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posted by Skilene17
What's up fellow Fanguins?!

I found this on Google and thought it was pretty cool so I decided to share it with you.

The rules are simple all you have to do is watch Penguins of Madagascar ( it doesn't have to be every episode) with the desired drink of your choice. Weather it be kahel juice, mansanas juice, Tea, Pepsi it really doesn't matter.

Enjoy and have fun.


. whenever one of Kowalski's inventions goes horribly wrong

. every time Julien says Booty

. Whenever Skipper's Paranoia kicks in

. Every time Rico says Kaboom or references explosives

. Every time Julien messes something up

. Every...
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MLP is my little parang buriko and LOTR is lord of the rings. Everyone is Humanized for the story. Also Sylvia_puffin is making this with me.

Rico sniffed the ground, searching for the scent of the missing person. 
   "Look, there's a house." Private observed, pointing over to a puno with a door and windows."Do you think they might have seen the missing person?"
   They walked over to the house and knocked. A girl with purple hair and a horn opened the door. 
    "Hi!" she said. "Can I help you?"
    "We're looking for a missing person," sinabi Private. He wasn't surprised sa pamamagitan ng the horn; after all,...
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 The tital page to my story.
The tital page to my story.
Skipper woke with a start. He was in an unfamiliar room that had a rather sinister vibe about. Sitting up, he surveyed the room. It looked like a hospital room without the medical equipment.
    Skipper slipped out of bed. His toes curled at the contact to the cold white tiles as he walked over to the door. He opened it and found himself in a long hallway, facing a door with a plaque on it. Skipper read the plaque: Kowalski.
    Skipper opened the door. He was met with a room that looked exactly like his. Kowalski was curled on the bed, sound asleep. Skipper...
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Note: Sorry for not posting in awhile this took me a little while. This chapter will be sad at first, but it will get better. Also There will be another chapter after this. Enjoy! :)

Tears ran down Skipper's eyes at the thought it would take a miracle for Private to survive. Kowalski Rico and him hugged.
K: "Believe me, Skipper, I'm doing the best I can, here."
S: "I know,"
Kowalski went into his lab. Nigel had the same reaction as Skipper. Skipper slowly slouched down into the same hole Private had slept in before he had ran away. He noticed Private's Lunacorn, and hugged it as if he could feel...
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posted by SaturdaySurpris

Skipper means- shipmaster\captain(english)

Rico means- Strong ruler\glory(spanish)

Private means-A common soldier\Belonging to an individual person (american,english?)

Marlene means- bitter(german)

Julian means- youthful, young at heart(greek)

Maurice means- moor, dark skinned (moor=fasten, secure)(french)

Mort means- dead\a stagnant lake(french)
Hans means- Gift from God. God has been gracious(german,dutch)

Max means- greatest(latin american)

Doris means- sea(greek)

Nigel means- ahead\champion(american\gaelic)

Alice means- truth, noble(greek)

Clemson means- merciful, mild (medieval english)
Penguins of Madagascar

“So this is Sunlight Metropolis …” Kowalski looks at the brochure in front of him and see’s a bright happy city. The city didn’t live up to its expectations.

The city was very gloomy. All of its tall buildings were dark and mysterious; it gave off this eerie vibe. The absolute silence didn't help either. The plaza, were the penguins stood, was void of all life. The only thing there was an inn, an item shop, and large bronze doors leading to different districts to the town. The lights of the buildings were off. In the middle of the plaza, a large fountain stood...
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posted by carsfan
uy All! :D

Heres a rabdom though I had one day,I wanted to know what the names of Skipper,Kowalski,Rico,Private,Julien,Maurice and Marlene meant! :D I hope you like it. Enjoy! :D


S is for Scary

K is for Kinky

I is for Important

P is for Passionate

P is for Pure

E is for Exuberant

R is for Romantic

-- There are 7 letters in your name.
Those 7 letters total to 40
There are 2 vowels and 5 consonants in your name.

What your first name means:English Male Captain.

