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PureHeroine binigyan ako ng props para sa my comments
Tell me when you get back to it. If you still can't watch it all the way through I'm here to tell you everything, lol. The manga doesn't have a lot of time left.

I think Misa is a horrible person and character, I really dislike her. My problem with her is that she was willing to kill her own mga kaibigan for Light. She was willing to do so much crap for him and she didn't even knew him yet. She was dumb enough to believe he loved her. It wasn't even innocence, it was plain stupidity. Posted 15 hours ago
PureHeroine nagkomento…
She was there solely for him throughout everything. Unlike Mikasa, she only cared about Light. 15 hours ago
PureHeroine nagkomento…
I don't know about Asuna, I watched only the first season and I don't remember her being like you sinabi but I believe you if you say so. To me both she and Kirito had no personality and were exteremely bland. The whole anime bored me because of them. 14 hours ago
PureHeroine binigyan ako ng props para sa my comments
Which season are you on right now? And I agree with that statement. A good female character and a waifu are two different things. I think Misa is bland and annoying though.
And you didn't include her in your poll, it was a comment on someone's poll in the anime club. She's sa pamamagitan ng far mor obssesive than Mikasa is, she basically took her own life after his death. And she sinabi that quote that you sinabi you hated 'I can't live without you'. So it's surprising to me that you pag-ibig her xD Posted 15 hours ago
PureHeroine binigyan ako ng props para sa my answers
It just kinda surprised me you sinabi all those things about her and not mentioned Misa. You sinabi on a poll that you adore Misa now. I thought she was supposed to be one of the girls you hated so much xD
And actually there is a pretty good explanation to Mikasa's obsession with Eren, however only manga readers know about it now, it will be revealed in the 4th season. I hope you'll watch it. I want to hear you opinion on her after this. Posted 15 hours ago
PureHeroine nagkomento…
But I understand the hate towards her. Can't fault you for thinking she's annoying. She annoyes me too sometimes. Thanks for you answer! 15 hours ago