Bleach Anime Make your own zanpakuto!

jadzter18 posted on Jan 01, 2009 at 06:06PM
enhance your imagination!
If you were a shinigami what will your zanpakuto's name and abilities be?

share your thoughts and ideas of your ideal zanpakuto!!!

(note:please follow this format so that there will be a uniform ideas, and so that people would read this topic more interesting and more easy to read, thank you)


[zanpakuto's name/shikai name]
[release command]
[bankai name] - optional
=description - optional

[shikai abilities] - limited only (3)

[bankai abilities] - limited only (3)
=desciption - optional

=(then comments on your zanpakuto)

that's all we want to know!
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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Lankasanka said…
I am not saying that I have no imagination.....
but I need some Ideas.

If any one has something to share....
Please feel free and tell me. (I am not begging.Just asking)
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Lankasanka said…
I am gong to give it a try........

I don't really need an Idea....
Sorry for the trouble
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas skullroc said…
well seeing as how night is my favorite time and i love to trick people i think this might be my ideal zanpakuto.

Ame-no-Kagaseo(god of shadows),same name



Being the god of shadows Ame-no-Kagaseo loves to fool with his opponents vision, mind, and movement.

Ame-no-Kagaseo will use his opponents shadow against him to slow his movements but does no noticable harm.

When my bankai is released Ame-no-Kagaseo will be able to access into the opponent's deepest fears and bring them to life. He also blacks out the entire area and fills the area with illusions.He can also blast a great amount of energy towards the opponent and if ingulfed within the wave of shadows the opponent will lose a great amount of speed.

My sword would turn into a pure black duel weild dagger with red gems at the bottom of the hilt, within tthe gems lies all of my killed opponents spirtual energy which would be used for extra power.

(I know it dosent say final form up there but i really make it the most) I would say Final form...Ame-no-Kagaseo!!! My body would be ingulfed within shadows only showing red eyes and my hand would be the blade. While in final form I can easily snap my opponents sane mind and with my red eyes i would look into his soul and use all of my killed opponents pain, before and after death, against him, he would receive all wounds and emotions and die within seconds, or minutes depending on strength.

So thats basically it i think thats my ideal zanpakuto haha by the way just in case your wondering i came up with all this as i was typing the only thing i always had planned was it was going to be a shadow type zanpakuto. And if i was a vizard this would probaby be my mask.... except red eyes of course haha i hope someone makes a game that will actually let u design your own zanpakuto...HINT HINT hha

 well seeing as how night is my paborito time and i pag-ibig to trick people i think this might be my idea
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Ryuuikari said…
Wow, i can't believe how long since i last came on here :O
Well, here ya go :)

Name: Kiseichū (Parasite)

Sealed appearance: It takes the form of a wakizashi, with a bug-green hilt and a bronze guard shaped like a double-headed arrow; it has a green sheathe.

Shikai release: Kiseichū is triggered by the command “Suck them dry” (sorera ga kansō suu).

Shikai appearance: Its form changes to resemble a bullwhip. The whip is 1.5m long, has a diameter of 1cm, ends in a sharp point and connects to the hilt. The whip is made from a strong metal that is flexible like leather.

Shikai abilities: Kiseichū’s whip is much sharper than it superficially appears being able to slice like a bladed weapon; the whip can be made to become erect and rigid, functioning like a thin sword. Kiseichū’s main ability is reiatsu absorption. When Kiseichū slices an opponent, they absorb some of their reiatsu. The deeper Kiseichū slices the more reiatsu is absorbed; in addition the longer Kiseichū is inside the opponent (e.g. through impalement) the longer Kiseichū can absorb their reiatsu. The more reiatsu Kiseichū absorbs the longer its whip gets; it can get to an indefinite length if given the chance. Its whip reverts to normal length when it is resealed.

Bankai name: Kyūbi Kiseichū (Nine Tailed Parasite)

Bankai release: The wielder whips Kiseichū round like a lasso and then initiates bankai

Bankai appearance: Kyūbi Kiseichū still resembles a bullwhip but also now coils around and connects to wielder’s forearm which extends into a grip that the wielder can hold. Kyūbi Kiseichū is completely made from the metal it was made from in shikai and is completely teal in colour.

Bankai abilities: Kyūbi Kiseichū is still much sharper than it superficially appears. Like in shikai the whips can be made to become erect and rigid; if made to do so, they all become erect and rigid. Kyūbi Kiseichū’s reiatsu absorbing ability is exactly the same as in shikai. However instead of growing in length when it absorbs reiatsu, it now grows a new whip through reiatsu absorption; it ceases to grow anymore whips once it reaches nine. Each whip can be controlled and manipulated separately and can be made to wrap and entangle (multiple) opponents.

Bankai special techniques:

1. Reiteki Hiru (Spiritual Leech)
A technique that activates automatically when Kyūbi Kiseichū gains its full nine whips. The subsequent reiatsu that Kyūbi Kiseichū absorbs is used to restore any reiatsu that the wielder has used or lost.

2. Neko Tsume (Cat Claw)
Kyūbi Kiseichū erects all its whips and then slashes the foe while simultaneously releasing highly condensed spiritual energy. Consequently this technique is at its most powerful when Kyūbi Kiseichū has all nine whips. This technique can be used in rapid succession.

3. Kyūbiha (Nine Tail Blade)
A technique usable only when Kyūbi Kiseichū has all nine whips present. Kyūbi Kiseichū combines and condenses all of its whips into the form of a blade. Due to combining of nine very sharp whips, the blades cutting power is very high. All abilities and techniques can be used while this is in effect.

Oh and unlike other zanpakutō, Kiseichū can potentially have an unlimited amount of Shinigami wielders. When its wielder severely loses a battle or is killed, Kiseichū abandons its Shinigami and joins the victorious Shinigami whereupon it parasitically drains the reiatsu from the Shinigami’s current zanpakutō, until it ceases to exist, becoming the Shinigami’s new (and only) zanpakutō.

If it seems overpowered, my bad, but apart from that enjoy !! :D
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas lythria said…
[zanpakuto's name:Mohō (imitation)
[release command :Furi asobi (play pretend)
[bankai name] - n/a
=description - This zanpakuto is small 11" from the bottom of its hilt to the tip of its blade. the entire zanpakuto is a polished clean metal.

release appearance - an exact replica of whatever she was imitating. For whatever reason Mohō cannot imitate bankai and if the enemy releases their bankai Mohō reverts back to her original size and shape. If Mohō reverts back to herself due to an opponent releasing bankai Mohō gets very jealous and angry which is the key to using Mohō while she isn't playing dress up.

[shikai abilities] - this zanpakuto main ability is to copy other zanpakuto powers but not the enemys energy. example (it can duplicate soi fons suzumebachi but not the amount of spirit energy needed to kill an oponant in 2 hits. a week wielder would need 7-8 hits in the same spot to do what soi fon can do in 2) this zanpakuto can also only copy the abilities of an enemy zanpakuto while the enemy is within 1000 yards of you. if the enemy leaves a 1000 yrd radius the zanpakuto reverts back to its-self.

the second ability of this zanpakuto is to negate kido barriers. (Mohō stabs into a barrier starts absorbing the energy from the barrier then redistributes the energy into the barrier splitting the barrier apart. Doing this revers Mohō back to her original form.

Mohō's last ability is called Shitto (jealous rage) for this ability the wielder and the zanpakuto must be angry or jealous. she reverts to her original form and sends a barrage of kido blasts in whatever direction she is pointed in, then follows up with a kido ray. (this ability is much like ikkaku madarame's bankai in the sense that it takes time for Mohō to get jealous or angry enough to allow herself to wake up and fire off kido blasts.

Mohō's strengths - because she can duplicate any sword and shikai Mohō can be utilized in many ways, and will give its wielder the same benefits as the enemies shikai has.

Mohō's weaknesses - Mohō's main weakness is she can only copy zanpakuto and needs to be in the company of at least 1 zanpakuto wielder to be useful in a fight. another major weakness is because she copies zanpakuto's abilities you need to figure out what those abilities are quick to be able to utilize them efficiently in combat. Because Mohō is so small the wielder must be very fast to get close enough to cut or stab while Mohō isn't copying another zanpokuto.
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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas ShadowHunter15 said…
Zanpakuto name: Akumu no omo (Lord of Nightmares)
Sealed form: Regular katana

Release command: Nemuri ni doraggu (Drag to sleep)

Shikai: The blade is black, the guard is a pentagon with a star, the handle is a dark blue.

Abilities: Yume no kamisori (Dream Razor)- When an enemy is cut, the blade turns to a black mist and goes into the wound. Te wound s healed, but the one affected falls to sleep. He is tormented with his/hers worst fears. The wielder mentally enters the nightmare and controls it. He is not able to move and but is aware of his surroundings. If the person affected is hurt in the nightmare, the wound appears on their body. The wielder can break the mental connection if he needs to move. When this happens, the affected person wakes up and the mist comes out of their body and returns into a sword.

Bankai: Akumu no ō (Nightmare King)

Look: The blade, guard, and handle are still the same. At the end of the blade there is a chain 5 ft. long with a crescent blade at the end.