Your number is: 4

The characteristics of #4 are: A foundation, order, service,...
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 Virus Attack
Virus Attack
The Penguins go back to their HQ, still shocked sa pamamagitan ng the sight of Skipper and Julien attacking them. It wasn't like them at all...

Private: "Kowalski! Take a look!" [Points at one of the stuck-out wires (which Julien and Skipper had previously got electrocuted with)]
Kowalski: "Oh, I totally forgot! Let's finish inventing it!"
Private: "Maurice and Mort are in trouble and you’re worried about your '3D'?"
Kowalski: "No, we'll use it to see if we can track where Skipper and Julien are taking them!"
Private: "Great idea, Kowalski!"

Wasting no time, Kowalski continues to complete building his Computer....
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posted by NYCPenguins
 Marlene's Sweet Dreams...
Marlene's Sweet Dreams...
It's Beyonce's single 'Sweet Dreams', but in Marlene's Version. Marlene secretly 'Likes' Skipper, and sees him in her dreams! Here's the lyrics!

Every night I rush to my bed,
With hopes that maybe I'll get a chance to see you when I close my eyes.
I'm going outta my head.
Lost in a Fairy tale.
Can you hold my paws and be my guide?
Clouds filled with stars cover your skies.
And I hope it rains.
You're the perfect lullaby!
What kind of dream is this?

You can be a Sweet Dream, or a Beautiful Nightmare!
Either way I, don't wanna wake up from you.
(Turn the lights on!)
Sweet Dream, or a Beautiful Nightmare!...
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 The doctor treats him...
The doctor treats him...
It was night in New York. In the HQ, Kowalski just finished building his new Training Robot, which the Penguins will be testing their Fighting Skills on…

Skipper: "Excellent one, Kowalski!"
Private: "How do you turn it on?"
Kowalski: "It doesn’t need a Remote control, Private. It automatically turns on when it’s time for training, and turns off when it’s been defeated!"
Skipper: [Doubts the Robot and warns Kowalski] "Make sure it doesn’t slip out of your hands, Kowalski!"
Kowalski: "No, problem! We won’t be easily defeated, Skipper!"

One sa pamamagitan ng one, each ibong dagat demonstrated their Fighting...
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"How do we kill it then?" asked Skipper. "By my calculations, since Pennywise, It, is an evil entity and not a human being, we can't kill him with mga baril or bombs, so Rico's weapons will be useless," sinabi Kowalski. "Awwww!!" sighed Rico and Skipper in unison. "Stop whining, we can still kill it in some way, according to the Schlector-Schneiben theory on fiends and entities, any entity with the power to change into anything it's victims are most afraid of, can be killed when in it's true form with a lambanog and silver rock," sinabi Kowalski, flipping through his 55th book on Myths and Urban legends....
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posted by skipperfan5431
One afternoon in the Central Park Zoo, the penguins were watching tv. All of a sudden, the lights went out. "Ahh!" Someone sqealed. "Lilly! It's okay. Im here." Skipper sinabi as he held Lilly in the darkness. She pushed him away defensively. "Hey! That wasn't me! It was Private!" Lilly stated back as Rico puked up a flashlight. He held it to a corner where little Private was shaking his tailfeathers off. "What can I say...darkness gives me the willies." Private sinabi in an innocent voice. Then, as quickly as they turned off, the lights came back on, but the penguins saw something. Something that...
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posted by Bluepenguin
Arrogance in step, Kowalski enters the zoo after leaving Ester at the park. His "bad boy levels" are increasing, and thoughts of destruction and mad stunts entertain Kowalski's mind.

Kowalski's Thoughts: Maybe I should go "redecorate" the lemur habitat, ipakita 'em whose king in this zoo.

At The HQ:
Skipper: PRIVATE!!!! Hurry up!!!
Private: I can't find anything, Skippa!!!

Private scatters Kowalski's equipment everywhere, trying to find something labeled with a drawing of the antidote.

Private's Thoughts: What if I can't find anything to fix Kowalski? Oh dear!

