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posted by harry98
After Supermacs we all went to the park.Leah was still blabbing about pointless topics like cheese,ham,bread and her bedtime! Eventually Harry snapped 'Will you just shutup! You're really getting on my nerves' I was trying so hard to hold in my laugh but Leah looked a bit upset so I just sinabi 'Leah here's £2 you and Niall can go and get ice-cream.' Leah and Niall ran off happily. 'Nicely done' sinabi Harry. 'Thanks' I said. Later that araw Me and Harry and Niall and Leah went to the cinema. The movie they chose was absoulutely crap! I was just about to fall asleep when all of a sudden I heard...
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Louis's P.O.V.

Selena and Emily stared at me. "What?" I asked them. Selena spoke first. "What do you mean what? You just told us that you want us to pack up everything, drop everything that were doing, and ilipat to London with you? Your crazy! As much as I pag-ibig you its a little short notice." She said. Emily just stared back and forth and me and Niall. "That's what I was planning, yes." I said. "Is there a problem?" I asked. "Is there a problem?" Selena asks. "Oh I don't know. Is there a problem in the fact that you want me and her to ilipat to a whole different country?" She said. "I don't see...
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Celebrity singer and a five-member group found themselves sa pamamagitan ng chance in the same plane to London, so Kylie took the opportunity to tell them she loves their music.

"Kylie was first class and was passed sa pamamagitan ng the boys when they went to the place. They worked up the courage to call her, and Kylie was wonderful to them, wishing them luck in their careers. She sinabi and that she loves their music. Nial, Louis, Zayn, Harry and Liam were in America where they are presented their album what will appear in the U.S. a week earlier than planned, due to unprecedented tagahanga interest.
Hello. My name is paisley Alexa Carter.
This is link
If you don't like it whatever. My best friend is Harry Styles. I'm Irish, a big reason I'm bullied..
I get picked on at school. For being 'ugly'. That is all I hear, everyday. "Ugly!" "Fat!" "Weirdo!" All because I'm Irish, I sing, and play guitar. Who even cares? Oh, try telling the people at my school that. I dropped out, and am taking classes online. I'm going to stay with Harry and his band One Direction for a while as my parents are in America doing whoever knows. This should be fun.. I hope.
posted by ZoeyMalik28
 From Here
From Here
Let's dance in style,
Let's dance for a while,
Heaven can wait, we're only watching the skies,
Hoping for the best but expecting the worst,
Are you gonna drop the bomb or not?

Let us die young or let us live forever,
We don't have the power but we never say never,
Sitting in a sandpit,
Life is a short trip,
The music's for the sad man.

Forever young,
I wanna be
Forever young.
Do you really wanna live forever,
Forever young?

Some are like water, some are like the heat,
Some are a melody and some are the beat,
But sooner or later they all will be gone,
Why don't they stay young?...
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Sam is a normal teenager, but her life is not normal at all. After a lot of hard choices to make she's now living her dream, but not everything was so kulay-rosas to her like now, in her life.

It was again Friday - the last school araw for this year. Everyone was happy and smiling, except one girl - Sam. The 16 yeared girl was walking down the kalye with full of thoughts mind. Today she was told sa pamamagitan ng her mom and dad together, that they are moving to England. She couldn't understand why is all this happening. Only 1 taon since she find some mga kaibigan and a boyfriend, who she really loved and now they were...
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posted by cupcakepotatoe
Sierra's POV: When I woke up it was 4am so I went to the bakery and made 4 coffees and 2 waters. Niall and I don't drink coffee. So after I made those, I went back home. When I got back the boys were there and it was 5am. So I grabbed the cupcakes, handed them their drinks, and grabbed my bags. We had to go to the airport. in the car I sat against the window, susunod to Niall. While we were being drove to the airport, Niall and I jammed out to Micheal Buble`. We jammed out to End Of May. Soon after, we arrived at the airport. When we got on the plane, I sat susunod to Niall. For the whole time, we...
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News on the kalye is that the 1D members, Niall Horan and Harry Styles, are reportedly in a full blown row after Horan finally expressed his interest in former Disney bituin and current X Factor Judge, Demi Lovato. A pinagmulan close to the boys sinabi that, Harry and Niall recently isolated themselves from one another after Horan had confessed his interest in dating Lovato after much media hype. Styles, who is secretly in a relationship with Lovato has been reported to have flipped out when his band-mate announced his feelings. Lovato, is also reportable furious with Styles fake media relationship with country-singer, Taylor Swift. It is also known that Lovato has a serve dislike to Swift, after she estola her longtime best friend Selena Gomez.