Abilities: Akumu no kokū (Nightmare Void)- The wielder attacks with the crescent blade. When it injures the enemy, a black semi-transparent sphere appears around them. It has a diameter of 10 ft. Anyone caught in the sphere is sent to sleep and has nightmares of their worst fears. It has the same effects as the shikai ability but doesn't have to turn into mist. The wielder is able to move around but only within and area of 15 ft. The weilder is unable to harm the enemy inside the sphere.

Yume no kamisori (Dream Razor)- Akumu no ō is still able to cut somebody and have that person plagued with nightmares but is able to choose which cut it uses as an opening for the mist.

Open for comments
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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Ryuuikari said…
ShadowHunter15 (Akuma no Omo)

Shikai ability (Yume no Kamisori):
While the opponent is asleep are they able to move around (as if sleep walking) and is it possible for the opponent to break out of the nightmare themselves ?
While the wielder is controlling the nightmare (thus rendering themselves immobile) what happens if they are cut, injured or damaged by someone/something else ?
How long can the wielder keep their opponent in the nightmare ?
Also can I assume that if the opponent dies in the nightmare they die in reality too ?

Bankai ability (Akuma no Kokū):
Is there a maximum amount of opponents that the wielder can simultaneously control (inside the sphere) and does controlling multiple opponents cause the wielder to become fatigued much quicker ?
When you say the wielder is only able to move within an area of 15 ft, do you mean within a 15 ft radius or a 15 ft diameter ?
Also what happens if the wielder moves further than this 15 ft area ?

My opinion:
Quite a good interesting zanpakutou, just be as specific with the details as you can :)
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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas ShadowHunter15 said…


No the person affected can't move but they can break themselves out of the nightmare if they are able to defeat their fears.
If the wielder is injured then the nightmare stops and the person affected wakes up.
The nightmare lasts until the person dies in the nightmare (they will also die in reality), the wielder is injured, the person defeats their fear, if the wielder ends it, or if a person in reality wakes them up.


The maximum amount is three people. Yes controlling more makes the wielder tired faster.
By and area of 15 ft the sphere is ten feet in diameter and the chain is 5 ft long so I can move 15 feet away from the sphere in any direction. If I move farther than that then the crescent blade is pulled out of the sphere and the effect stops.

I hope that answered most your questions
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Ryuuikari said…
Yuuup im satisfied with that, cool zanpakutou :)
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas ShadowHunter15 said…
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Bleach0123 said…
This is my 4th zanpaktou

Skikai: Hari no Kami
Transforms from a normal katana to two dual bladed zapaktou.

Ability #1. Rimoto Buredo:
This ejects the blades from the zanpaktou and can levitate. This technique can be used to fight opponents without the user getting hurt. The user controls how the blades move and attack. Since no one is holding the blades, there is no need for defense. There are no cool downs and doesn't need to charge up energy to use this ability. The range is unlimited.

Ability #2. Yoru no Juryoku: The user stabs Hari no Kami into the ground. What this move does, is it intensifies the gravity of the spot where the enemy is. The gravity can be multiplied infinitely, even if the enemy is crushed by its/his/her/their own body(s).

Ability: #3. Shi no Mugen no Hari: This is Hari no Kami's signature shikai attack. The two blades of Hari no Kami turn into spirit particles for an instance then it surrounds the enemy in the form of infinite indestructable needles with each spinning in different directions at the speed of light. The needle are very close together meaning it cannot be avoided even by teleportation. The needles will then stab the target all at the same time in every direction at the speed of light. Once the needles have stabbed the opponent, it will inject sulfuric acid and will continue spinning at light speed until the opponent is completely gone.

Bankai: Edita (Same look/form as Shikai!)

Retains all abilities of Shikai

Ability #4. Toki Kukan Henshu: When using this technique, the zanpaktou in the right hand controls time while the left controls space. Once the name of this move is said, Time freezes and so does space. The only movable thing is the user. This ability allows the user to edit both time and space of a selected area within 30 miles of diameter. Anything outside of the 30 miles cannot be edited but the time and space will still freeze. The user can then edit both space and time just by his will. Editing the time and space means that the user can change the space or/and time of the enemy. This means the user can swap a section of the Sun's core with the space the enemy was standing on. Or when editing time, the user can swap the target's space's time with a space 300000 centuries in the future back and forth causing the enemy to age and get young so fast the body cannot adapt making the enemy die.
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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas whiteflame55 said…
Bleach0123 (Hami no Kami):

I’ve been taking a rather extensive break from reviews, but I do keep an eye on new blades and this one… well, it’s absurdly overpowered. The first ability is, perhaps, the only one that’s reasonable. Honestly, there’s no problem with your blades being able to fight at range, mainly because, that leaves you open to attack. That’s fine. Everything else is too much.

Your second shikai ability allows you to kill opponents at any range in an instant, and as far as I can tell, there’s no way to defend against or stop this. I don’t see a range limitation, I don’t see it taking any amount of time to activate, and I don’t even see a space limitation (which makes me think you could just increase the gravity of everything around you for miles). But the biggest problem is that you can increase it infinitely. How does anyone deal with that? No one could survive it, and with all of these other factors in play, that basically makes it infinitely deadly.

The third ability is less of a problem, but still a big one. Indestructible, unavoidable, inescapable needles that move at the speed of light and inject an acid that will affect any and all opponents and dissolve them completely. Yeah, that’s a problem. One of the only ways I can think of to stop this is to have something around your body that cannot be penetrated by the needles, but at best, that’s a short-term fix, since the acid will likely dissolve that too. Another might be a form of teleportation that allows them to bend space, but for most opponents, that’s not possible. This is essentially a death sentence to all of them, and even for those that bend space, I don’t see a reason why you couldn’t continuously apply the same needles to them until they make a mistake.

The bankai is most emblematic of the problems with this blade. You freeze time in an infinite radius. That would be absurd even if you didn’t have the ability to manipulate time and space within this same zone – what prevents you from simply cutting the opponent’s head off? They can’t defend themselves, they can’t move, they can’t fight back. They’re dead. But let’s pretend that’s not possible. Let’s just look at the 30 mile diameter zone, something that, let’s face it, most opponents won’t be outside of (this is a show about people wielding swords, most of the action happens in melee). You even go so far as to point out just how ridiculous this is. If you can swap a section of their body with the Sun’s core, they’re dead. If you can edit the time their body has experienced, they’re dead. But there are thousands of other needlessly ridiculous ways you could kill them. Why not just separate the pieces of their body, letting them bleed out as time resumes? Why not place them in a random space pocket 3 million miles away? Hell, if you really wanted a hellish way to die, just surround them in vacuum space. There’s no way out, no way to stop this, and only the barest of range restrictions.

Look, we could all create our favorite obscenely overpowered blade. It’s not that hard. I could create it in a single sentence: my blade causes death to everything in a hundred mile radius. Sadly, that’s still weaker than this one, since you would basically cause death to everything, if by no other mechanism than freezing time and giving yourself the opportunity to find and kill the ones who were too far to be affected by your main bankai ability. But in the end, that’s not interesting, and it functions well outside the bounds of the Bleach universe. If your goal was merely to create something overpowered, you’ve done that well enough, but this is hardly what I would call a zanpakuto made for Bleach.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Bleach0123 said…

For the second ability, they can escape via Negacion, teleportation, open the Senkaimon and run away. For the 3rd one they can block the attack with a shield (Millon Escudo/Roppo Fujin/etc). It isn't really an unblockable attack. I mean if I was facing Muramasa he could just have Hari no Kami turn against me. And I did say it only affects the spot the enemy is on.

I don't exactly think its that overpowered. I mean, look at Barragan's Respira and think about if Yamamotto released his Bankai? And most Shinigami don't bankai right away which means the enemy can always stop me from using the attack.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas whiteflame55 said…
Alright, happy to have this conversation.

On the second ability, in any of these three cases, they would have to happen before the wielder of this blade could create the spaces of high gravity. For the Senkaimon and running away, that's impossible. Opening the Senkaimon takes a few seconds, which is longer than it would take you to plant your blade in the ground. Running away requires that you're fast enough to escape whatever size space you can make, but more importantly, that you can outrun instantly created spaces of death that can pop up anywhere you choose. That leaves Negacion and teleportation. The first requires that the opponent has a large number of Menos Grande on hand, but even if that's so, you could easily crush the Menos with this ability (you never say that the space cannot be created inside a Garganta). The second requires that your opponent has teleportation, which isn't exactly common.

Onto the third ability. You say it can be blocked. Well, the shield would have to wrap entirely around their bodies (since these needles are all around them), but that's something I mentioned as well. Both of the abilities you refer to (Million Escudo and Roppō Fūjin) wouldn't work. The first is a very small shield that can only protect one area of the body (and one only known by Aizen Souske, for that matter), the second is a barrier technique meant to seal away an opponent. Most of the other barrier spells only work against kido spells, and are not capable of defending against physical strikes. You're right that Muramasa could turn your blade against you, but let's face it, that's one opponent, and hardly the standard by which any blade should be judged. You say it can affect only the spot the enemy is on, but I don't see how that matters. You don't say it can't be reformed, you don't say anything about it not forming immediately, and the ability itself says it's inescapable. Inescapable and basically unblockable.