Private trips on something lying on the...
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posted by Sandrei
 The Fizzy Dizzy Drink
The Fizzy Dizzy Drink
It was a warm, sunny day. Skipper, Rico, Kowalski and Private had spent two hours in the Central Park, fishing, training and playing volleyball. They were now heading towards their HQ. Skipper and Private where carrying a wooden basket with some rests of their pagkain supply, while Rico was holding a yellow blanket wrapped over his shoulder. Kowalski was stamping quietly sa pamamagitan ng and scribbling something passionately on his notepad without even paying attention to where was he going.
"Kowalskiiii!" remarked Skipper without turning his head. "What exactly did I tell you about minding your steps? You should...
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posted by monsy38
Monsy's note:

This fic is the work of both Mitch, otherwise known as Knocktimerico, and I. If it weren't for him it wouldn't have happened, so, I have to give him some BIG thanks. :) Also, Blouper ( a fellow FanFictioner), whom we couldn't ge this to soon enough but she agreed to help and so I want to acknowledge her anyway. Warning: this story has nothing to do with neither me or Mitch's current stories, so, yup. Enough of me, so I'll leave you with this. Blouper is awesome, Mitch is fantastic, Marski is phenomenal and Merry Whatever Holiday You Celebrate :D (what? I ran out of words)
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posted by KowalskiTheLich
“Whoa, Skipper” sinabi Kowalski, stumbling backwards. “What are you doing?”

“What does it look like I’m doing?” sinabi Skipper. “I’m going to finish this before you seriously hurt someone.” Skipper kicked out at Kowalski and Kowalski did a backflip to avoid it.

“Are you two okay?” Skipper sinabi hurriedly to Private and Rico. Much to Skipper’s surprise, the two penguins ran over to Kowalski and stood in front of him, shielding Kowalski from Skipper.

“Skippa, stop!” sinabi Private. “Kowalski didn’t do anything! And if you want to hurt him, you’ll have to go through us...
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posted by knocktimerico
Kowalski descended down the ladder into the penguin’s HQ, having just gotten Skipper to confess one of his deepest secrets. His vision panned from one side to the other, scanning the inside for the other penguins.

Rico was sitting in the corner as usual, brushing his doll’s hair and cooing at her. Seeing thing brought a smile to Kowalski’s face. Even though he thought of their relationship as weird, it was still kinda cute to see Rico act like that and Kowalski couldn’t help but smile at the manic bird.

His eyes continued to pan until they fell upon Private. The youngster was sitting...
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posted by knocktimerico
pag-ibig Me Do

Kowalski stuck his head out of the fishbowl entrance, a large grin spread across his face.

“Well Skipper, what do need to talk to me about?” He questioned almost teasingly knowing why he had been summoned.

“Ok Kowalski, here’s the thing, you see that hayop ng oter over there,” Skipper’s flipper motioned towards Marlene’s habitat, “that hayop ng oter is the epitome of everything I stand against, she is the black to my white, the up to my down, the zig to my zag, the…”

“I get the point Skipper just finish what you were going to say I have a lot of work to do” Kowalski interrupted....
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posted by knocktimerico
Unknown Confession

Skipper stood in the doorway, shocked at what he had just seen.

Was…was that a painting of…of ME?! He thought to himself, still not believing his own two eyes.

“Nah that wasn’t me, it was probably just a ibong dagat from her old aquarium.” He sinabi to himself as he waddled out of Marlene’s habitat.

“Yea that’s what it was, just an old friend of hers that just happens to look like me.” Skipper continued, smiling as he tried desperately to convince himself that he had not just seen a painting of himself in Marlene’s habitat.

He kalapati to the ground and slid on his belly...
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posted by knocktimerico
larawan and Words

Marlene entered her habitat, laughing to herself. She knew, without a doubt, that her little statement was methodically eating away a Skipper. It was nice to know that she could get into his head that easily, it made her feel like she had control of him.

She stood in the middle of her tahanan and looked around, trying to figure out what to do. Suddenly a thought lodged itself into Marlene’s mind. She hadn’t painted anything new in almost 3 months.

Marlene quickly snatched her paints and basically ran over to her easel. She sat down in front of it, placed the paint on the table...
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