Who deserves Demi’s heart? Harry or Niall?
Celebrities and Fame
The ‘not so shiny’ side of the penny
//Niall Horan and Fans//

We all want to be famous, whether we admit it to ourselves or not. If you think about it, I’m sure that you can recall at least one moment when you thought to yourself or unconsciously announced out loud that if you had the power to change people’s way of thinking or the money to help someone in need, you’d gladly use the opportunity. It surely sounds appealing to me – being able to ‘change the world’ and finally create the ‘Utopia’ we’ve been hearing about for so long.

Well, I’m afraid...
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posted by 1Directioner001
-What have taking so long like it’s been 30 minutes! I almost yelled
-zayn’s fault he was in the shower. sinabi Niall
-Niall’s fault he was eating. sinabi Zayn
-Harry’s fault he has a secret to tell us. sinabi Louis with an akward smile.
-A secret? Please tell it to me I want to know pleeaasee!!
-Oh you know just this girl he’s in pag-ibig with and he can’t tell her... replied Louis.
-no big news for that, he loves a new girl every month, I sinabi disappointed. I think we should go I need to call Chels and Amy when we get back.
Ok sorry that was a bit rude of me but I just sinabi what I thought. Now...
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Samantha P.O.V
Hearing the screaming girls along the hallway made me know that One Direction has arrive. I quickly grab my book from the locker and make my way to the class. I upuan the furthest from the other because I want to avoid from any trouble. I take out my ipod and listen to it.

10 minuto later the kampanilya rang. The class start to full with a crowd of student. I saw Kelly and wave her. “So, how the meeting like?” I start the conversation. “What meeting? Oh yeah! I didn’t meet them.” Kelly answer as she pull out her book.

“What!?Why?” I sinabi in surprise voice. “Why? How can...
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posted by GabriellaAdams
Ambers POV:
It had been a week since the night louie and Niall got into a fight.They had made up and were mga kaibigan again but I didn't speak to Louie.I didn't want to because I was disappointed he'd do that to me.I didn't want him to know about my self harm,I hadn't even told him about what happened to my parents.
He was clueless about me,all he knew was that I was that pretty girl with a smile.
I laid in my California king kama that Louie had bought me for my back.Its was very comfy,but at the moment i wanted to burn it.
A litrato of me and Louis stood on my nightstand.
I admit I was puso broken,and...
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Baby, you've got me sick,
I don't know what I did.
Need to take a break to figure it out, yeah.
Got your voice in my head,
Saying let's just be friends,
Can't believe the words came outta your mouth, yeah.

I'm trying to be okay,
I'm trying to be alright.
But seeing you with him,
Just don't feel right.

And I'm like, oww!
Never thought it'd hurt so bad,
Getting over you-ou.
And, oww!
You're giving me a puso attack,
Looking like you do-oo.
Cause you're all I ever wanted.
Thought you'd be the one and, oww!
You're giving me a puso attack,
Getting over you-ou-ou-ou.

[ LIAM...
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posted by johncenaw85oi
I had a spare key so i just opened the door. Ross was out with his mga kaibigan so my mom and sister were just home. “mum! Kates here for the night!” i said, hoping it would be ok.