As for the bankai, let's take a look at who you're comparing to: essentially, you're comparing with the strongest arrancar (let's face it, he was), and the strongest shinigami. But even if we're talking about them, this is insane by comparison. Barragan's abilities were still time-hindered. It took time for his deadly breath to reach his opponents. It took time to age objects. Nothing was ever instantaneous, and everything was avoidable. Yamamoto hasn't revealed his bankai, so we can only guess as to its powers, but even if he has the ability to cover the world in fire, that still takes time, and that still can be stopped by certain opponents (say, someone who controls concentrations of oxygen, or large sources of water or ice, or Wonderweiss). Tell me, how would someone stop this? The only way is if your opponent can also control time and space, essentially countering your abilities with your abilities. The last defense you have here is that, for the most part, Shinigami don't use their bankai immediately. That doesn't make the blade itself any weaker. It doesn't matter how it's used, it matters whether it's readily available. If the wielder wants someone dead badly enough, they can immediately go bankai and kill them without issue. Whether they choose to do so doesn't make their blade any weaker or stronger.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Bleach0123 said…
Shikai: Meiro

A wide straight sword that glows in the color of light blue.

1. Seirei (Labyrinth): By waving/moving around with Meiro, the user can make streams of reishi walls. The walls are as wide as the sword itself. The walls are thin, but are unbreakable by a single attack. As the user moves around, the walls will continue to form, restricting where the enemy can go/move. As the user moves more, it will eventually form either a giant net to stop the opponent from moving, or a labyrinth. The user is not affected by these walls, and can pass through them to attack the enemy. Defeated opponents will then become the user's dolls to fight for future battles. Does not have a cooldown time.

2. Verteidigung der Panzerschiffe (Defense of the Ironclads): The user calls out this move's name and blue glowing replicas of Meiro's blade will fold out to the left and right at the same time creating shield to block wide range attacks. This move doesn't have an activation time, and the time creating the shield depends on how big you can it to be.

3. Kekkai (barrier): This move is rather simple. It creates a glowing blue box (can take any shape) which is actually a piece of space. After capturing the target in the box, the box will implode on the signal of the user's will.

Bankai: El Meiro

Retains all Shikai abilities but with more power.

Ability #4. Seishin Ama (Spirit Armor) uses reishi as armor
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas kage-no-asagiri said…
just joined today so lets see if i can get this right.

Zanpakuto's name: maboroshi. ( illusion)
Release command: Cast off your fear.

bankai name: shinwateki gensou-no-hime ( mythical illusion princess)

In her sealed form Mabaroshi resembles a straight edged guardless katana. the handle is made of cherry wood with the blade itself is akin to a diamond hue. it is often considered to be a hauntingly beautiful blade, with almost angelic like designs engraved into the sleek and narrow blade.

In shikai it resembles Legolas fighting knife, except the blade is a few inches longer then a katana. the blade also becomes transparent. if my opponent is cut i instantly learn what abilities my opponent has. i cannot use them but i learn their weaknesses. i also learn to predict which attack my opponent uses.

shikai abilities:

Ability one: whispering wind. this ability allows me to vanish from sight. i cannot be detected even when using shunpo. however to attack i need to release this ability.

ability two: white out. Similar to zabuzas hidden mist. Except the caster can still see and hear in the mist. Also any caught will see random illusions of their greatest fear. Similar to scare crow from DC comics and his fear gas. If the creature is a hollow, when the hollow was alive it recreates what the hollow was afraid of when alive or when it last knew fear and re-instills the fear into it.

ability 3: mirror flash : by gathering a large amount of reiatsu and unleashing it in a burst like a flash grenade and creates a roar of thunder. Any one who gazes upon the light isn’t blinded but their senses are affected. Their vision becomes blurry where one sees multiple blurred copies of everything around. The enemy’s equilibrium is ruptured throwing one off balance. And their hearing becomes deafened as if hearing under water. The effects vary but usually last ten minutes

In bankai the sword separates into two blades. With three blue magamas in the end of the handle that glow. In Bankai, mythical illusion princess ability changes. Each cut or stab drains one of their reiatsu, and stores It in the blade, allowing Hikaru to use kido with only chanting the name. or he can use the reiatsu to replenish lost reiatsu. Sort of like a battery. And he is immune to any illusionary attack in bankai
Character appearance is below.

Bankai abilities.

Ability one: Shadow clone. Yes its like Naruto’s except the clone can take a hell of a lot more pounding. They can use any kido I know or attack. I can make four of them max in a day unless I dispel one. If I dispel one then I can recreate it. If it is killed then I cannot make a new one for twenty four hours. Also I can make them explode like the exploding shadow clones. But when they run out of reiatsu they dispel. Their reiatsu is roughly ¾ of mine. A fatal blow that normally would kill someone in one hit will disperse them.

Ability 2. A more powerful version of whispering wind. Except I can attack while invisible. One I attack though whispering wind stops. I have to break away to use it again

Ability three. Breaking point. one blade vanishes and is absorbed by the second blade., Hikaru stands in an iaido stance. Using his skill in shunpo he lashes out while in shunpo movement.if the attack hits the enemy’s zanpakuto Is sealed, as with their energy. Similar to what Byakuya did to Ichigo. Destroying his soul link thing. However this is permanent. The only way to break out is A kill Hikaru, Hikaru to release it. Or the enemy is killed. Also this attack can be used on multiple enemies if there are multiple opponents around. The enemy cannot use any reiatsu, or energy attack at all. They become like rock lee, so they can use shunpo, but once they try to use reiatsu to form an attack their body becomes paralysed until the opponent stops trying to summoun out reiatsu.

Now the downside Once the attack connects Hikaru winds up like the enemy. So its skill vs skill. shunpo versus shunpo, or sonedo. This attack also can destroy the Hogyoku. However if I have a shadow clone out the shadow clone is not affected.

Character bio. Hikaru Shihouin. Son of Kisuke and Yoruichi Shihouin. He is a lazy genius like his father, and tends to arrive late to everything. However due to certain events in his life he is wanted by the gotei thirteen due to a crime he committed out of loyalty.. His hair like woven silver, and unruly. His face enshrouded by a traditional shinobi mask. He has powder blue slits like a cats. Also he is unworldly loyal to those he cares for, and will chose those he is close to over a anything else, like ichigo.

Usually he wears lose fitting clothing, but when using Shunko his clothes rip off revealing a black leather shinobi outfit like Ryu Hayabusa’s. He wears blue tinted sunglasses that are always present. His bankai form is completely different.

His body is wrapped in a mesh shirt with a form fitting grey vest. His mask turns white with a white cap wrapped around his shoulders and neck and ends near his ankles. This cape can be infused with reiatsu to act as a shield. His pants become baggy and white tucked into tabi boots. His obi is navy blue with a long tail ending near his right knee. His shinob gauntlets change to grey with the kanji for honor, and loyalty engraved into the gloves. The gauntlets are strong enough to be used as a bracer and block a zanpakuto. His eyes also glow blue.

He has mastered shunko to a level rivaling his mother, and his speed is equal to Yoruichi. He is young only thirty or so. He is usually cheerful and rarely serious, but when he does get serious his wrath is akin to a tsunami. Nothing stands a chance. he is often described as a man with consummate skill, and unearthly grace and beauty equal to Byakua, but this is unconfirmed due to his mask. He is of medium build with a sleek, powerful body. Like ichigo his reiatsu compresses, and his reiatsu control is almost unrivaled. unlike Yoruichi’s shunko where its blunt trauma his cuts and slices. So even a swipe of his fingers can leave a deep gash that burns. He is also the only other person to master bankai the way Kisuke and Ichigo did. But due to this he has gained a hollow, who Hikaru has named Shin. The two actually get along considering both are very perverted. his Zanpakuto and his prowess his feared, even yamamoto genryusai is hesitant to engage him. His illusions and attacks surpasses aizens own.

In his visored form a mask like An anbu forms, except the face is expressionless, with black stripes along each side. His eyes holes glow red and instead of using a cero or having any standard hollow skills. If gazed upon one becomes hypnotized. Like what the sharingan does. And the opponent wouldn’t even know he is being led on by Hikaru and shin.

His skin is a dark color like his mothers, and he has tiger like stripes across his chest, arms, and torso. It is rumored he can change into a cat similar to his mom, but not an ordinary house cat. His zanpakuto is female like his dad and is calm and collected. But kind and polite. She wears a traditional kimono, and often speaks her mind. She is blunt and very protective of Hikaru. She also tends to materialize a lot and keep Hikaru company. her beauty rivals that of Sode’s.

Done. Hopefully he isn’t over powered. People give skills that are unblockable instant death. So I thought I would go with illusions and something that would take speed, skill and intelligence and cunning. He does not have a lot of offensive attacks.

And I wanted it unique. His zanpakuto as you can see is an illusion type weapon. I also wanted the character to be unique too. So hope you enjoy.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas wagakagami said…
big smile
I like your new pic whiteflame.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Bleach0123 said…

Oh you're right about the running away thing but remember, Shinigami can use shunpo in the senkaimon. And what if you're fighting arrancars? They could have arranged Menos to help them if the battle is too tough. Up to date, almost all races of spiritual beings have a high-speed moving technique meaning that they can always get away/keep moving to stop me from using that technique. And what if I'm standing on the spiritual platform I made under my feet during a battle? I'd half to go down to the ground.

