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 my sister sirra with cody
my sister sirra with cody
Stop sinabi sierra Kenya looks at her and back at Duncan she walks toward Sierra hello sis sinabi sierra hello sis sinabi Kenya Duncan and the cast gasp yes im sierra sister and i see u with Cody sinabi Kenya with a smile yea but Ezekiel is here too sinabi sierra with a grin on her face Kenya turns to Ezekiel and smiles she runs up to him and halik him all over she hugs the boy i cant breath sinabi Ezekiel of course not silly i pag-ibig u and pag-ibig hurts sinabi Kenya
He trys to get her off him the whole araw but its no use he gives up and wraps his arm around her waist she smiles and halik him on the lips i pag-ibig u Ezekiel sinabi Kenya with a shy smile i pag-ibig u too Kenya sinabi Ezekiel with a smirk he tickles her all over ahh ahh stop it Ezekiel come on stop it sinabi a laughing Kenya she smiles at Duncan and hugs him i pag-ibig u my friend sinabi Kenya i pag-ibig u too sinabi Duncan to be continue
 me and duncan as mga kaibigan
me and duncan as friends
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uy its Brooke. i went to school today & was surprised to see that the teachers, students, & principal treated me with respect. i had no clue why but then i found out why. they have been pagbaba my stories on here!!!
Well, now everyone can read what I'm thinking. that kinda sucks but this is the only place to let out my thoughts. Yikes. i guess i shouldn't have sinabi that.
oh well they can read all they want. anyways, today I'm gonna talk about how duncan's trip to Total Drama Island.
we were actually at school ( shocking, i know) when he & i heard of it. our friend Spikes was telling...
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