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Today was a beautiful araw at Central Park Zoo. The Penguins were relaxing in the sun when Marlene and the Lemurs showed up.

"Hey Guys, Guess What?" sinabi Marlene.

"Marlene, you know the sun would'nt hurt us at all." Skipper said.

"OK? But, Guess What? Yesterday, We were watching the Daytime Emmy Awards. You know that we had 8 nominations right?" sinabi King Julian

"Yeah, I remember they announced the nominations last month." sinabi Kowalski.

One buwan Ago

"The Penguins of Madagascar is nominated for 8 Daytime Emmys." sinabi the announcer.

"Awesome, I hope win win alot." sinabi Kowalski.

"Yeah, Yeah" sinabi Rico.

Back to the Present

"So, what happened?" Private asked.

"Mort, will tell you." sinabi Maurice.

"We won 6 Emmys." answered Mort.

"WHAT?! No Way!" sinabi Skipper replied.

"Yeah, we won Outstanding Achievement in Music Direction and Composition, Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing, Outstanding Casting for an Animated Series, Outstanding Children's Animated Program, Outstanding Performer in an Animated Program for King Julian's voice actor Danny Jacobs,and Outstanding Pagsulat in Animation." sinabi Marlene.

"I can't believe my voice actor beat you in Performer." sinabi King Julian.

"It's always susunod year." sinabi Skipper. "But, YEAH! High Five Boys."

Penguins High Five each other.

"Let's Celebrate." sinabi Kowalski.

The End
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