And an inescapable attack doesn't make it unblockable. Look at Senbonzakura for example, surrounding your opponent with thousands of blades and slashing them all over. But it is still blockable. Ichigo blocked it by using the speed of his Tensa Zangetsu. And Million Escudo isn't the only kido that surrounds the caster, Regai Unohana used a translucent blue, rectangular barrier that blocked a double attack from Soifon and Yoruichi. Also, if the opponent is skilled in kido, they could have placed themself inside a Shiji no Saimon. Another example would be Baura the doll of Saiwatari. He could just escape to another dimension and dodge it, or maybe even eat the spirit particles of my sword before they could manifest into needles. But how is teleportation not common? Almost all skilled shinigami can use Sentan Hakuja or maybe even Kukanteni. Shusake Amagai used this special kido with glowing green papers to teleport as well. When I said undodgeable I obviously didn't include teleportation or going to different dimensions.

Another thing is that I'm not the only being that can stop time. I could even stop time without this ability by using Jikanteishi.

And if a person in Bleach did want somebody to die ASAP and Bankai-ed right away, they're usually the villian and in anime, good guys always win-sometimes not right away, but in the end, they do.
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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas whiteflame55 said…
Thanks waga, found it recently and just fell in love.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas whiteflame55 said…
Bleach0123 –

That’s assuming that they can get into the senkaimon in the first place, which requires that it’s opened, which requires several seconds during which they could easily be crushed to death in an instant. You’re right about finding Menos, but as I said, even with Negacion active, they themselves are still vulnerable, and this ability still has infinite range. Yes, I realize that people in the show move fast. You would have to completely lose sight of them for this to be effective, though, since you can create these zones instantly. There’s a lag time between uses of high speed techniques, you could easily hit them then by just spotting them. Hell, from the wording of your blade, you don’t even have to spot them. “It intensifies the gravity of the spot where the enemy is.” They can be moving at the speed of light, it will still hit them where they are, no matter how far away that might be. Yes, if you happen to be on a platform or something, the opponent can prevent this, but that hardly does anything to weaken your blade. All it does is create one possible out, and let’s face it, it’s not a common one.

I’m not going to keep arguing the needle ability. Suffice it to say that when the only possible responses are all abilities held by, at most, two or three people each (as all of the ones you’ve listed are), it makes this unblockable and undodgeable for the vast majority of opponents, and it’s deadly for those that can’t. All of your abilities share this common aspect – if the opponent is caught in it, fight’s over, opponent’s dead. There’s no way to resist, or partially survive. The other thing I will mention is that you specifically said that you cannot teleport out. Again, I quote: “The needle are very close together meaning it cannot be avoided even by teleportation.”

You’re right about stopping time, there are people who can stop it. And by people, I mean one guy (Tessai), who made sure to tell us that it is a forbidden spell, which makes it, at best, incredibly unlikely that anyone else can use it. But there’s a couple of other really important factors you’re missing here. For one, this spell has a relatively short range. They don’t specify how large it is, but we can assume that the limit is somewhere around the distance that he set when he used it. The limit to your ability is infinite. For another, this spell cannot last forever. If it could, he would have frozen time for them continuously, since it would have upped the survival potential of all of the vizards. Yours is infinite. For a third, while time is stopped, he cannot manipulate space and time. You can. And all of this assumes that Tessai can move and act freely while time is frozen for those around him, which was never made clear.

And finally, once again, I’m not talking about the characters. I don’t care what the instance is. I don’t care if the character is good or bad (though I can think of more than a few moments in the show where “good characters” have aimed to kill their opponent(s) as fast as possible), I’m evaluating the blade. The blade itself (and, if nothing else, this final ability for sure) is overpowered. Whether the person wielding it is reasonable or not doesn’t change that.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas kuroii-chan said…
here's mine!!!!
Name: Thanatos (death)(greek god of death)
Release Comand: Shinu (die)
Bankai: Shinu no Kami (God of Death)

SHikai= turns into a scythe, black as nightmare.
shikai abilities:1. Houkaishimasu (disintegrate)=outline turns bloody red, everything touched by blade disintegrates, how fast you disintegrate depends on your reiatsu.
2. Shino Kusari (Chains of Death)= once the tip of blade touches the ground, chains come out, grabing the enemy.Can suffucate them to death>
3. i can also mix both abilities. while using Shino Kusari i can use Houkaishimaru

bankai= clothes change into black and wings grow, scythe is connected to a chain.Hair grows longer. More beautiful yet attacks more painful.
*High reiatsu
*enhanced attacks
1.Feather attack
2. Shino Ichigeki (Death Blow)= from the edge of the scythe forms a cero like beam. Pure black. As strong as Ulquiorra's cero oscuras (wateva)

My appearance = Hair like ulquiorra, raven black , shoulder lenght , messy. Eyes are crimson red. Reflects sadness, pain , sorrow mostly emotions from one's death. Pale skin. Pettite features. Female. Hollow like shinigami.

that's all :)

sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas wagakagami said…
big smile
This has taken me a while to finish and i finaly got it done I would like a review for it if you can.

Zanpakuto Name: Taiyo_Kei ( Solar System )

Release Command: Gachan ( Crash )

Shikai: When shikai is used the sword forms into a pair of black gloves on the users hands and about 30 rocks ranging from 6 inches to 1.5 meters. These orbit the user between 1 and 10 meters. There speed is based or distance between them and the user so that each of them make 1 revolution around the user in 10 seconds if the user moves there orbits and speeds change keep around the user. These float around in different directions and if they hit somthing that stops there movment then they are no longer automaticaly following the user but they will still float around. It these rocks hit each other then they fuse together and keep the orbit of the bigger one. After one is gone for any reason then a new one will form within 2 minutes at in the same size range as the original rocks. Once one stops orbiting the user after 20 seconds it dissapers and once shikai is stoped all of them fade away into shiny dust. If the user wants they can instantly cause any of they to fade away and not form at will, the user can also have them not form at shikai's start and make them wait to form.

Ability 1: Kido_shu_sei ( Orbital Adjustment ) The user can at any time contol any, up to 3 at a time, of the rocks movments mentally. This can make them move up to the users walking speed for no reshi cost. The user can make any of them, two at a time, move at kido speed with hand movment for about a level 40 kido worth of reshi every 5 seconds. If this moves any rock out of the users orbit then they don't dissaper until 20 seconds after the user stops moving them.

Ability 2: Kometto ( Comet ) This takes as much reshi as a cero. This shoots a blast of reshi about 1 meter in diameter that looks like a comet. This moves as fast as a cero and does as much damage as one and has a 5 second cooldown.

Ability 3: Hoshizora ( Starry Night ) The user can grab, or touch, a rock and form it into a orbit center that can be the center for the rocks orbiting instead of them. They can only effect rocks 1/2 there size or smaller and they float in one spot unless the user moves them, they physically move them but to them there wightless. This costs no reshi but takes 1 minute in witch they can't do anything else. The user can have as many of these out at once and can make them look like any celestail bodys, stars, planets etc. but this is purely visual.

Bankai Name: Ginga ( Galaxy )

Bankai: Once Bankai is entered everything created by shikai turns pure black like shadows then dissapper. The gloves grow to cover the user in a 3 piece silk suit, black jacket and pants, white shirt, and teal tie. The whole suit has white stars on it and the user gains a 3 foot long rapier withe a black handle and glowing white blade.

Ability 1: Mure ( Star Cluster ) This ability creates about 10 balls of fire, 3 meters in front of the user, from 1 meter to 10 meters in diameter all within 3 meters of each other. Each one takes time to form and can't form in anything but can grow to do so. Each on grows to it's size at a speed of 1 meter in 2 seconds. Each of these is about as hot a lava, 2000 degrees F, These do not radiate heat, you have to touch it to get burned, and they don't move. This ability takes about 10% of the users reshi and only one star cluster can be out at once and there is a 30 second cooldown to user it again. The user can see throught these and is completly uneffected by them.

Ability 2: Hakudaku ( Nebula ) This ability creates a cloud about 15 meters in diameter around the user this cloud is a brown in color and does not effect breathing. This gas limits sight range to about half for any one other then the user, who is uneffected, and forms in 6 seconds. Only 3 Gas coulads can be out at once and there sight lowering effect can't stack. This gas is heavy and is uneffected by normal wind, any wind based abilities can blow it easily. When the user fires off reishi based attacks like kido they absorb the cloud as they go through it growing about 6 inches a second, absorbing that much cloud, and it's power goes up to the same scale as it's size. If this cloud touches a star from the first ability the whole cloud is sucked in cuaseing the star to grow 8 meters in 8 seconds, this cauases all the other stars to move away to mantain 3 meter distance. This takes about as much reshi as a level 90 kido.

Ability 3: Da_Kumata_ ( Dark Matter ) This ability creates a pure black ball in between the users hands that is as strong as steal but is 2 times as dense as iron, witch means 2 times as heavy. This ball can be launched at the speed of a kido spell with the force of a cannon ball, at half ones size due to it beeing 2 times as heavy. This ball grows at a speed of an inch a second for a cost of a level 20 kido a second. There can be only 3 of these at once and if more are created then th user chooses what one dissappers. These have a max size of 2 meters and has no cooldown.
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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Ryuuikari said…
Lool at how wildly overpowered Bleach 0123's blades are (no offence)
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Ryuuikari said…
Taiyo Kei (wagakagami)

Shikai abilities:
Kido Shu Sei
Sorry I didn’t really understand what this ability does :$

Does it have a charge time at all ? If it does how does the charge time affect the power ?

