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What's that racket? What's that clatter?
We're under attack! It's a life or death matter!
I was in a deep sleep mani dream.
I heard what I believe to be a scream!
That wasn't me, that was Bada.
He, yo, I was just STARTLED!

But what is this light?
In the middle of the night?
You have it in your sight, it's behind me right?
What the heck is that?
What the heck-is that?!

Check out that mook, in the starry night sky.
Gimme a sec, to wipe the sleep from me eye.
You're showy and glowy and armed for combat!
What the heck is that?

Hey, wait! Does something seem quite wrong?
Oi, Joey's breaking out in song....
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posted by TheRatKing1
( Author's note: I realize there are minor punctuation and capitalization errors. ignore those, and please concentrate on the story.)

“Curse you Parker the Platypus!” – A P.o.M tagahanga fiction.
August 20th, 2011. Seaville Aqua Fun Park. Staten Island, New York.
Parker the platypus sighed in frustration and utter boredom as he rested his elbows on the stone ledge surrounding his habitat- if you could even call it /that/. Did these bozos /actually/ expect him to perform?
“Seaville Aqua Fun Park’s Trained Platypus : Percy!”, the sign above his habitat read. How this place stayed open after...
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who needs a kasabihan when ur someone awesome, like me?

Gender: Male, 26 years old
Country: anywhere i wanna be.
Websites: ur on the only one i got right now.
Favorite TV Show: don't have a tv.
Favorite Movie: still don't have a tv.
Favorite Musician: not big on music.
Favorite Book or Author: don't read much. well, at all, really.

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CommanderSkipper said...
    Rodent? What in the name of Eisenhower's oatmeal are you doing on fanpop? How did you...
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posted by Private1sCut3
My story begins here: inside a crate, in the back of a van, on the very busy roads of Manhattan. Uncle Nigel told me it was time I moved on, and I could only presume the scribbles on this letter he had ibingiay me sinabi I was going to community college. But alas, no matter how overwhelming this change felt, it was too late now to turn back; the Central Park Zoo was expecting me. It was time to say goodbye to Texas.


The zookeeper left me alone, atop an icy platform surround sa pamamagitan ng water: the ibong dagat habitat.

My tummy growls in hunger very loudly, and I'm sure glad nobody is around to hear...
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posted by peacebaby7
“Sorry about that compadre. Not too much I can do about him. Anyway, we are going to help you get over this.” Skipper told Kowalski after Julien’s attempted interference. “But how?” Kowalski asked. “Ugh! Enough Kowalski! I’ve had enough of your ‘buts’!” Private suppressed a giggle. “Private! Do you have to giggle at every ‘but’ reference?” Skipper asked the young cadet angrily. “Sorry sir.” Private replied. “What do you want to do Kowalski?” Skipper asked his lieutenant. “Wallow in self-pity…” Kowalski muttered. Skipper slapped him. “Kowalski! There’s...
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uy guys! ^^

This is just a walang tiyak na layunin idea I had while browsing the Internet. Here is a paglalarawan of the POM characters.

Hope you like it! Enjoy! :)


The leader of a Badass Crew of Commando Penguins, voiced sa pamamagitan ng DreamWorks animator/TV series co-creator Tom McGrath. He speaks in a crisp, hard-edged tone like a cool spy from a film noir movie. In the TV series, Skipper is somewhat abrasive with the other three penguins, often chastizing them and Dope Slapping them to keep them in line.
Tropes associated with Skipper:•...
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Penguins of Madagascar

“So this is Sunlight Metropolis …” Kowalski looks at the brochure in front of him and see’s a bright happy city. The city didn’t live up to its expectations.

The city was very gloomy. All of its tall buildings were dark and mysterious; it gave off this eerie vibe. The absolute silence didn't help either. The plaza, were the penguins stood, was void of all life. The only thing there was an inn, an item shop, and large bronze doors leading to different districts to the town. The lights of the buildings were off. In the middle of the plaza, a large fountain stood...
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posted by EppofangirlXD
PoM fanfic sa pamamagitan ng Eppogirl

Title: Shoe!

Description: Apparently, Mort gets stuck in a shoe after Julien gets some.

