add two charaters that are also main in Depressed Herat they don't come in episode 1 or 2 but i'll be sure to put them in one early in the series maybe episode 3 'cause i don't anything planned for episode 3
ok first charater is
Maiyumi The Cat
13, she can be nice but she is kinda both on weather she is a good guy or an bad guy i can't decied between so yeah she is both, she will have a crush on any boy that beats her (just so you know she is very times 5 tough), carries a sorwd 'cause she is a samuri (born in Hapon btw), no family i can think of, best friends: cherry...
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posted by NickleBackFan
As Bullet was still getting dressed for school Ghost and Olley stood sa pamamagitan ng the door waiting. Snice they lived in the forest and their school was in town they a long way to walk so Ghost wasn't to happy of him taking so long. "god where is he" Ghost sinabi tapping his foot. Even if Bullet has only been at their house a single night Olley has already gotten tried of them fighting so he didn't say a thing. Bullet finally came out. "alright i am done" "what the h*ll took you so long" ghost said. "what it always take me that long snice i don't worry about getting to school on time because" he paused...
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 Bullet The Hedgehog
Bullet The Hedgehog
"life is like water it forms in the hevens comes down to earth and goes back up to the hevens but how do you think it feels not to be part of that cycle? i guess i am about to find out"
Our story begins at a little place i like to call Ghost's house. the time is midnight. there is a ding-dong at the door. ghost opens his eyes and sits up "oh who the heck could that be" he goans as he gets out of kama and walks over to his kama room door and opened and saw olley heading to the door "hey did you want to get the door" olley paused for a second. looked at door then the clock. then he flew behind ghost....
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“Say what?” Lil shook her head. “Are you accusing me of keeping a criminal secret from the authorities?”

“Don’t lie to me, Black Cat.” Shadow felt his emotions grow hot. “I know you have connections with a male cat about my height, golden-yellow with red hair. I’ve seen you. Don’t tell me you’re afraid I might hurt him. I won’t, I swear to you that I won’t.”

“I just don’t like anything to do with ARK.” Lil felt like she had shrunk. “Okay, I’ll admit that I have connections with him. I broke off our relationship two years ago. I don’t know where he is or...
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