Bankai abilities:
Can I assume that this is a defensive technique ? Are they positioned in a straight line formation or in an arc formation in front of the wielder ?

Struggling to see how making a cloud that only limits visibility consumes as much reiatsu as a level 90 kidō :/ When this technique makes the “star” increase in diameter, does it increase any other properties of said “star” e.g. make it hotter or flare more violently ?

Da Kumata
Can I assume that once one of these black balls hits a target it disappears afterwards ? Does the black ball explode on contact with a target or is it more of a penetrative attack ?

Unfortunately I'm a bit of a grammar Nazi, and I have to say your spelling and grammar was bad. I couldn’t really understand what you were trying to portray, so I couldn’t review it as well as I would have liked… oh and when you were talking about reishi did you mean reiatsu ?
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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas wagakagami said…
Thanks for the review Ryuuikari i'll answer you now

Kido shu sei: basicly when shikai starts lots of meteor like rocks form and this ability is how the user moves them.

Kometto: yes it takes about as long as a creo and it doesn't effect power forgot to put this in sorry.


Mure: This ability like all in this zanpakuto is about battlefield control. It's main purpose is to limit the opponents actions and give the user an advantage. When these are formed each one forms in a random spot 3 meters from another one so it can be in almost any formation.

Hakudaku: Well with this it had more effects but I took them out, don't remember why but i think i'm going to edit it and no the stars only go up in size.

Da kumata: No these stay out as long as the user wants but there can only be 3 out at once. These balls don't explode they just damage things with the force they hit things with and there high weight.

I'm sorry about my spelling i'm not vary good at spell cheacking and with reishi i just spell it like the bleach wiki does, not even sure the it is the right term for it though lol.
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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas wagakagami said…
Just added the changes to ability 2 of bankai ty for bringing that to my attention.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Ryuuikari said…
No problems :)
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas whiteflame55 said…
Wagakagami (Taiyo_Kei) –

Shikai: Are there any special properties to the rocks, or do they act as normal rocks when struck or striking?

1) You say that it can be moved out of orbit in this way. Can it be brought back into orbit with the same method, or are you required to retrieve them physically?

2) Does this only look like a comet, or does it have the physical properties of a comet plus the energy of a cero? Is it ice cold? Is it a physical object?

3) Are the rocks included in your orbit like this changed as a result, or do they retain their normal properties? Do you infuse them with reishi?


1) Do these merely rotate, or can they be moved from your rotation? How quickly, and to what range? How long do they last?

2) Can these gas clouds be overlapped? Does that decrease the ability to see through it still further? Does that also increase the rate of growth of a fireball or star?

3) Can you make these rotate as well? If these balls are broken up in any way, can it still be rotated or launched in some way?

All in all, a simple yet interesting blade, full of new mechanisms to fight with and surprises for your opponents. Another job well done.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Bleach0123 said…

Hmmm...I guess you're right about the time and maybe the needles. But Hari no Kami's gravitational powers are still limited. If they fly I can't use it. And we all know that all shinigami, arrancars, hollows, etc, can produce spiritual platforms under their feet limiting this technique's uses.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Bleach0123 said…

LOL yes...they are all overpowered. I just use my imagination though
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas whiteflame55 said…
Well, I appreciate your candor, but I still have my issues with the gravitational aspect. The ability doesn't say anything about flight affecting it, so that's something you should include. I think you should also consider implementing some aspect that makes it take a little while for the gravity to become massive (basically, something that won't instantly kill an opponent on the ground, which is what it would be in this case). Remember that most opponents won't know your blade's ability, or how to avoid it for that matter, so they will be instantly killed without ever knowing its weakness. Finally, I think you should provide a definitive size restriction. It doesn't say that the gravitational force cannot cover a wide area, only that it will be created wherever the opponent is located.

I really do get that this is your imagination, and that you're totally entitled to coming up with abilities you like and making blades you enjoy. I'm hoping, however, that I can help temper them into something a little more like a blade that might actually appear in the show. Many of the blades I've seen on here, I must tell you, make me wonder why Kubo isn't actively trolling this site to come up with ideas. Your blade ideas are no less interesting, and obviously, you are no less capable in terms of knowing what is and is not reasonable in the Bleach universe. I just want to make sure you put it to good use.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas kingdavid009 said…
well im kinda new to this hahah but i have a pretty good one for my zanpaktuo

zanpakuto's name/shikai name:nami bure-ka
release command:whirl
bankai:tentei nami bure-ka : a female water elemental is the inner form of nami bure-ka, a helpful ally and faithful friend.

shikai abilities: able to control any matter of liquid even it isn't water.
can turn things into mist,steam, and liquid with one drop or touch.
and i can control anyone who comes into contact with it without any resistance.

bankai abilities: turns to giant wter elemental,
able to increase my power and its by absorbing more reshi.

always is there to guid me and help me stay on the the track of truth and help me search for my lost memory's wheni was found in the roukan distric. but was found in a gutter with her in my hands and then the soul society cam and trained me to be strong and then i became second lieutenant of squad 12.

sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas wagakagami said…
Ty for the review whiteflame

Shikai: Yes the rocks are normal.

1) No they can't be brought back with this the user would have to go get them.

2) No the comet look is just visual.

3) The rocks stay normal and they are not insfued with reshi.


1) With these mini stars they don't move at all unless one grows. If one starts growing from ability 2's effect they move away so that they retain there 3 meter distance so the speed is the same as the growth speed.

2) If the user tries to overlap these they just spred out there is no increase in effect.

3) These can be moved at kido speed mental by the user but they have to be close to it about 1 foot. If any of these are broken they can still be used like normal.

Thank you vary much i wanted to make a blade that would give the user control of the battlefield and keep the opponent on the defence.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas theGRAINGERzone said…
Zanpakutō for my OC Angelus “Angel” Rodriguez [Anjierasu “Enjieru” Rodorigesu] Lieutenant of Squad 13.

Name: Heaven’s Breath [Tengoku No Buresu]
Appearance: Normal length katana. The guard is a full circle with an inlaid angel wing pattern. The guard and hilt are the normal gold, with white cloth. The cloth extends past the guard onto the sheath, and the main body of the sheath is white with gold trim.

Shikai Release Command: Exhale! Heaven’s Breath. [Hassru Ru! Tengoku No Buresu]

Type: Melee

· Sub-Type: Duel-Blade

· Element: Wind

Description: Double Tonfa-Blades: The whole Zanpakutō splits in two. The blades and hilts shorten, the guards become rectangles, shortens on the back edge of the blade and change from wings to a ‘Japanese cloud’ pattern, the hilt grows into an L shape, and a silver chain grows from the end of each main-hilt which connects the two swords. Also the colour of the hilt and guard changes from gold to silver. The cloth stays white.

This Zanpakutō can be used in a variety of ways, but predominately they are used as close combat weapons. Much like Tonfa-blades, they are held by the side-hilt with the back edge of the blades against the forearms. The blades are also used in the regular sword like way, and held like daggers for stabbing attacks, but not as frequently. Also, they can be used as long range weapons. The chain that connects the two blades can extend and retract at Angel’s will. So each blade can be thrown to attack enemies at a long range. The down-side is Angel has VERY limited control over the trajectory once the blade has been thrown. Also the chain’s extension-retraction speed isn’t the fastest. It would not be fast enough to strike speedy enemies and would leave Angel somewhat open for a few seconds during retraction.

Ability: Angel’s Zanpakutō’s ability is fairly simple. As the name suggests, it is a wind element based weapon. Angel infuses the air around the blades of his Zanpakutōs with Spiritual Energy and it becomes an extension of the blades themselves. The air moves at an extremely fast pace and is made up of thousands of small currents of air in constant motion. These “air-blades” can slice an opponent like a normal blade. Often the currents of air move away from the blades but quickly lose the ability to cut things. Only the air in the direct vicinity of the blades is infused with Angel’s Spiritual Energy. The enemy cannot see this wind; however, the things near the blades are ruffled by the wind as it moves away from the blades and dissipates, such as a Shinigami’s clothing. So a perceptive opponent would deduce what was happening from this phenomenon.

The air-blades are not as powerful as a direct slash from the actual blades themselves but can still do damage enough to hurt. Also if an enemy takes a direct hit from the blades, the wound would be made wider and deeper by the air-blades. The air-blades do not affect other Zanpakutōs; they cannot block blows by other weapons. They can only cut flesh and armour. Also, the air-blades can be increased in size from a few inches to about 100 meters, but since the blades are formed by a constant exertion of Spiritual Energy the bigger the blades are made the quicker Angel will tire. Therefore he varies them between 5 inches to half a meter during most battles.

The air-blades can also be used as a blunt force instrument by exerting a large amount of Spiritual Pressure in an instant, with the blades as a focal point. This is used to push an opponent back, if they’re up in his face with their Zanpakutō’s locked together in a power struggle, or even to knock them to the ground with tremendous force.

