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This is my listahan featuring my 20 favourite couples (canon/fanon) in Teen Titans..

20.Jericho and Terra

19.Kyd Wykkyd and Angel

18.Gizmo and Jinx

17.Robin and Terra

16.Herald and Bumblebee

15.Cyborg and Bumblebee

14.Fang and Kitten

13.Speedy and Cheshire

12.Mammoth and Jinx

11.Kid Flash and Raven

10.Jericho and Raven

9.Jericho and Kole

8.Slade and Terra

7.Speedy and Raven

6.Robin and Starfire

5.Aqualad and Raven

4.Kid Flash and Jinx

3.Speedy and Aqualad

2.Slade and Raven

1.Beast Boy and Raven
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nine days
sweet sixteen remix
Teen Titans The Prophecy Raven vs Slade.
teen titans the prophecy
raven vs slade
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