Peeps, this is my first fanfiction, so HELP ME if you see anything confusing and whatnot. I'm trying to become a better writer here. Now. ONTO THE STORY!

King Julien was looking down at his feet. It needed something. Something –

"Maurice!" King Julien yelled, "I need a new pair of shoes!" He looked up from his feet.

"Uh, King Julien, you don't wear shoes," Maurice explained.

"I know, but it is the new fashion, and it will keep my feets cozy, duh." He then pointed at Mort, who was inching...
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 "Rock & Roll Boys!"
"Rock & Roll Boys!"
A/N: *These poems may/may not seem like mga tula and madami like responses, but what do you expect….penguins' wrote it, lol. XD

Also, each chapter will be a poem written in the characters own P.O.V. [Point Of View] and as IF they, THEMSELVES, knew how to read and write decent poems in their own 'PenguinWay', and the text inbetween these text characters [EXAMPLE: / ... /] are additional side comments that will be provided sa pamamagitan ng The Penguins—for humorous reasons...because there is plot behind these poems...[To Sum Up. Private thought it'd be an excellant idea that each member of the ibong dagat Team...
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This is a parody of Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. Well, you probably already figured that out from the title. *sigh* Anyway, it’s told from Private’s perspective.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own POM or Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. That was written sa pamamagitan ng Judith Viorst. You should read it. You know, if you like picture books made for Kindergarteners.

I went to kama with isda in my mouth, but now there’s isda in my feathers and when I got out of my bunk, I missed the ladder and fell flat on my face. When I was washing up, my mani Butter...
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posted by JediPenguin16
Spying is rude:
There was a Zookeeper named Alice,
Who came out of the bath quite towel-less.
The penguins did learn,
As their stomachs churned,
To Avoid the Alice when Towel-less!

Ticking off the Pen-goo-ins*:
Bowhole says "penguins" quite strange
But not becasue he's dearnged
This word he won't doff
Just to tick his foes off
But we all know that villian won't change

Man on the other side of the Radio:
The Zookeeper man number two,
Did not know what to do!
The man was quite sad,
For his screentime was bad,
His face was not there-Boohoo!

*Kowalksi informs us that Blowhole missprounounces the word just to tick them off in one of the promos to Operation:Blowhole
posted by Sandrei
 The Fizzy Dizzy Drink
The Fizzy Dizzy Drink
It was a warm, sunny day. Skipper, Rico, Kowalski and Private had spent two hours in the Central Park, fishing, training and playing volleyball. They were now heading towards their HQ. Skipper and Private where carrying a wooden basket with some rests of their pagkain supply, while Rico was holding a yellow blanket wrapped over his shoulder. Kowalski was stamping quietly sa pamamagitan ng and scribbling something passionately on his notepad without even paying attention to where was he going.
"Kowalskiiii!" remarked Skipper without turning his head. "What exactly did I tell you about minding your steps? You should...
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posted by Penguin11
Okay, Welcome. I got this from 'Who loves Kowalski? I DO! WE ALL DO!'

1.) Dont run into dating. Terrible things could happen.

Claudia: Hi kowalski! Lets kiss!
Kowalski: Uhh, we're not... Dating...
Claudia: *grabs Kowalski and starts making out with him*

2.) Don't get too serious too fast!

Kowalski: we've been dating for two days! ONLY TWO!
Claudia: Who cares?!
Skipper: madami PAROLE!

3.) If you think he doesn't like you, don't FORCE him to.

Claudia: Hi walski!
Kowalski: Hi!
Claudia: pag-ibig ME!!
Kowalski: 0.0

4.)Don't be overprotectiive.

Claudia: Hi walski.
Kowalski: Hi
Marlene: Hi--

5.) Be careful of relationship bumps.

Claudia: Hi, walski.
Kowalski: shh, I'm busy with my experiment.
Claudia: *crying* WHY DON'T YOU pag-ibig ME, WALSKI?! WHAT HAVE I DONE WROOOOOONG?!?

(there will be five tips per article. ^^)
posted by EmoCupCake
Hello! I'm back with another oneshot, 'bout private this time! Disclaimer: I don't own POM, but I do own my OC's Chuck,
Melony, and their mom and dad. :P Warning: There is no warning.


