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People say that My Immortal is the worst Fanfic ever. Yes, its bad. I mean really bad, but no, it is not the worst. That is The Pokemon Story. Fuck, My Immortal isn't even the worst Harry Potter fanfiction. Yeah, I was surprised to find a fanfic worse then My Immortal, but I'm surprised I found a worse Harry Potter fanfic. The story in tanong is Lucius and Draco Malfoy in Squick... Don't know what Squick means. Don't worry, you will after this review and you'll regret it in the end.
So, we start of with Lucius being disappointed in his son, Draco, and is going to punish him. Okay, so it doesn't...
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matulin Justice: Ace Attorney

Case 1-3

Heartbroken Turnabout

Lilly: I-I didn't do it. I swear
Police: LIAR!!! You had every right to
Lilly: I swear I didn't
Police: We found evidence that you were there. There's no use denying it
Lilly: Please. You have to believe me
Police: Well just see how the Judge thinks of this tomorrow. Your going to pay for what you did
Lilly: I didn't do it. I didn't kill him
Police: you'll get your just desserts. A bit of cold, hard matulin justice, to be exact

Court Lobby
April 2nd 10:27 a.m.

Swift: *Okay, Swift. You can do this. Its just like the old days, only your on the opposite...
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Welcome to pag-ibig & Death Corporated, where our kasabihan is “You Only Live Once”. What is pag-ibig & Death Co. You ask? Well, our job is to simple. Are you familiar with death? Yes, it is a scary concept, no doubt about that, but death is not always the end of things. When you die, darkness doesn’t await you. Depending on your soul in life, you could be deemed a good noodle and go into paradise, but if you are a bad egg, you will be thrown into the underworld. But, sometimes, just sometimes, there are runaway souls. When a person refuses to die, despite their time coming to an end, they...
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So back when I was talking about Saints Row IV, I mentioned that I prefer the Pagsulat of GTA madami than the Pagsulat of the Saints Row games, but because of the gameplay and the sheer madness you get from the franchise, I was madami fond of the Saints Row games. And no game speaks massive volumes of unadulterated fun than Saints Row 2
Being a sequel to a game I did not originally play first, you play as a member of the fallen Third kalye Saints gang, who fell apart a few years later due to much madami powerful gangs getting involved and the company Ultor cracking down on gangs. So, after escaping...
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So whenever I hear someone describe something that is weird as, “Wow, what kind of drugs were they taking when they made this”, I just groan. I always hated the whole criticism of how something weird must be related to drugs or any other illegal substance, and that there is nothing creative or thought provoking into the madness. Now, is there anything thought provoking about Katamari Damacy? …. Eeeeehhh.
So Katamari Damacy is not really a drug trip, but madami of a… case of being Japanese. After the King of All Cosmos (Yes, that’s his name) destroys all the stars in the sky after...
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Some time ago, I reviewed the four episode anime series, Corpse Party: Tortured Souls. It was a pretty neat ipakita that I think works as a horror series, but sinabi that it wasn’t for everyone. Before I watched that anime, I had not played any of the Corpse Party games. But, I can now say that it has changed. And I managed to get the 3DS version for the low, low price of only almost sixty bucks. What the hell?! Well, let’s get into the review of Corpse Party for 3DS.

First off, why did this game that isn’t really that big in content cost so much? Because you cannot play this game in...
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Before there was Zombieland and before there Shaun of the Dead, we didn’t get much comedy zombie movies. Sure, there were some, but not much. However, one movie came along that I think was an underrated classic of the 90s. First off, the movie was directed sa pamamagitan ng Peter Jackson… yes, the Lord of the Rings Peter Jackson. Before he made Lord of the Rings, he made this movie. And it’s just as good as Lord of the Rings…. Okay, maybe not as good, but it’s still a good movie. Anyway, let’s talk about Dead Alive (Or Braindead if you live outside of North America.

Dead Alive follows the...
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As you already know.
I kinda stopped playing for a bit, Sullivan is why.
Not to mention. I was shocked the first time. I was starting to like Sullivan..

I think we covered this one :)

Near the end of the 3rd game, Max Payne fights this guy.
It's hard to explain, why it's so hard, just have to see it yourself..

Last boss of Max Payne 3.
And really holds the "last boss" feeling.
In a negative way..

The main villain of Resident evil 5. And final boss..

The final boss of Assasins Creed 3..
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 WARNING: It's even worse than before. These songs aren't just terrible anymore, they downright damage your ears.
WARNING: It's even worse than before. These songs aren't just terrible anymore, they downright damage your ears.
I apologize for the delay on this one, I got really addicted to playing Paper Mario 64. XD But here it is, part two of my tuktok 10 most hated songs!


Me: Wait, what? I never sinabi that.........

Random Obnoxious Person: BUT YOU PROMISED! D:

Me: Are you TONE DEAF!? I JUST sinabi I neve-

Random Obnoxious Person: BUT YOU PROMISED! D:

Me: ...................... Tell me, what's your paborito candy? >:)

Random Obnoxious Person: Uh, mint chocolate, I guess. :P


*TV Static o___O*...
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Okay, so I finally found a fanfic that doesn't have rape, pedophilia, bestiality, incest, or self-harm...... That doesn't mean the fanfic is good. The fanfic is called Kill the Killers.
It starts with all sorts of creepy pasta characters. So, it shows Jeff the Killer, Jane the Killer, and Slenderman pagbaba horrible fanfics about them. And I admit, these are some god awful fanfics they wrote. How appropriate. Bad fanfics in a bad fanfic. So, each killer goes to teach the authors a lesson.
Jane goes and ties up the may-akda of one fanfic and shoves buttons of a keyboard into her throat. Once that's...
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Song (Start at 0:08): link

Sean: *Passing sa pamamagitan ng with a passenger train* It's coming back!
People: *Cheering*
Announcer: On March 9, Sean's Spectacular Saturday of Stories will return to this club, along with SeanTheHedgehog, and Eula2003's personal clubs.
Hawkeye: Who's going to host the start of our 3rd season?
Mily: Can I do it?
Pete: Of course.
Mily: Yay!
Announcer: We got new episodes of Trainz, Ponies On The Rails, and The Nut House coming your way.

Song: link

Announcer: We also have new shows joining our lineup. They are Anata No Tenkei-Tekina Anime, Johnny Lightning, Sean Meets The PPG, and The...
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Well, I just can’t believe it. Over a hundred full artikulo of Corner of Horror. I never thought that this araw would come, but here it is. And boy am I glad that this araw has finally come, and on a Halloween no less. It’s almost like it was meant to be. For over a taon now, I have been talking about the many different kinds of horror and in different media from films to games to literature, and I still plan on doing madami reviews in the future. But, today, I have had something very special planned, since the beginning. Something I have been waiting to talk about since the araw I started Corner...
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