“alright, no high-jinks though!” my mom roared down from up stairs. We fell to the flor laughing. I cant BELIEVE my mom just sinabi that! Oh god. How embarrassing!

After me and kate recovered from our little laughing fit, we ran upstairs and watched one direction’s video diarys. Oh how i missed them so much!

Kate kicked off her shoes and hit the door sa pamamagitan ng accident. “whoops!” she said. i don’t think she cares!...
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posted by harry98
When Harry finally got the cow off them,they went to hospital. Harry got into the car and sinabi 'That was hard' I rolled my eyes and sinabi 'Come on we're going rollerskating' He looked up and sinabi 'Are you serious? We have to go to the hospital and..............' I gave him a halik to shut him up. 'Now lets go' I said. This time he got out of the car and went to get our skates. I put mine on and then we skated off. After a few minutos I got tired 'Harry lift me' I sinabi 'Why?'he wanted to know. 'I'm tired' I told him 'Fine' he answered putting me on his shoulders. When we got tahanan I went upstairs...
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posted by SaskaMaric
Whenever I close my eyes, I picture you there
I’m looking out at the crowd, you’re everywhere
I’m watching you from the stage yeah
You’re smile is on every face now
But every time you wake up
You’re hearing me say


Baby, you don’t have to worry
I’ll be coming back for you, back for you, back for you, you
Lately, I’ve been going crazy
I’ll be coming back for you, back for you, back for you, you

I’ve never been so into somebody before
And every time we both touch I only want more
So tell me nothing’s going to change yeah
And you won’t ever walk away yeah
Cause even though every...
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posted by Olga_styless
It's the night before Valintines araw and your boyfriend Zayn is taking you out for dinner. You are putting on your earring when you hear the doorbell. "Coming!" you yell from the dining room. Taking one last look in the full length mirror .You open the door." look amazing." he says with the cutest look on his face."You dont look too bad either." you sinabi taking his hand. He leads you to his car and takes you the the tabing-dagat where you lay under the stars and playfully feed each other listening to the waves crash on the shore...♥
 Niall!! *.*
Niall!! *.*
The moment Niall saw Zayn and Niome kissing, his eyes were filled with tears and he changed his expression to an angry one.

Niall: You cheated on me Niome? And that too with my best friend?

Niome: I’m so sorry Niall…

Zayn: It’s my fault Niall… Do forgive her…

Niall: You don’t speak once again!! Did you know what you were doing with my girlfriend???

Niome and Zayn hung their head feeling guilty.

Niall: And I’m done with you, Niome. Don’t come back searching for me anymore!

He threw the ring on her face and left angrily.
All everyone could hear was someone slamming the door shut.

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posted by 1Directioner001
Ash P.OV.
I organized a meeting with the boy because we needed to talk about what they were going to wear for the susunod show. Niall, Liam and Lou arrived first. I was still mad at them so there were a weird silence in the room. After 15 minutes, I guess Lou couldn’t endure the silence, he broke it.
-OK I’m sorry I know we’re hiding you things but you’ll know what’s happening soon, he said.
I didn’t say anything. What could I reply I was still mad at them.
-It’s Ok, I forgive you, I finally said.
I couldn’t handle it anymore either. I jump on Louis and gave him a big hug. Then I gave...
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 Clementine! :3
Clementine! :3
(A/N) i would pag-ibig to get a comment so i know people are pagbaba and also im running low on idea's -i think nivi20997 is as well- so the chapters may either be shorter or less interesting..most likely both. But! if you do read every chapter and absolutely pag-ibig them i thank you and applaud thee :3 well goodbye now...enjoy ^-^

~Niall's POV~

Is is just me, or does everyone seem to be ignoring me.

I can't straight up ask them, yet i can't madala -i dunno if i used this madala correctly U.U - not knowing.

"N-Niall?" Nivi moaned in her sleep curling up closer to me.

"What am i doing? We're not even twenty...
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