Private had always been afraid of badgers. He never quite knew why. Perhaps it was their vicious looking teeth. Or maybe it was simply because they were bigger than him. But, when Private was assigned to spy on the new niehbors, he had no idea what was waiting for him inside that habitat. He skipped all the way there, excited. He jumped right over the fence into...
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“Cat Burglar”

“The Penguins of Madagascar”

Season 4, Episode 1 (4X01)

Production Code: 401

Air date: ?

Previous: “The ibong dagat Who Loved Me” , Next: “I Spy”

Cat Burglar/Transcript

“Cat Burglar” Season 4, Episode 1, “The Penguins
of Madagascar”

Scene I: Archie’s Warehouse

(Archie is watching TV)

Archie: Ugh.. I’m bored! At least when I was The Archer, I was busy. I had motivation! I had my goals in mind.

(gets up and looks at himself in a mirror on the wall)

Archie: My real estate business is booming, but I'm bored with it.
And let's face it. I'm not getting any younger.

(a pause)...
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posted by peacebaby7
Author’s Note: This is my sixth installment of skits. My first was regular everyday scenarios (link), then Skilene-themed skits (link), then a set for the villains (link), then a set starring the lemurs (link), then a humanized set (link), and lastly, Dorski-themed skits (link). I now present to my readers, Dave Skits! I had loads of fun with this one and I hope you all enjoy them. sa pamamagitan ng the way, I certainly did not do this as an excuse to make celebrity puns. I’m not sure why you would think that . . .

61) Time is Money [XXVIII]

“I want to thank you for meeting with me, Mr. Miyoshi. Your...
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posted by TheRatKing1
AKA The Series Finale!


“Porpoise With a Purpose”

“The Penguins of Madagascar”

Season 4 Episode 8 (4X08)

Production Code: 408

Previous: “Crazy Old Cat Lady”
Next: N/A
Porpoise With a Purpose/Transcript

Scene I: ibong dagat HQ (Inside)

(Kowalski is lying of his back. Sighs sadly)

Skipper: (Enters the HQ from the hatch, climbs down the ladder, and waddles over to Kowalski’s bunk) Come on, soldier! It’s almost time for the zoo to open! We still haven’t trained yet, so get up.

(Kowalski sighs dramatically, and rolls over on his back)

(Skipper taps his foot impatiently...
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This is what they would say after they won a battle...

Skipper:and you thought u could beat me...heh...

Kowlaski: my calculations are NEVER wrong....I told u I would win...

Private: I...I won? YAY!!

Rico: that was it?....I barely broke a sweat...

Julien: HAHA! Nobody can handle my dancing!

Maurice: julien! I must not lose or he'll get mad...

Mort: for juliens feet! Hehe....

Fred: I'm sorry....I didn't even know we were foghting...

Dr.blowhole: the world will be mine!! Nobody can stop me!"laughs evily"

Johnson: that was barely a warm up....oh we'll...

Manfredi: heh...I told u would lose a body part....

Marlene: don't underestimate me because I'm a girl...

Roger: aww I feel bad now...want some tsaa to help heal up your wounds?

daga king: I'm the strongest there ever is!!!

Hans: just like in Denmark...I always win...hehe...

Tell me what u think:)
Skipper, Kowalski, Rico and Private were in their secret base under Centeral Park Zoo playing cards and eating samon, it was a very quiet araw at the zoo, Julian had gone on holiday, most of the zoo mga hayop had been up all night and so were asleep. At that point the sonar system on Kowalski's computer had picked up something, the penguins then abandoned their game and slid to the screen "Kowalski, analysis" sinabi Skipper putting his fins his hips, Kowalski turned to Skipper "sir it seems that three objects of different sizes are heading this way at incredible speeds"
"Right, Rico we need weapons,...
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Okay - little note for everyone that saw my trailer video. I had to make a few changes for the video, the biggest being the way Kowalski performs the experiment on himself. In this version (and in the official Broadway show), he actually injects the formula into his skin. I had to change it in the video because A) drawing the injection is really, really hard, and B) the song's lyrics sinabi otherwise. That song came off the Resurrection album, not the stage production - some changes were made in between.
Enough talk - onto the action!!!

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