And speaking of tremendous speed; using his air manipulation skills he is able to create a frictionless kind of barrier around his body to aid his shunpo, of which he is an expert but not a master. He’s not the fastest person in the Seireitei but by using his air-blade technique he is able to increase his speed to rival even that of Yoruichi.. Well, not quite.. But he’s definately as fast as Ichigo in his Shikai state.

Bankai Name: Heaven’s Fury [Tengoku No Densetsu]
Bankai Release Command: Sweep away all existence, Heaven’s Fury! [Subetento sonzai wo issou, Tengoku No Densetsu]
Type: Unclassified

· Sub-Type: Multiple Blade

· Element: Wind

Description: When Bankai is released one of the two Shikai Zanpakutōs completely dissolves and the other only dissolves to the guard. The hilt is all that is left. The guard and hit revert to their sealed shape and length, the white cloth disappears, the colour becomes a bright gold, as if it is lit from within, and it gets a diagonal line pattern along its length.

The actual “blade” of Angel’s Bankai is made up of thousands of feather shaped blades which form together in the shape of 6 wings at Angel’s back, all coming from a singular point between his shoulder blades and they kind of overlap each other in sets of two. The top two wings are the largest and curve up and over his shoulders and are quite spread out, the middle two are bent closer to the body and are positioned at a 90 degree angle to his body and the third pair are much smaller than the others and positioned downwards, kind of wrapping around his body and legs, but not so tightly that you can’t clearly see his arms and body. The colour of Angel’s Spiritual Energy / Pressure is pure white so the feathers are a shining white colour, but not overpoweringly bright.

Ability: The first, and most used, ability of Angel’s Bankai is when the feather-blades are in wing formation. It is immediately activated once Bankai is released. The feathers can be used for both attack and defence, using only a few at a time or all of them at once. The feathers seem to move of their own accord, but in reality, Angel is controlling them with his mind. Not having to use physical movements to control the path of the feathers reduces their reaction time and increases their defensive capabilities. Also, the speed and power of the feathers depends on how many are being used to attack as it takes more concentration to move a larger number of feathers at one time. For example, if only using one feather to attack, it would move faster than the eye could see but be a relatively weak attack, but using all of them at once would dramatically increase the power but reduce their speed and be easily dodged by higher level enemies. The blades in their wing-form can also be used to increase Angel’s running and flight speed exponentially. He becomes as fast as a master of shunpo, but is still not classed as one due to it not being his natural skill.

The second ability is called Shattering Vortex [Datsu Tsubu Uzu]. When this ability is activated the wings on Angel’s back start to flap, which produces an extremely strong current of air that traps the enemy within a tornado-like-vortex. As the wings are creating this vortex, the feather-blades are detaching from the wings in a constant stream, flowing down the current and merging with the vortex until no feathers remain at Angel’s back. The air infused with the blades attacks the enemy from all sides until they are able to break free or die.

The third, and final, ability of this Bankai is called Choir of Redemption [Shoukan No Seika Tai]. Angel draws the golden hilt of his Zanpakutō and raises it with both hands above his head. All the feather-blades group together above the hilt, making a huge blade of shining white energy. With this technique Angel can do devastating damage to an enemy easily with one strike. The problem is, with Angel needing two hands to hold this weapon aloft, and the size of the blade hindering its manoeuvrability, it leaves Angel somewhat defenceless. Thrusting forward with the blade practically slices through the fabric of space and allows Angel to move from one point to another in the blink of an eye cutting down whatever he moves through. Unfortunately, Angel cannot change his trajectory once he starts moving, and moving at that speed, it is difficult to stop quickly. So if he misses his target, and he very rarely does, he will keep moving forward exposing his back before he can stop. The reason this ability is called CHOIR of Redemption is because all the feather-blades being forced together in this blade form are continuously striking one another, and when the smaller blades make contact they release a pure note of sound. With thousands of blades striking together thousands of times it creates the illusion of music coming from the larger blade.

 Zanpakutō for my OC Angelus “Angel” Rodriguez [Anjierasu “Enjieru” Rodorigesu] Lieutenant of
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Ryuuikari said…
@theGRAINGERzone – Heaven’s Breath (Tengoku no Buresu)

I'm gonna be ‘that guy’ and be really picky with your zanpakutō because it’s so detailed XP

Shikai abilities:
What amount of time does it take for a full extension/retraction of the tonfa ?
How far away from the blade classes as being within the blade’s vicinity ?
I can understand that the air blades would be able to be increased in radius, but to 100 metres ?? Can I assume that this is a typing error ? (If not then let me say that it is very overpowered; that would also mean it has a radius of 100 metres. That’s a massive distance.)
Does increasing the radius of the air blades tire out the wielder more ?
When you say as fast as Ichigo, do you mean as fast as Ichigo in his shikai state or Ichigo in his bankai state ?

Bankai abilities:
You say the wings increases his speed ‘exponentially’. Does that mean that his speed continuously (and infinitely) increases while his bankai is active ?
Can I liken Datsu Subu Uzu to Senbonzakura Kageyoshi’s Gokei technique (except more wind-like obviously) ?
Once the wielder starts moving after using Shoukan no Seika Tei, how much time (and how far) before he is able to stop ?

I really enjoyed this zanpakutō, it’s quite detailed as well (as I said before). I really liked the Choir of Redemption technique and the (seemingly) original shikai and bankai designs.

Well In :)
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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas blackpanther666 said…
Uwahaichi ('Outer disposition')

Release Command: Decompose (Fushoku)

Bankai: Kagaku Kougaku ('Chemical Engineering')

Sealed Form: This is an unusual sealed Zanpakuto. It appears as a nodachi, that is curved and has carvings, depicting the formula for the chemical change of any element to another. The tsuba is only one colour: gold, with a chromed finish. The blade of the Zanpakuto is approximately 1.35 meters long, about 1 inch thick and about 3 inches from the top edge of the blade to the bottom, sharpened, edge of the blade. A short tassel extends from the end of the Zanpakuto, that is yellow and has an atom-like depiction hanging off the end of the tassel. The guard is similarly simple, it is decagonal, with ten flat edges, similar to the many katanas, that have either octagonal, or hexagonal guards, very much like Kazeshini.

Shikai Form: There are literally few changes. The tsuba is still gold, but has an outer layer, one that is like a wrapping, similar to the wrapping that was present on the tsuba of Zangetsu in Shikai form. This wrapping is transparent, with triangular shapes cut into the material. The tassel disappears and the wrapping gives the ability to use the Zanpakuto as a long-range weapon, with deadly accuracy (this will be covered in abilities anyway). The blade itself increases in width, from top edge to bottom edge, from 3 inches, to about 4.5 inches and stays the length.

Shikai Abilities: The Zanpakuto can be used long-range, from the wrapping around the handle/tsuba.

Kagakuzai ('Chemical agent') This ability can be used as often as the wielder likes, as long as the changes occuring don't use too much spirit energy. This entails a subtle change in the chemistry of ANY object, given that this is changing the chemical make-up of the object itself. An example of this would be changing the chemical make-up in an object like a rock or tree. Most rocks are made up of carbon, iron, silicon and trace amounts of other metals. This ability can cause the rock to become, say, an explosive agricultural material, like phosporous. The most ingenious part of this ability, is that, while the chemical make-up changes on the outside, the middle of the rock would still be essentially iron, carbon and silicon. This allows the object to remain a stable weight, but still have the properties of the chemical change on the outside.

Hedoro ('Chemical ooze') This ability is very odd, as far as an ability for a Zanpakuto goes. Oxygen, carbon, sulphur and hydrogen combine to form a formula, with an extremely odd texture and composition. This 'ooze' surrounds the wielder, in a large circular/ring shape and spirals around them, until the wielder surrounds the opponent in ooze. The ooze is not 'fired', instead it is manipulated fairly slowly, much slower than even a Cero, around the opponent, cutting them off from fresh air. The only way to escape from the 'ooze', is either force your way out of it, or fire a highly compressed attack out of it. It can also be prevented by using Danku, or Kanpeki Danku. The chemicals contained within the ooze will slowly poison the opponent, whilst they are inside the 'bubble' of ooze. The ooze is toxic long-term (chronically toxic), meaning that everytime the opponent encounters that same ooze, even if it is a year later, that exact poison will build up in their system, until they either fall very ill, or die.

Jiseisou ('Magnetic layering') Because of the ability to manipulate composition of materials, this Zanpakuto has a magnetic layer, that is able to manipulate any material that has at least a twenty-five percent composition of metal within it. This magnetic layering also causes another Zanpakuto to lose its feel of weight balance, when this ability is active. This entails that the other Zanpakuto is harder to control and wielding it feels less familiar to the opponent, also throwing off their reflexes, as they are learning to feel familiar at wielding the Zanpakuto again. This ability can be activated and de-activated and doesn't use much spirit energy to sustain it, however, if the ability is active for longer than ten minutes, because of their already considerable spirit energy consumption, this can cause problems and use up their spirit energy overall faster.

Bankai Form: No considerable changes. The blade length changes from 1.35 meters, to 1.5 meters and the blade height, from top edge to bottom edge, increases from 4.5 inches, to 5.5 inches. The blade is still curved and another piece of metal, like a curved fork, extends from the top edge, 2.5 inches from the blade-tip, and extends 2 inches out from the end of the blade, the tip. The wrapping stays on the tsuba, which remains a gold colour, and allows the Bankai to also be used as a long-range weapon.

