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  • Male, 15 years old
  • Georgia, United States of America
  • Favorite TV Show: Higurashi no Naku Koro ni
    Favorite Movie: The Lion King II
    Favorite Musician: Bangtan Sonyeondan
    Favorite Book or Author: Eragon
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ArcticWolf binigyan ako ng props para sa my polls
Within Temptation is one of my paborito bands! They're the ones that got me into Nightwish (my paborito band of all-time), which in turn got me into metal *and* opera at the same time. It was an interesting musical journey. My paborito Within Temptation songs are Our Solemn oras and Mother Earth, been that way for years.

I don't have a club, but I've been thinking about making one for a long time. No idea if I'll actually make one or not lol. Posted 25 minutes ago
ArcticWolf nagkomento…
I don't actually ship very easily, just like I don't grow attached to characters easily. But the few ones I pag-ibig I go all-in and indulge in fics and fanart for several hours a araw (or sometimes all araw depending on my mood). It's kind of hard to avoid the toxicity of fandoms when you indulge so much of your time into something. You tend to come across antis just sa pamamagitan ng accident. 25 minutes ago
ArcticWolf nagkomento…
tbh I enjoy smutty interactions between my ships, but only if there's been proper build-up so the smut is actually satisfying. xD Smut for the sake of smut usually doesn't do it for me lol. In fics I want the plot to come first and the actual getting together to come naturally. 20 minutes ago
ArcticWolf nagkomento…
Alright, I accept that you gave birth to Yukine. Perhaps we could have joint custody? :P 15 minutes ago
4vonlea binigyan ako ng props para sa my comments
It hadn't occurred to me before, but I think it'd be a pretty fitting future occupation for you to be a politician. From what I can tell, you seem fair-minded, accepting, straight-forward, organized and know how to tackle issues efficiently. I don't think we have enough of those traits in politicians these days so if you become a presidential nominee sometime in the future you'd get my vote. Posted 3 hours ago
4vonlea nagkomento…
And yeah, regarding a secession, it has been demonstrated pretty clearly sa pamamagitan ng the Civil War's conclusion that any efforts would probably be in vein. I know times have changed and California's got a booming economy, yeah, it'd still be quite the gamble on our part. It's possible of course, and I can see it happening but yeah, unlikely indeed. :P 3 hours ago
4vonlea nagkomento…
Also I don't really mind the word 'cracker' at all (I call myself one all the time.) I'm really not offended very easily.... Honestly the only words I can think of that really perturb me are the N-word and the F-word. Not the queen-mother-of-dirty-words F-word, but the F-word that a bigot would use to refer to someone of the homosexual persuasion. But I understand there are some who are madami sensitive about words so you can let me know if there are any words you'd prefer to steer clear of. I should also probably add I was really only half joking about the champagne thing (I suppose my humor can be a tad maladroit at times XD) but I appreciate your concern. 3 hours ago
Blaze1213IsBack binigyan ako ng props para sa my comments
That's true though but if am correct isn't Ariana Grande a vegan or a vegetarian as well? I don't know been a while I remember hearing she won't eat any meat. I actually heard about that, about the iron part once well me and my mom once where talking about it and I remember her mentioning that people who do decide not to eat meat anymore well have a harder time getting iron and other things their bodies need. Kinda scary but I understand why you refuse to eat meat. Posted 17 hours ago
Blaze1213IsBack nagkomento…
I think I already mentioned it once but I did go vegan once in my life and if I did sorry for repeating myself.^^'' ...but yeah I learn wasn't healthy for me to continue and also dealt with what you are dealing with a lot in the past. 17 hours ago
Blaze1213IsBack nagkomento…
I don't know but I always thing that's the reason am so skinny sometimes because I dealt with the no eating problem so yeah I don't like how my arms look because their so skinny.XD ...but am good, how about you? 17 hours ago