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connor3 sinabi tungkol sa Disney Princess
Halle Bailey will be Ariel in live-action remake. Posted 12 days ago
KataraLover nagkomento…
I just listened to her pag-awit and she has an amazing voice. I still would've preferred Ariana Grande for Ariel but I'm definitely open to Halle Bailey being Ariel, since she's really talented. Plus, it makes me happy Zendaya won't be in the role (But I've complained enough about that) and that they hired someone that actually has talent for the role. 12 days ago
BB2010 nagkomento…
Yeah I’m one of those people who actually has a puso and doesn’t think death is a punishment for wanting to follow your dreams 9 days ago
BB2010 nagkomento…
Just because I wasn’t a tagahanga of Ariel at the time doesn’t mean I’d wish death for her. That’s only reserved for people that either really annoy me or are just terrible people in general 9 days ago
connor3 sinabi tungkol sa Disney Princess
Is anyone going to the cinema to see Toy Story 4 when it comes out? People don't seem very excited about it. Posted 1 month ago
BB2010 nagkomento…
I was excited when I found out Bo Peep was in it but after watching the trailer it doesn't seem too interesting. It looks like the story is going to be similar to Toy Story 2 1 month ago
mhs1025 nagkomento…
You bet I am! I've been a tagahanga of the series ever since the original! 1 month ago
deedragongirl nagkomento…
Yes, my younger brother and I are going to see it! 1 month ago
BelleRose829 nagkomento…
I mean... Toy Story 3 was perfect,,,, and now they're trying to ruin little bo peep chick and I just cannot watch it 1 month ago
connor3 sinabi tungkol sa Disney Princess
Just to warn you guys, an entire story of nagyelo 2 leaked. You may want to avoid nagyelo pananda on social media. Posted 1 month ago
wavesurf nagkomento…
^What? Disney can't even keep this under wraps? I'm not interested in pagbaba it, but it's not fair to those who are. 1 month ago
deedragongirl nagkomento…
WTF? 1 month ago
BelleRose829 nagkomento…
Ha that's kinda funny. I mean it's a cash grab anyway 1 month ago