Bankai Abilities: Can be used long-range and short-range.

The Bankai abilities are the same as the Shikai abilities, except they are improved.


Kagakuzai: This can also be used on other species of animal, including Shinigami, Hollows and Arrancar. This will not affect humans, as their bodies are not strong enough to stand up to such a sudden change in composition.

Hedoro: Improvements to the strength and elasticity of the ooze, making it much harder for the opponent to escape. The poison builds up easier and quicker, meaning that it takes less exposure to the poison to achieve the same effects that it would in Shikai.

Kemikaru Kujo ('Chemical Destruction') A cocktail mix of explosive metals, combined with the exposure to air, cuase a massive chemical explosion. This ability surrounds the Zanpakuto with a layer of sodium, with a layer of zinc on top. This layer is eroded by the oxygen in air, which is multiplied by many times, due to the catabolic nature of the mixture of zinc and sodium. When this erodes, the wielder has 2 seconds to vacate the general area, otherwise they are also caught up in the explosion. The explosion normally would take place underneath the opponent, but it can happen wherever the wielder goes. This ability can only be used once every ten minutes, while the wielder has ample spirit energy left. Be as it may, this ability still uses a lot of the wielder's inherent spirit energy, hence its low usage rate.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Ryuuikari said…
@blackpanther666 – Uwahuichi (Outer Disposition)

I'm just gonna quickly say, the guard and the tsuba are exactly the same thing; it’s just that on a katana it’s known as a tsuba.

Kagakuzai (Chemical agent)
1. In bankai you say it doesn’t affect humans. But since humans are also made up of elements, shouldn’t this ability work on them too ? The fact that their bodies cannot withstand such an immediate change just means they die quicker ?
2. If the technique just changes the element, can I assume that it does not affect the element’s properties ? If so it means that an object may not stay at a stable weight after this ability is used, depending on what element the wielder changes the object into. For example certain isotopes of beryllium decay within a few seconds so that rock you were talking about would not have a stable weight.
Hedoro (Chemical ooze)
1. When you say chronically toxic do you mean that it is just extremely poisonous ? Chronically toxic would mean that the poisonous effects of the ooze would remain in the opponent long after they had been exposed to it and it would mean that the damage caused would get progressively worse.
Jiseisou (Magnetic layering)
1. First of all not every metal is magnetic; so in actuality this technique is metal manipulation not magnetism.
Kemikaru Kujo (Chemical Destruction)
1. You say it’s a mix of explosive metals but yet you only mention zinc and sodium and there are much more reactive/explosive metals than those two even when combined. So what other metals are used in this technique and where do they come from ?

Interesting zanpakutō, nice design, potentially overpowered but just about acceptable for my standards XD

Well In :)
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas blackpanther666 said…

Nope, the tsuba is the handle of the katana, and is present in nodachi, wakizashi and katanas, whereas the guard is what separates the handle and the blade. I looked that up ages ago, simply out of interest.

1. It should work on them, but that is the safeguard. The wielder simply would not use this technique on a human, and, if they did, it simply would not work, as is the safeguard. I was planning to add this, but I had to finish this Zanpakuto quickly. I'll just edit it at some point to show all the things I had planned to add.

2. No, it does not alter the properties of the elements. Yes, but that is the drawback of the blade. The wielder has to comtemplate all of what you listed, especially in choosing what elements to change to, which means that their concentration may be lapsed in battle. Hence why I call it a drawback. I didn't want to add the ability to change chemical properties, because then this blade truly would be over-powered.

1. No. When I say 'chronically toxic/poisonous' that is a term I learned studying agricultural chemicals a while back. The term itself literally means that the person being subjected to these chemicals will become more and more poisoned, everytime and anytime they come into contact with that same chemical. This can even last for years. An example would be paraquat, which is used as herbicide in extreme cases of weeds. My tutor was telling me about it and said he had been poisoned by it once and noted taht if he came into contact with it again, there is every chance that he could die from it. So basically, yes, that is exactly what this ability entails, the more the opponent is exposed to the 'ooze', the more chance they have of gaining serious illness from it; however, for Shinigami, this effect would be much less potent than with humans. Since we can only discern the effects of such chemicals on humans, we have no way of knowing how dangerous this would be to a Shinigami or Hollow.

1. No, not every metal is magnetic, the wielder would know this by attempting to move certain objects and they would either move, or not move. Simple ability, really.

Kemikaru Kujo

1. Yes, I know of plenty chemicals far more volatile than sodium... Francium, Cesium, and Rubidium primarily. However, those two were just examples; zinc is not there for any such volitivity, since Zinc is only just barely reactive with air. However, Zinc is a fantastic element to use for galvanisation, which they use on nails to keep them from reacting to the 'elements', as the saying goes. I could use a different element, but I doubt they would have the same effect that Zinc does.
It's simple, really. Any metals can be used and they are easily extractible from the ground and rocks and other such 'earth' matter... Failing that, I would design my character for this Zanpakuto to always carry around small/trace amounts of metals in test tubes. Lol.

Also, I have to say that, when I design a Zanpakuto, a always add abilities that could be discerned as 'uncertain' or 'uneffective' at times, in case the Zanpukato could be seen as 'over-powered'.

Thanks for the review, I certainly wasn't expecting such a quick response. XD

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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Ryuuikari said…
Hehehe lol i try i try :P ahhh i guess you learn something new every day eh :D
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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas blackpanther666 said…
big smile
Heh, yes, you do and you seem to be doing a perfectly good job as well. XD

(Lol, I love learning new facts every day, it is great!)

Thanks again for the review.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Ryuuikari said…
You're welcome :) makes me wanna post a zanpakutō now
Luckily i have loads (i'm a keen bean)

Name: Taikomaru (Drum)
Sealed appearance: Taikomaru takes the form of a wakizashi. It has a thin guard, light brown hilt-wrapping and a light brown sheathe.

Shikai release: The wielder deftly spins Taikomaru rapidly between their fingers then releases it by the command “Make noise”.
Shikai appearance: Taikomaru takes the form of a simple pair of 50cm long, metallic drumsticks.

Shikai ability: Taikomaru is used mainly in melee combat. Its special ability is that when the tip of Taikomaru’s drumsticks strikes something it simultaneously releases concussive shockwaves at the point of contact; however Taikomaru only release these shockwaves when the drumsticks are swung with a sufficient amount of momentum e.g. swinging at an opponent with intent to injure would release shockwaves while lightly tapping something wouldn’t. The shockwaves are strong enough to convincingly repulse an object as heavy as a small car.

Bankai name: Tentei no Taikomaru (Lord of the Drum)
Bankai release: The wielder hits the drumsticks together three times and then initiates bankai.
Bankai appearance: The drumsticks grow in length slightly and the wielder becomes dressed in an open chested shikakushō that has had the sleeves ripped off. They also wear thick, spiked wrist bands around each wrist and ankle.

Bankai ability: Tentei no Taikomaru’s general abilities are exactly the same as in shikai but the power of the emitted shockwaves doubles. Tentei no Taikomaru also makes the wielder soundproof, giving them full immunity towards any sound-based attacks. Tentei no Taikomaru also has the ability to create a drum kit made entirely from the wielder’s spiritual energy (complete with a drummer’s seat); the energy drums will usually glow white. Although used mainly for offensive purposes, the drum kit can be used as normal functioning drums. Due to its abilities, Tentei no Taikomaru is not a very mobile bankai.

Bankai special techniques:
Yasei Taiko (Wild Drum)
The wielder plays wildly on the energy drums, releasing powerful, concussive sound waves and shockwaves in all different directions on each hit. This technique consumes a lot of spiritual and physical energy to perform effectively. The energy drums glow red in colour while the technique is in effect. The power of the sound and shockwaves increases when the wielder becomes pumped up with adrenaline.

Taiko no Dokusō Genten (Homing Drumming Solo)
The wielder plays rhythmically on the energy drums, causing small blue bolts of energy to be released with each hit of the drums from the piece of equipment that was hit with the drumsticks. The energy bolts cause concussive, explosive damage but individually aren’t too powerful. The energy bolts are both released and controlled by the way the wielder plays the drums: altering the tempo of the drumming changes the speed at which the energy bolt travels (base speed is generally quite fast). Altering the volume changes the power of each energy bolt (louder means more power). Thus this technique can be made to attack multiple opponents. This technique consumes a lot of spiritual energy and requires a high level of concentration. The energy drums glow blue in colour while the technique is in effect.
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sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas blackpanther666 said…
Heh, I'll review that for you tonight, if you like man.

(Show my appreciation for your review of my blade) XD
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Ryuuikari said…
big smile
Yeah go on then XD
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas blackpanther666 said…
big smile
Ryuuikari (Taikomaru)

Shikai Ability:

1. How concussive is this ability, I need something slightly more specific than that, i.e. will it knock them out in one hit? two hits? will it knock them backwards, that sorta thing. I realise that it would knock something the size of a small car, but some Shinigami have such high levels of reiatsu, that this could potentially be deflected by them. So, can you give a list of the corresponding levels that this attack would affect? Is there any other way they can cause damage?

