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 HOLY CRAP IT'S AXEL!!... idk walang tiyak na layunin :3
HOLY CRAP IT'S AXEL!!... idk random :3
*Duncan's POV*

"Sofie!" I stumbled trying to get away. Courtney tried to keep me back but I ran after her. "Sofie, wait! Please!" Instead she hurried along. I managed to free myself from Courtney's grasp but Sofie was far ahead. When I finally caught up with her, she looked angry. "Sofie, that hug meant nothing!" I tried to explain, but Sofie was unresponsive. Then I was the angry one. I don't like to be ignored. I picked Sofie up and carried her back to the medical tent kicking and screaming. "Let me DOWN!" She yelled. "HELP! I'M BEING TEEN-NAPPED!" No one answered her. I sat her down on the...
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Well, camp apoy ceremony time. We all Pusa our votes.

*Sofie confessional*

"HEE HEE!!!! EEEEEEE!!!! I'M DATING DUNCAN!!!!!! In yo face Porcia! Look at me now Andrea, you spoiled brats!! I'm dating a Bad Boy and all you guys have are those dorks you call men at Parkside! HAHAHAAA!!!! >:D.... Wait, what were we talking about?..... Oh right! Voting some one off. =^^= Well, I choose either Katie or Sadie. Sorry girls, but ya made us loose."

*Duncan confessional*

"HA! Take THAT you nerds at Berneson School! I told you I could get a girl!! *evil laughter* ... wait, why am I here...? Oh right! I choose...
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uy yall no who this is!!! Its Brooke once madami & i will be discussing some thing important.
i have been receiving request to talk about my opinion about Duncan dating Courtney. I will just say that they r horrible!!!! JUST KIDDING!!!! they r the cutest couple ever on TDI!!!! if they customized the perfect girl 4 Duncan they would come up with Courtney!!!
i can tell that he first liked her when he called her darling in the dodge ball episode. she stood up to him & he likes it when girls do that.
they had a pag-ibig hate relationship & soon became full out love!!!
well when she comes back on TDA, i hope she & Duncan have a good time.
Well got 2 go!!!
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uy its Brooke giving all you need to know about my brother Duncan!!! remember last time i had to go cause my mom was coming? well it turns out that Spikes came over because he knew that i haven't been my self. he just wanted to know if i was alright.
i think that's rather sweet. i mean he knows that i know that he likes me & he knows that i don't feel that way about him but hes still really concerned about me. hes so sweet. :-)
i was thinking about how i first met him & Jessica. I was 12 years old sa pamamagitan ng then & me & Duncan haven't talked since i asked him if he was alone. so we were...
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