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posted by Mclovin_69
Willow groaned and sat up rubbing her head, she looked around and saw Wally still unconcious. She gasped when she heard the raven call again, she looked and saw it sit ontop of a cage on a blossom puno inside a hallway and turn its head to the side, Willow looked at it with its eyes glowing violet, Willow clutched her head immeadiatley and grunted in pain, not this again. " Roulette enough!!" a voice screamed, Willow gasped and looked over at a girl who walked in, " w-who are you.." Willow said, the girl looked over at her and began to walk over, she had light brown hair with blue eyes, " s-stay back.. im warning you!" Willows said, the girl continued to walk towards her, " what do you want!" Willow shreiked. " To help you" the girl said, " with what i-im fine..?" Willow asked. " But do you feel fine? in your heart?" the girl asked, Willow looked down tears forming in her eyes, " no...", " i thought so dear..." the girl sinabi kneeling down to her and touching her shoulder, Willow was shocked sa pamamagitan ng the touch but then settled. " Who are you...." Willow mumbled, the girl smirked " im Eclipse but you can call me Phoebe" Phoebe said, Willows eyes settled, she knew this girl from somewhere but where?.


The bio ship landed, and everyone got out. Becca didnt tell them the story though how despretly everyone wanted to know, Willows life was a book of secrets never to be opened, only until the time was right. " Where to?" Lucas asked, Becca smirked at his comment.
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Though not at all like Batman he allowed the team to have a little break from their crime fighting, so to get them away from the cave he sent them out on a camping trip. Superboy being a clone and everytihng not understanding how this so called word " camping" is suppost to go, Robin and Aqualad had just finished setting up the two tents, and Superboy looked at it in confusion, " what is that?" he asked pointing to it, " ummmm a tent" Robin replied as a giggle came into his words. " Whats a tent?", " something you sleep in for camping" Wally replied over at the campfire while stuffing a marshmellow...
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posted by EclipseYJ
Eclipse front flipped over Gravity Boy with her metal body in a fighting position and her adamantium fist ready to tag him down. He dodged just in time and skidded behind her and set his manuntok in motion. Unfortunately for him Eclipses reflexes and sense of awareness were faster than kid flash on a good day.  She leaned to the right as his fist came inches away from her face, her hands lached around his arm as she front throttled him over her. But still his tac tics were good. He landed perfectly on his feet but the force from eclipse was pasted to Gravity Boy, he did just as eclipse did and...
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