Bankai Abilities:

1. Give me an idea of 'doubled', how powerful would that potentially be? So, they are soundproof, does this have any bearing, at all, on other attacks, or completely restricted to sound-based attacks only? For instance, this could deafen them somewhat to more 'silent' attacks and also could hearing damage potentially. Another problem I have with this is, if they are mostly immobile, is they any way to defend against speed-based attacks?

2. Give me an idea of damage, speed and spiritual energy usage. I get that it uses a lot of energy to sustain this, but do you have any specific statistics on energy usage? Would the shockwave directions depend on the direction the drumsticks are facing? Again, I also need an idea on how concussive the shockwaves are; is it the same as you listed in Bankai Ability?

3. Again, do they depend on the direction that the drumsticks are facing, in order to fire them accurately? How explosive are they? The speed needs to be more specific. How would the speed at low-tempo compare to a Bala, or Cero? How would the speed at high-tempo compare to a Bala or Cero? I also need an idea of how powerful the bolts can become, according to the change in 'volume'. One last thing, I need an idea on the energy usage.

Comments: I found this idea very refreshing, and also very different from many other Zanpakutous that I have reviewed. I think you did a splendid job on this and it was a pleasure reviewing it.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Scayth said…
(New to the site, and the Zanpaku-to I have created is mainly for a specific RPC I have had in mind for quite some time... And I wish to indulge in others criticism on how well I have created a character and spirit)

Character: Sougyou Musha (Dawn's Warrior [First Last]
Rank: 3rd Squad Captain
Mastery: Hadō's
Appearance: 190.50 cm (6'3'') 83 kg (183 lbs), slightly tanned skin. Wear's a Long sleeved well maintained Hiyori that has a deep purple on the underside. Wavy brown spiked hair that partially covers his eyes and half of his face, He has Deep Rich Purple eyes that seem to stare into the soul of his opponents leaving them weary of who he is and how cold the presence about him feels.

Personality: Calm and relaxed most of the time... Mainly seen having Sa-ke with Captain Kyōraku. Generally has a light smile to him. He leads a group of warriors efficiently in battle and doesn't halt to give a command to someone outside his squad" In combat he has a cold presence that makes people shiver to their bone, but seems to be the center of the opponents attention... As if he is shining himself.

Zanpaku-to Sealed: Has a Black handle with a slanted white stripe rounding throughout the handle. The guard is a Diamond Diagram with 2 Massive diamond shaped stubs on each side of the bladed front and back of the blade itself and a diamond figure at the bottom of the handle.

Zanpaku-to: Amai Bengosha (Light Defender)
Release command: Shine your Radiance

Released Appearance: A curved blade that starts as an inward curve from the handle then curves outward from each side at the end of the blade with a symmetrical eye-shaped gap in the middle of the sword with a glowing void in the middle of the blade that slowly enlarges from the glow of the blade itself in a dark place, or from the sun itself. The guard stretches outward like the blade ends and pronounces the diamond shaped ends more effectively. The handle and the underpart still stay the same.

Shikai abilities:

Kagayaki (Radiance): Amai Bengosha glows with the light of that of the Sun itself, And shoots a semi-massive blast of light that creates Shadow's defining its position at a Target. As long as the Blade has a half-max void, it requires virtually no Reiatsu to shoot. If the void is below half-max, then Sougyou must put his own Reiatsu into the blade to shoot the blast.

Amai Musha (Light Warrior): The void in the gap of Amai Bengosha creates a life sized warrior of pure light has the extensions of arms and legs and holds a sword of pure light itself but nothing can be discerned from the being. It does not radiate light. leaving no shadows of other people. It's entire body is the same consistency of Shinigami skin itself and it self adapts to the flow of combat. Sougyou Musha can create an infinite amount of these warriors as they take relatively no spiritual pressure to hold up, so long as the void in the gap of the blade still has light drawn into it. The more of these Amai Musha the weaker they are collectively. One Amai Musha is equal to that of the opponent it's fighting as also 20 amai musha out at the same time collectively equal just the exact of the opponent it is facing.

Tenshi Rinjou (Angel Presence): Once the void in the gap of Amai Bengosha reaches the max touching the edges of gap, Sougyou Musha raises Amai Bengosha above his head and calmly says "Tenshi Rinjou". A huge burst of Spiritual Pressure is released from the blade and the void in the Blade reaches it's minimal size. Sougyou Musha has Pure Light Wings on his back and a Pure Light Halo over his head. While exerting a huge amount of Reiatsu, massively increases Sougyou Musha's Speed, Strength, and Hadō powers for a solid 10 seconds. Reaching speeds and strengths unmatched during those 10 seconds, generally is able to take out the opponent with no further use of his powers. But when the opponent still stands after the abilities end Sougyou Musha feels a huge repercussion afterwards, for the amount of Reiatsu it takes to hold that is enough to weaken all other of his abilities, Movements, and Attacks for the next few days.

Bankai: Kyuuten Amai Bengosha (Heaven's Light Defender)

Release Activation: He puts his hand in the gap of the sword and grabs the void, while ripping it out he calmly says "Bankai"

Bankai Appearance: The sword returns to the look of a Normal Katana. Behind Sougyou is an Angel that has the same look as the Amai Musha. No face, and no clothes, just a being of pure light with Angel Wings and an Angel Halo.

Kyuuten Musha (Heaven's Warrior): The Angel acts independently of Sougyou Musha, but also does specific actions that Sougyou Musha gives it via thinking. When attacked the Angel can instantaneously appear around Sougyou but takes a mere second to come detached from Sougyou's being. When covering Sougyou, the Skin of the Angel becomes twice as strong and makes near improbable with connecting a physical attack with Sougyou himself. While detached their skins independently are the same, The Angel receives all the speed, strength, and Hadō capabilities of Sougyou himself; e.g. both can use Hadō 31 at the exact same time from two different positions. The Angel can also create weakened Amai Musha since the Angel itself takes forth most of the power of the sword and is always slightly better than the Opponent in their current state.

Kyuuten Kagayaki (Heaven's Radiance): The Angel shoots a Massive blast, double the power of Kagayaki in Shikai form that takes Reiatsu from Sougyou. The Kyuuten Kagayaki is twice as fast and is able to ark turn to have a higher chance of hitting it's target.

Kyuuten Shinsei (Heaven's Divinity): Sougyou's final ability, he puts forth all his reiatsu into his angel making it as powerful as he possibly can to deliver the final blow to his opponent. The Angel's smooth appearance to show it's stability of Reiatsu maintenance, becomes every rigid and erratic like to show the maximum of the Reiatsu containment. The swift movement that is the the dash and the attack is equal to that of light speed. After the blow is delivered the angel evaporates and returns the Bankai back to it's Shikai form with the void being at it's minimal point. Sougyou drops to one knee due to the energy loss. If his opponent still stands after his blow he sheaths his sword sealing it and leaves the fight to have another fantastic battle with them again.

(Comment: If you think i could edit this to underpower it or to power it further would be appreciated. This sword was meant for a a Captain who leads an army, and that is Sougyou... He has the mind of a group leader.)
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas blackpanther666 said…
Interesting Zanpakuto. I must say that it is unique in its own way, of course, that you something you share in common with many of the 'regulars' to this forum.

(Personally, I don't see anything about it that is overpowered, though I imagine people could try and argue that, having an angel that has the same amount of power as a Captain, to fight at the same time as a Captain, could be a little tough. I'd suggest that you make the angel approximate to a strong Vice-Captain level, like Renji, or Shuuhei.)


Kyuuten Kagayaki is an interesting ability, both in Shikai and Bankai. However, I'd suggest that you explain how the blast can 'ark' to make targeting the opponent/ hitting them, easier, because it obviously isn't going to just happen like that, there has to be something controlling it. For example, using your hands, like Byakuya does with Senbonzakura Kageyoshi, or with your mind/thoughts.

Kyuuten Shinsei needs to have a weakness, because otherwise, that could be considered somewhat overpowered. Besides that, I think that this is a really interesting Zanpakuto.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas hawskers said…
Sukenyō Takūme is my created Zanpakutō.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Scayth said…

Kagayaki is a straight forward shot, easily dodged. With Kyuuten Kagayaki (Only accessible in Bankai form) It's like a return point it rounds back to the position of which the target is currently. Which at first is undetectable unless they pay attention to their shadow.

The reason the Angel is Captain-Level, I forgot to mention, my apologies. Is that Sougyou Musha really needs to stand still to have the Angel do movements and what-not. The Hadō's are equivalent to Captain-levels coming from both angles, because movement is not in the equation of using Hadō's.

The Kyuuten Shinsei takes a few moments to build up... So it gives the opponent the ability to prepare for a powerful attack... It should require the full brunt of their reiatsu to deflect it. But it's weakness is if they can time the attack and dodge it. The sword returns to shikai regardless, leaving Sougyou Musha with a giant opening to get struck. So it does have some weakness to it.

Sorry for leaving out a few details, working at a Cupcake shop whilst doing this so I forgot to mention some things.
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas blackpanther666 said…

Heh, I believe that answers all my questions then. Thank you for answering so promptly, I appreciate it. XD

(I love how I've found another person, that likes Bleach, who has impeccable grammar and spelling and such. XD)
sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas Scayth said…

If any other questions arises about my Zanpaku-to, do not hesitate to ask. Modifications can always be done for something that isn't official yet.